Everglades Universityprivate university

I hope someone will read this. I hope they will take this review very seriously. Do not attend this college. I recommend moving on right after you read this review. Their accreditation aside, Everglades is a complete insult to the many hard-working students out there pursuing a recognizable and worthy degree. I began the process at Everglades as a Construction Management student thinking that I would come out of the program learning something new and better prepared for the work force. This was not the case. Every test was open book with a time allowance that far exceeded that which was necessary to complete said test. You could go through the program never once cracking the book, do the very minimal discussion work, and take their mediocre exam and make straight A's. Let's be honest guys, as difficult as college can be at times... No one wants this. Why not just pay for a degree and call it a day? I eventually wrote a long letter to upper division faculty and was point blank in my accusations. I told them they should be ashamed to put themselves in the same ball park as well respected tenured teaching professionals across the globe.

May 01, 2017

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