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T Nov 16, 2017

I've got you all beat. My mom passed away Sept, 1 so I provide the company with the policy numbers which they claim are wrong. After filling out the claims forms and waiting several weeks FB claims we had the policy numbers right the 1st time and therefore we filed the wrong forms and had to start over. So it took over 6 weeks to collect benefits that should have taken about 1 week with snail mail. Then they got confused and sent me a letter that my brother died and wanted more forms filled out (he wasn't really dead.) Then they put my benefit into a checking account with a stated interest rate of 0.0075 compounded daily when in reality they pay 0.00075 and compound monthly. That's over $12, 000 they stole from me the 1st 2 weeks the money was invested with them. I go to the Iowa Insurance Division to file a complaint and see that they have already been fined $2, 500 by the state for lying about their interest rates. If the state has already taken disciplinary action and they continue doing it, then it's time to put someone in jail.

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