Fandango Mediaonline movie "needful things"

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tonight I rented this movie and input all my card information. afterwards there was a pop up about having to install Microsoft Silverlight. This should have been made aware to any customer before doing this in my opinion. I installed, and it still kept popping up like I hadn't installed it . I uninstalled this 3 times and reinstalled and no movie. I don't know what the problem is but I spent over an hour troubleshooting. I don't care that the rental was only $2, I should have gotten what I paid for. not only did I lose the lousy $2, I didn't get to see the movie, and wasted a lot of time on my computer trying to troubleshoot it. nobody should have to go through this just to watch a movie. this needs to be fixed. and all customers should be made aware about any program that needs to be downloaded prior to watching the movie.. I am extremely disappointed. I hope my money will be put back on my card since I didn't get to see the movie. but all I can say is that I will never use fandango again!! this ruined my Saturday night!!!


Jan Ward

Dec 01, 2018
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  • Ja
      Dec 02, 2018

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