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Last year my wife took a course from eTeacher Group entitled “Hebrew A”. This was last year. I paid for the class and ordered material that she received. She had no problem with that class. Earlier this year, she signed up for what she thought was “Hebrew B”. We paid for the course. My Discover credit card was charged $599.50 USD for the class. This was on 11 May 2015. But when she logged on to take the course, She found out that she was in the Hebrew A class again. She called eTeacher and was told that she would get a refund, they would take care of everything, and she could take Hebrew B next term. We have not been reimbursed the $599.50 for the class. We were also charged for two different material orders, each costing $599 USD. This charge was also made on 11 May 2015. WE DID NOT RECEIVE ANY MATERIALS and she did not take the class as she was not notified of it. Yet, the two charges of $599 remain. When we first saw these charges we tried to call eTeacher twice but did not receive a call back. Fearing that we were being ignored, we contacted Discover and disputed the charges. Two charges were temporarily reversed as they were in dispute. We lost the dispute because eTeacher said we received the course and the materials. That was not correct, as we did not any materials. As stated, it was agreed my wife could take the later and we did NOT receive any materials. The charges were again put against us on the card. We received one returned phone call from eTeacher saying that WE won the appeal. We did not win the appeal, eTeacher did. The reason I believe we lost is that eTeacher wrongly is asserting that she was sent the materials and took the course. Of course, neither are true. If materials were send, that could be verified by eTeacher simply providing a shipping confirmation, which there is none. After several attempts as working with eTeacher using phone calls and email, there was no reply other than two more calls from someone saying that would get back with us in a month. Nobody has. It appears that is the typical method of eTeacher's operation. Again, I need to assert, my wife did not receive any materials for which I was charged on 11 May 2015. I also assert, and eTeacher has acknowledged to us, that they would “take care of this”, reverse the charges for the course, and she could take the course next term. So far, the charges have not been reversed. I have an email from eTeacher from back in August saying they would be back in touch with us. They haven't. We are owed $1, 797.50 USD for the course and the materials. We have advised everyone we can at our church of this issue and at least one person that we know of was considering eTeacher courses, but is not because what we have gone through. We have called, written, contacted the credit card company, even wrote the Israeli complaints board. But we are here in the USA, they are in Israel, and we are out a lot of money. Beware of this company.

Dec 14, 2015
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  • 2 Aug 2016 POS 8103 31JUL16, E TEACHER GROUP, RAMAT GAN IL - 247.95
    2 Aug 2016 POS 8103 31JUL16, E TEACHER GROUP, RAMAT GAN IL - 123.98
    2 Aug 2016 POS 8103 31JUL16, E TEACHER GROUP, RAMAT GAN IL - 61.99
    Avialable - £2.43 My bank balance cleared in the Monday morning, currency is english pounds. The Eteacher Group take from my personal account. The no signed paper agreement as perhaps with any of other Students, or notification been recieved in regards the fee that ETeacher Group charge.
    Vorobyev Ilya contacted me during the weekend and hold the phone for about 2-3 seconds, I presume to collect the payments. I advise him previously the no finances available in July and August. I have 2 children and other household responsibilities. This is absolutely disgraceful and never experienced such a crime. This action is out of any secure data protection, legal and human rights. I live in UK for 10 years and here this action will be describe as a scam. I have my bank on the phone today and ETeacher Group will be added to the list as potencial scammer and further payments will be block and rejected.
    I can't even have the legal advice, there is no agreement between me and ETeacher Group Ltd. I have receive email from Vorobyev Ilya on the 2nd Agust where her's "advised" me not to contact him any more as court action will be start against me very soon, in regards to debt collection. Please advise your bank and have legal agreement with ETeacher Group Ltd. to protect your self from situation like this.

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      Aug 07, 2016

    Go to your MP who should be able to help you. If your bank card is Visa then Visa needs to be alerted worldwide as to this company's unlawful operations and an MP is the best person to start with. You are not the first customer who has been treated like this and an international investigation needs to get under way. Not sure if you can send me a PM through this Forum, if not you should be able to do so through Facebook. I am going to try to get together as many people who have been robbed by eTeacher as possible and take a group action against them in Israel. They owe me £699.00 and like you I was a returning customer. This would not, of course, get your money back immediately but a group action would be one way to move against them and it would mean that everyone would not have to go to Israel and appear in Court. And eTeacher would have to pay all legal costs as they would lose!!!

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  • Ph
      Aug 07, 2016

    Oh and BTW eTeacher has created a contract because they have taken your money. According to their own terms and conditions (which is heavily weighted in their favour without giving them any obligations) if you cancel up to two weeks before the start of the first scheduled lesson you are entitled to a 75% refund. As it would appear that your course is not due to start until September then you are entitled to a 75% refund of the course fee. You can, therefore, take legal advice although as eTeacher is based in Israel you would need to travel to Israel in order to make a claim through the Israeli Small Claims Court and this would require you to have a very good working knowledge of Modern Hebrew. Here is the link to their contract which I suspect that any capable lawyer would be able to ride a coach and horses through as it is the worst contract I have ever seen and places no obligations whatsoever on the first party to it i.e. eTeacher.

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