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After being sweet talked by a pushy persistent sales rep who failed to mention some rather important info about the products terms and conditions, and told untruths about the product, I unfortunately agreed to a self teach program with this very shady Israeli company.
Once the payment was taken, the email stated that if I wish to cancel within certain time scales (1 month being the longest) I would only be reimbursed a fraction of what I had paid. Surely this should have been mentioned by the sales rep before purchasing. Also there was no free trial period to see if it was actually any good. Let me tell you it was terrible!! The self teach videos are slow loading, jump, randomly skip, freeze, and sometime just dont load at all. The "teacher" in the video is patronising and talks at you as if you are 2 years old. Not what I would expect from an adult learning product.
After approx 3 weeks of attempted use I finally decided the product was very poor, and definately not worth the price that was paid for it!!!
This is where the fun begins, when trying to contact etachers so called customer service department, the phone rings forever and no one ever answers!! So we tried to call the sales line, and got an answer straight away. I tried to explain the problems and issues, but the sales team, just told me to call customer service, to which I told them that nobody ever answers. they then tried to transfer me and cut me off. This is eteachers customer service favourite trick, they say "hold on, let me put you through" leave you on hold forever then cut you off after a message "sorry there has been an error".
Then, when you get through, the staff are unhelpful, unapologetic, and poorly trained and do all they can to get you off the phone.
They tried to tell me that it was my internet connection, when I asked them the speed required to run their stream player, the guy in tech told me minimum 2.5mps... my connection was running at almost 6mps.
They refuse to refund the full cost of the poor product, they do not attempt to satisfactorily resolve issues. All they are interested in is getting your money!!!
When trying to get a refund full or partial, they told me numberous times that someone will call you today, or, someone will call you tomorrow, to which nobody ever did, they make you chase them in the cat and mouse game of cutting you off. keeping you on hold, transfering you to wrong departments, or transfering you to people who know noting about your case, and the problems you have. Trust me... you will be doing yourself a favour by steering well clear of this bunch of cowboys!!!

Aug 01, 2013
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  • Mr
      Aug 01, 2013

    All product info should be placed before you by the salesperson before they execute the sale. No thankq... you wouldnt happen to be based in Ramat gan would you??? there are some very suspicious reviews for this company

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  • Mr
      Aug 01, 2013

    All reviews initially looked ok. like i said their are lots and lots of very suspicious reviews online.

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