Fandango Gift Cardsexpired/used cards

Purchased Fandango Gift cards (2 x $15.00) only to be told the cards were first expired and then that they had been used. While talking (via live text from the FANDANGO Web site) to resolved the issue, the FANDANGO representative disconnected from the conversation. Written complaints to FANDANGO result is return emails that I have not submitted correctly (directions were followed EXACTLY). Either the FANDANGO representatives are located in a third country and do not speak english sufficiently or this is a scam they work to hope I give up and stop trying to resolve the error on their part. BEWARE: Do NOT use Fandango's Services online unless you are willing to throw your money away as there does not appear to be any consumer service or a criminal intent in not responding or resolving fraud.

Feb 18, 2015

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