Faraz Autosales / Bad Service

96 Signet Drive, Toronto, OH, Canada

Purchased a used 2010 G37s Coupe in late August 2014...After making the deal and was originally going to have the car delivered from there office in Toronto to st, john's, Newfoundland was first told by "Nick" salesman it would take about 1 week at a cost of around $1, 000...So I called the transport company and was told it could take 2 weeks or longer...So I decided my girlfriend and I well fly to Toronto and drive the car back home to Newfoundland...This is when it went down hill left with the Infiniti G37 with 45, 000klms and was going to take my time and drive home...not long after noticed driver hid projector headlight was not working and had moisture inside the lens...took it back they came back and it was working(not sure what needed fixing bulb or ballast) since it was late we decided we'll leave in the morning..well started hearing what I thought was front wheel bearing..went back went for a drive with nick driving said it sounds like wheel bearing..delayed again given a loaner car it turned out the tires were junk...talked on the phone was told it's done asked what did they do..nick tells me 4 "new tires" were installed but the front and rear had different tire makers...I told him no way after spending $30, 000 did I want 2 different tire brands..he said they searched everywhere and of all Toronto being a Saturday he couldn't find 4 matching...So being that its a rear wheel drive I accepted it...So after a day and half of driving I was in new Brunswick getting a wheel alinement on the car it was pulling a little to the left...mechanic calls me in garage to show me he can't do alinement due to the 2 front tires had side wall bulges and was told needed 2 new tires talked to nick then the owner let mechanic explain whats up and they replaced 2 new tires but not tell next day as the tire size and brand to match the rear were being shipped overnight...owner was not happy he had to spend $700 for 2 tires being there 19" and I'm thinking ya right if we were to have a blowout on the hwy what our lives meant was then talking to the owner faraz he tell me we used 4 good used tires..nick should not have told you they were new...I told him I would have payed the difference back in Toronto if I knew they were used..any way we made it home...Earlie Oct/2014 I started hearing a whine in the transmission(6 speed manual) made appointment at Infiniti in st, john's and it was confirmed it need new gear box which was covered under Infiniti warranty and it also needed a new driver side the light had water droplets inside the housing...Infiniti warranty does not cover headlight so I told service rep I had aftermarket warranty that I paid over $2000 at time I bought the car that nick said covers everything...well to find out no they don't cover no way was I going to spend $1500 to the dealer..light was still working it had the water inside and they go by there TSB(tech service bulletin)when there is water droplets replace...So it is now Feb/2015 car has been in storage since i went to put car up on 4 jack stands to get the rims painted I decided to remove the driver headlight and see whats going on...well turns out who ever hacked in the back of the light installed after market HID set and didn't use factory ballast...the problem was when they changed the bulb plug to aftermarket they drilled a 1 inch hole on the light cover and used silicone and there was a hole in the silicone...phoned faraz got no where texted nick explaining what was done to the headlight and also sent this day almost 2 weeks phone call or any reply...buyer beware...when we went to faraz the first day they were all hand shakes nice to see you...but I was pissed knowing the crap tires they used and to think what could have happened or if I waited 2 weeks or more to have it delivered it would of had crap tires...burnt out light...I would never deal with them again

Feb 7, 2015

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