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Everest College / Scam and cheating

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My name is Jay, I attended everest college I just graduated from this hell hole, you know looking at the stupid advertisements oh yeah there gonna help you get a job, help you do this, this is all crap, I have been out of school for the past 6 month, this scam school said they were gonna help me get a job and nothing I have looked at months and months of job want ads and I am still jobless...

They don't tell you when your first going to enroll in the school that there not going to do anything for you, They don't tell you there gonna set you up for failure, they don't tell you there gonna take your money and F*** you with no vasiline...

This school is a scam point blank... on a Separate occasion I complained to the head office and my dean of the school reprimanded me for trying to get help. Then the women in student career service tried to save her own A** by saying I was a lier about her not helping me with my exit resume and coverletter... I am about sick of this school taking money from people and not delivering...


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  18th of Nov, 2008
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Thats why they changed their name from FMU to Everest. They make money off lieing to students. Im surprised they havent shut down. Its like having a fake degree. They charge a ### load of money for a ### education. I worked for them I know what they do and no one stops them.
  18th of Nov, 2008
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I was told that the course Law Enforcement was perfect course for me even though I am permentally disabled! I took the course and due to some medical reasons I fail 2 classes for missing 1/2 a day more then I was suppose to, other wise my grade was a pass! I had a complaint about the students and teachers, but when I tried to put in a formal complaint I was threaten that if I processed with the complaint I would not be allowed back to finish my course, so I had to put up with being threaten, having spit on my desk, also the teacher not grading me fairly as she would grade the students to the way she/he would like you, I was not gay so my mark was always the lowest even though I would have the same thing as another student????? I was told to come back on November 17 2008 to do one of my classes I needed to do again, I asked many times is the date going to change I was informed NO well class started on November 10, 2008, so I was told I can come back next year to the class since I missed a week. I was told it was a hands on school, I sat in my desk almost all the time??? I can not go out and look for a job because I have not graduated yet and now I can wait another year. I would tell anyone who wants to go to this school you are making a big mistake, they take your money and then are never there for you!!I a single mother who thought I would try and better myself ended up in big debt instead with this school called EVEREST COLLEGE. I wish I could talk to the schools head office, dean or someone in charge, because everyone I talked to at the Sudbury school would not help me. They also say they will help you with getting your high school diploma which I was told they can't help me with that either.Please if anyone could help me to get a hold of someone higher email me the information, because I am just getting the run around at this school.
  19th of Nov, 2008
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### everest they are ###ing ###s, stupid, liars and scammers, oh yeah and bunch of immature idiots as well in the school i wish i went to a civilized real college. muther###ers...
  9th of Feb, 2009
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thaNK GOD I SAW THIS I WAS ABOUT to enroll in their paralegal classes what field did you take
  25th of Feb, 2009
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dude i just enrolled yesterday and its the next im out of this fake ### scamin ### schol college what ever the ### they wanna call there selfs..i was in there for almost literaly in there four 4 hours and they just brought out paper work after paper work..damn it im glad i was put up on game with this info cause i am definetly outta of this wack ### everest college...
  1st of Mar, 2009
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Everest College in Tysons Va was a poorly run ghetto ### school. Not only do they set you up for failure, the teacher was an ignorant unperfessional, ### that meddled in her students lives and tried to cause animosity between classmates. One of the counslers sexual harrased me and a few other students and just recemtly got canned, because someone had the courage to tell. They tell you it;s hands on and you won't fail, but they lie. They get these people in who have no expeience o knowledge of healthcare and expect them to just, come in the middle of a mod and go from there. It was sink or swim and many sank. There wasn't support. A crooked ### school, that preys on peoples hopes and destroys them...Stay away
  28th of May, 2009
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I understand very well the college doesn't care about no one just a paycheck. they make things sound good but at the end you have so many student loans to repay and no job and if you do go for their job fair they will tell you that you don't have enough experience to get a the job so what's the point of going to this school and no job will take you serious or your degree.
  22nd of Jul, 2009
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Yeah same here in this area of North Carolina, thought they were for real found out that all they do is take your GRANT MONEY that's suppose to be yours, and call themselves putting it towards your TUITION!And you don't get a damn dime.For 2 years they take in your money thats suppose to be your GRANT that you don't have to payback, but yet they take it say it's going toward your TUITION!THEY ARE LYING, THIS IS A SCAM AND THERE IS NO REAL CAMPUS, AND THEY NEED TO BE CLOSED DOWN!!!
  24th of Jul, 2009
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Everest College and all those other colleges, such as American College and Bryman, cater to the student who dropped out of high school, who barely graduated from high school, or who achieved only a mediocre level of education during their adolescent years -- that is, the student that never learned algebra, geometry, grammar, chemistry, biology, physics, calculus, trigonometry, science and other rigorous disciplines.

