Excelsior College / blatant lying

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DO NOT DO IT!!! They can fail you even if you do perfect on everything, by going behind you on that Kardex that they "runaway" with for 20 minutes at a time and send you down the hall or into a closed room so you cannot see them. I am telling you, you cannot win unless you have evidence. The Kardex is not a carbon copy that you sign or initial next to each area of care assigned. It should be and I know why they do not want you near them when they review it. what are they hiding??? I know!

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  • Ny
      Jul 01, 2014

    i signed up and had my credits evaluated and when i requested to have this written in stone so they couldn't nail me with with other classes i was told all of my science were expired !!! my a&p 2 and microbiology courses were taken in spring and summer of 2009... i was told it was a 5 yr limit to transfer sciences courses and i spoke with them may 16th and now there saying 7-1-14 i needed to sign up by may 31 to have them accepted ... maybe someone could have mentioned this !!! I totally agree this place is a scam they could have mentioned this and I would have signed up.. "PATTY HOPE" IN ADMISSIONS REFUSED TO TRANSFER ME TO THE NURSING DEPARTMENT. this place is so rude and going to a community college...

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