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"Let me start off by saying that this companies customer service is a JOKE. I ordered items the 1st week of January 2013. I waited and waited for two months before contacting customer service stating I had not received my items I ordered. They apologized and informed me to wait another month then contact them back. After waiting another month, I contacted them and they just told me that they sent the package out and to check with my local post office, which I had already done. By this time I was fed up, I just wanted my full refund back and wanted to be done with this company. After demanding my money back they informed me that they would not return it because I didnt get insurance on my packages. I informed her that I had tracking that would not track. She informed me there was nothing else she could do.
So in conclusion, I either would have lost "shipping insurance" money or in this case, I lost my entire order money.
This "" company is a joke, they take your money and then claim they cant do anything for you. I have reported them to the proper people, but am still ticked about how their customer service treated me. "

Mar 21, 2013

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