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VIP accounts accepting the refund policy terms user license and agreement etc. Fandango will not issue a refund after showtime no matter what unexpected or expected circumstance happened. Clearly, when you walk into the theater a ticket master processes your confirmation number. This should store who made it to the show. So, since I never made the screening time, why is it that as it seems obvious I didn't attend I don't get a refund? The unwillingness for certain exceptions is unreasonable. If there was an emergency? Forget it. They keep all proceeds you didn't use if its after showtime.

They do have a lot of good features for pre-ordering tickets, but the high penalty for customers is unreasonable.


Feb 02, 2017
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  • Po
      Feb 03, 2017

    A lot of business are this way. Your no-show eliminates the opportunity for the company to have made money with another customer. Emergency or not, this is a risk you take when business have a policy such as this.

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