These colleges promise an expedited curriculum that will help one attain a job in a few months. The truth is that anything that is worthwhile in life -- that is, the attainment of knowledge or training requires years of hard work, and not months.

Those individuals that get scam want a "get rich quick" scheme. They do not want to spend the necessary years in college or university to learn correct English usage, mathematics, science, technology, and economics. They do not want to experience the tough homework or the hard examinations. Therefore, the student gets enticed into a program that is expeditious, simplistic, and effortless. Wrong! All that is worthwhile and lasting requires the contrary.
  17th of Aug, 2009
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I have noticed that a lot of comments on here are from people who just use Everest as a quick way out and a way to get some grant money to buy crap along the way! You don't take your education seriously enough all you want is a free ride and you expect everything handed to you! Well that isn't how this world works and if you want an education and good paying job then give it more than just a day!! I went there and now I'm making a lot more than I was at those crappy retail jobs where the employees come a dime a dozen! I make a difference in people's lives and I can support my husband (who also went to Everest) and our daughter. So before you judge Everest look at the class of people down-talking it first!!!
  29th of Aug, 2009
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...that is why people like you are the pillars of the community you are today...quit putting the blame on other...fix your own life first...
  8th of Sep, 2009
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I was also ripped off by Everest College online. Unlike what many on this site have stated, I was not looking for a "free ride", I was not looking for a "get rich quick scheme", and I was not a person who barely graduated high school. I have always been an 'A' student in high school and in college. I achieved an Associates degree (4.0) from a ground campus several years ago. Not wanting a free ride, but not having the money to continue, I stopped and went to work. While working in my chosen profession, I achieved several college accredited professional management certifications. Once I thought I could afford to borrow the money to return to school, I went to Everest online. I chose an online program because it allowed me the flexibility in schedule to continue to work full time. I was told that after receiving numerous transfered credits me BA degree would take approximately 1 year. During my attendance they changed the curriculum twice and increased the tuition. Then they continued to extend the time they claimed it would take to finish, even though I was getting a 4.0 and taking the maximum number of classes allowed. At the end of every term they would give me a completion date that was later than the one they gave me the time before. By the time it was all over I had to file a complaint with the board of Regions and with their Dean before they agreed to grant my diploma.
The degree that I was told would take $17, 000 and one year of school, actually took 26 months and cost $32, 000. What they did to me should be considered criminal.
  10th of Sep, 2009
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I am currently attending what use to be Las Vegas College, but they're now with Everest. I am about to complete the last two weeks of MAA class, and begin the training on site in a doctors office. I am scared out of my mind! It feels like their trying to cram so much into the last two weeks, and I don't know how they expect that to help us.

Its already a stressful time, they just dumped a new teacher on us that we don't even know. The teacher we had never gave us any warning that they were gonna make that change, we just found out when we came into class. And now it just seems like their trying to squeeze in things that we should've done weeks or months ago!

Medical Transcription is something we should have worked on, but we have'nt gotten into that, even though we were told that we would. Now their trying to cram that lesson in to these last few weeks. My typing accuracy is ok, but my speed isn't. Im not very confident in my billing & coding. We were roll-playing taking calls, and learning how to respond to them. Im nervious about that, because I've never worked in an office before, I feel like Im gonna screw up and get that wrong ALOT!

I just don't feel that Im ready for the medical office yet. I hope the Externship helps to build up the confidence that I lack right now, but I think thats expecting alot out of a month, when your a fish out of water! JUST DONT FEEL PREPAIRED!
  18th of Sep, 2009
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Everest College In Merrinett Park - Bad School
Everest College
United States

