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Mingle Xu No 15 Shayuan Rd Guangzhou City Guangdong Prov, CN
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I ordered 2 T-shirts (Christmas gifts) on Cyber Monday 2016 for family. I thought for sure it would be here by the middle of December. When it hadn't arrived I began investigating. I learned that the free shipping I received as a gift did NOT come with tracking so it could take 60-90 days to arrive. I had no idea at that time that I had ordered from China.

One shirt ended up arriving 2 days before Christmas. The other one showed it was shipped at the same time, but did NOT arrive.

I contacted the company 1/28/17 and they did respond. They wanted me to check my post office. I asked for them to send me another shirt. They wanted ME to pay the shipping to get it here quickly. I refused. This wasn't my fault.

One month later (3/25/17) the second shirt finally arrived however it was the wrong shirt. It was a duplicate of the first. It wouldn't be a problem because at least I got a shirt, right? ... But the ones I ordered said "Papa Bear" and "Mama Bear" for my in laws so I need the right ones.

I wrote them back demanding the correct one be sent to me, but I doubt at this point they will follow through. I will NEVER order from them again!

Mar 25, 2017

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