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I have had two charges on my debit card from, once in Dec for $200 and once in Feb for $100. I called them and asked them what this was about because I have never even used fandago. They gave me the first names of the people who used my card but refused to give me any other information. They said when the debit card transaction was made the person using the card did not have the right security code. It did not match the one on the card. I asked why it was allowed to go through, they said the security code didn't really matter. Even though the names of the people who used the card did not match the name on the card and they did not have the security code. Why is fandango allowing this? They said they people do this all the time and sell the gift certificates on eBay for cash. My question is why is fandango allowing this? I think fandango has a good little scam going, I am willing to bet it is someone who is at fandango making the charges. I plan on calling my attorney about this.

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  • Bo
      18th of Feb, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Why didn't you call your bank and dispute the charges? Someone stole your card number. Are you that dense you can't figure that out? You need to cancel the card.

  • Un
      29th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    an approval of zip code/security code comes from your bank so if it was not verified companies like Fandango are not the ones to stop the charge. If you were with a good bank they would have stopped the charge, flagged it as fraud, and contacted you directly. Fandango or any other online company would not have made the charges --however there are dumb criminals that can be stopped if you contact the police for further investigation i am willing to bet its not someone at fandango but someone that got your information from a restaurant or unsecured website or something like that.

  • Co
      12th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    I have just recently discovered a charge on my card but there is no contact information for them on the statement. Having not used their service I have called my bank and fandango to find out why I was charged. Fandango was not able to find my account at all, or any record of charges using my card number or email address. Still waiting for Wells Fargo to look into it, but so far they haven't given me much. Very troubling to think they don't check security codes.

  • Bl
      27th of May, 2015
    0 Votes

    Yesterday my Capital One credit card was charged for $80 by Fandango (?) even if I've stayed at home over the weekend and have nothing to do with Fandango, ever. I did not bother to investigate any further matter and simply called to Capital One customer service. They took care of everything in a blink of an eye. My card is cancelled so no good luck for Fandango scammers anymore. Weekly monitoring of current transactions is getting more and more important these days. A few months ago Uber attempted to charge the same card for $400, for towing and taxy service, when I actually was at work and my car was peacefully parked under security cameras supervision. LOL!!! Pure fraud.

  • Lu
      18th of May, 2017
    +1 Votes

    I was charged $5.60 for movie tickets I presumed this is in California on 4/14/17. Can someone send their phone number so I can coll them? This is madness reading all the fraud on Fandago.

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