I know first hand how they lie to the students and decieve them. I would love to hear from anyone that has no job as promised by this school that takes your money and gives you no jobs or careers as promised. boyd4loans@yahoo.com
  15th of Oct, 2009
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Here is my issue with Everest College. I attended the one in Brampton Ont. I took the Medical Laboratory Assistant program, and now I am trying to persue the field even more by trying to get into University so I can become a Technologist. Well I put my application in today and I got a responce back from the University. Guess what their response was. "we do not recognize transcriptions from Everest College". Yeah ### that they set you up with everything they need to advance in your career. I've also had many issues with this college while I was attending. In our lab, our class of 32 students (gotta love their so called promise of small class sizes) we had 2 ecg beds, 2 microscopes, 3 phlebotomy chairs, hardly enough supplies for what we needed to do, so we brought this to the attention of the school President and we were told to lieterally stop complaining and go draw some blood. Our instructor became very sick one week and they refused to provide us with a substitute teacher because they didn't want to pay them, so what wound up happening was the other MLA instructor was told to teach our class on top of his own so we wound up watching movies and teaching ourselves. Tey wound up pulling our sick instructor who could barely even speak, out of bed and brought her in to teach us. Also, how one of the dental assistant classes wound up placing a class action law suit on our campus because they fired the perosn who was "suppose" to help us with finding a job and they did not want to waste the money to hire another one, so they had no assistance what so ever. I honestly think to all the people who got ###ed by Everest should band together and somehow force the school to pay us our tuitions back since we cant even find jobs because hardly anyone recognizes Everest College. I for one will begin a petition on Facebook concerning this AND I will inform the media. This school needs to be brought down for being a complete rip off, taking advantage of people who want a career, stealing their money and offering no help with job placements.
  28th of Oct, 2009
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All my hard work and have worthless diplomas, and no job placment services.
  28th of Oct, 2009
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I feel your frustration. They don't give a crap once they have the money. Student loans to attend no job or placement help and all that money to pay back. Had I known about this place I never would have walked thru the door's at age 50 or any age. Here I sit couple years down the line from graduation and no job. Even took the American Medical Assisting Association Cert exam for all the good it has done. So here sit in my living room in Yorba Linda, all stressed out. Even stood up for myself and demanded my services and was called a trouble maker. If you are not the instructors favorite you can forget a good externship. All we are left with is frustrations, bills and complaining to the Better Business Beaura in Colton Ca. Yep making that t-shirt that says worthless diploma and having my diploma on said is looking better and better all the time.
  1st of Nov, 2009
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I attended Everest in Toronto in the Addictions counselling... my class room was full of low-lifes with no respect and even several recoving addicts who had yet to reach one year in their programs!!! It specifically states in the brochure that no one with an addiction problem will be addmited unless they have been in recovery for more than 5 years! Also the school slapped on a bunch of 'extra-fees' out of no-where...However, I had to pay in order to get my diploma! Now; I'm stuck with a diploma that no-one recognizes. Also every single time I was supposed to recieve my school uniform, it wasn't even the right size! they ordered the wrong one and had to re-order 4 times. I finally got it when I threatened to withhold my tuition. Also my best-friend was in the same school in their Massage program and they had a class room behind the massage room. So students would walk through while my friend and others where practising techniques (ie. naked under the sheets on the table!). The administration saw no problem with this! The school is a joke and completly dis-organized; I now know why they are not allowed campus' in the province of Quebec. To tell the truth I wish the rest of Canada saw what Quebec see's in Everest College, a con-artist masquerading as a school!
  18th of Nov, 2009
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I recently finished my externship, got all the ### paper work done, and its been so far 2 months, and no job.
On top of that, my graduation is this saturday, they didnt inform me of the time, the day, or the grad fair to follow it so i would know the colors to buy my cap and gown. Because it is required to have a cap and gown for the graduation, i didnt even get to order one offline in time for the following saturday. I had to buy all this ### and no one even helped with simple information, and now i cant even walk at my own graduation which is one of the most important reasons of going to college. On top of that i called them a few days ago so i could just go pick up my diploma, they said they lost it, or sent it out or something, and had to make a new one. I hate this ###ing school. Stupid ###s, a five year old could do their job better than most of those ### holes.
  20th of Nov, 2009
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This school system is disgracefull. I attended the silver spring campus. I was a straight A student the whole way through and Everest has failed me as well as many other alumni that I run into. Everesyt taught me one thing...NEVER NEVER NEVER SIGN UP FOR A LOAN AGAIN. I don't recommend anyone to attend this school. Then the Head of the career services department is an arrogant undercover flaming ...well just go see for yourself. Just listning to his speeches, the job placement rate changes from day to day. DONT GO TO THIS SCHOOL PLEASE THEY ARE LIARS!!!

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