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ESBI / Online fraud

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My name is Amanda and I am 18, I use the computer for multiple things. But when I woke up to find my mom yelling at me about a new unrecognized bill on our at&t account for $12.95 I was furious. I immediately picked up the phone to contact these people, I questioned them about this bill and where they found me.

They proceeded to tell me that I went to the internet site and signed up for the service. They asked me for my name and all of my information and within minutes I had the representative apologizing and reading me a cancellation conformation number, reassuring me the money will be refunded on the next at&t phone bill. But I wanted something so much more, I want justice.

I did my homework went to google and typed in ESBI, not even a minute later more than 35, 000 search results came up. I clicked on the first site saying specifically this... 'Bogus ESBI charges on Verizon phone bill **SCAM** - Topix.' After reading on an on about the numerous amount of individuals being 'scammed' I knew this was no mistake.

I continued to call ESBI back and say i do not wish to speak to anyone except a supervisor. After being on hold for 5 minutes or more a woman came on the phone saying who she was and asked what my problem was. I told her very clearly I was irate that some company can find me on the internet and not only have my information without me knowing, but speak for me and sign me up for this service, even to my own phone company who are supposed to be trustworthy.

I then called at&t and spoke to a representative to tell her my situation. She proceeded to say that she was sorry and that it wont happen again, I told her I understand your sorry but what kind of company allows this kind of stuff to go on and not to even try to contact me for a conformation before billing me? To put it in easy terms, she basically said well this company is not stupid they tell the phone company they have talked to you personally and said it was okay.

That was the last straw, this is only my first step to try to bring these people down. I have contacted a lawyer I have done my research on this company and found out I am only one out of a million victims. I wasn't going to file this report because I now do not trust putting any personal information over the internet, but i know my story can help victims in the future. If you are a victim from this company, do not sit back and let them keep scamming innocent people. It is fraud. They need to go to jail. They need to get shut down. This needs to stop. It might be only $20 but its not worth loosing your identity or risking that they might forward your information to other scam artists!!! Lets take them down!!!

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  • Jo
      20th of Feb, 2009
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    My name is JoAnn and I live in New Jersey, I also have this problem. I have called my phone company Verizon four times and the last time they were supposingly going to remove the $47.71 which I still owe them.

    I have done everything that Verizon has asked me to do but the charges still show up each month. I have contacted all the companies that I supposingly owe money to, cancelled all charges and told I would be reimbursed but the bill still says $47.71 extra.

    I would like to know how the phone companies can just put these charges on our bills and not let us know. This is my bill and my life which is being invaded.

    Someone needs to do something to these people who are abusing our rights and also to the phone companies who are going alone with these people without notifying us.

  • Do
      30th of Apr, 2009
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    I AGREE, lets do something, you have done alot of work with this, LETS GET THEM!!! I have tried to pass this number I got today it is a live person for ESBI, I repeated FRAUD, over and over to her, and she said they will take the charges off, I see some said they refused to remove the charges, they got me for several months, ONLY because I had voice mail service with Verizon, and that was the amount for their service, but I cancelled Verizon months ago, cause it stopped working, (because of this place ESBI) and noticed after calling verizon to tell them they are still charging me, they said it is ESBI, I also tried for an hour the number on the bill, and it was busy, so got this other number, and she gave me this number here, it takes you to a live person, they agreed to remove it, and gave a web address that is bogus. go figure. I hear you can get these charges many ways, I entered a drawing, (online) for $1, 000.00, from a receipt I had, and that is how I got charged this. I have a number for this place that you can really talk to a person, and get part of your money back-- and when you call it PLEASE repeat to the person on the other end FRAUD, it helps state your case.
    1-866-473-1981 Pass this on to others, maybe we can help STOP this.
    I am trying to give this number to all on this forum, hoping to help others, and STOP this place and others from taking our money. Donna

  • Co
      3rd of Jun, 2009
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    Thanks for the contact number.
    I agree, companies like ESBI need to be stopped and put out of business. They need to be sued to pay everyone they scammed a reparation fee for all the stress and anxiety they caused us.

  • Sn
      27th of Aug, 2009
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    I'm also one of the ESBI victims. My sad story is that I work for a telecomm company which is indirectly a part of this fraud activities. I have been billed by ESBI from last fall. I started noticing these when I moved to another apartment ( call me lazy ). My telelphone company does not want to handle this issue, and redirected to ESBI.

    My cousing from another country visited my place last fall who only stayed in United States for 2-3 months.
    When I called ESBI, I'm surprised. this ***** company is telling my cousin name as the authorized party. I'm not a lawyer in this country to survive. I simply asked him to cancel their so called services. And again a month later, I started seeing the charges again. I again called ESBI and begged them to cancel the charges going forward. I have to wait until next month to see if ESBI still continue to charge. I'll cancel my phone line if I see this bill next time.

    Some of the things I noticed...

    ESBI can charge me even though someone provided my home ph# information., but when you call them they will ask your phone#, first and last name for confirmation. where is the law?
    For the proof all they have is my home phone#, my cousing email id and my home IP address.
    It seems the services provided by ESBI to me is that unlimited internet access, high-speed internet services.
    But I'm already utiliziing these services from telephone company for free as I have a employee discount.
    I cannot argue with those people about these.

    I believe everyone including my telephone company are part of this pre-planned fraud activities., and everyone gets their own share.

  • Ra
      30th of Dec, 2009
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    All, I this just happened to me. I called Qwest and they are removing three months and charging it back to the company. They gave me the phone number to call and ask what the charge was for. I still dont understand fully what service they provide but they told me that a Clarissa signed up for this service (dont know who that person is!). They tell me they are escilating this issue to their supervisor to have all fees removed and to cancel the service they are providing. The phone number to call them is 888-302-3724. I am not sure if they will really give me my money back.

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