Fast Card Tech / Delivery from the east, 1-small item

Shenzhen City, CN
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My order was online executed and money was paid in full, but shipping stalled (3/15/2017) and is currently stalled (3/29/2017) and mention was made of an additional payment US$9 for shipper SF-Express, although my order is "free shipping." I informed that I paid balance in full and no more money is forthcoming. This morning (3/29/2017), the distributor said they would ask shipper to hurry to send the merchandise, although, I have telephoned SF Express personally and the first report was that the merchandise was in New York USA--it was not in New York, but tracking information only. It is the same. I continue to wait for the shipment. Communication is poor and shipping logistics is poorer.

Mar 29, 2017

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