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Equifax Online Credit / horrible customer service - billed after cancellation

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Somehow I got hooked in to a subscription to an Equifax credit monitoring service. I figured I would try it for a while and see if it was useful. It wasn't. So I called in early January to cancel. I was told I would have one more bill for January and then that would be it.

So, I saw that in mid-February Equifax charged me $7.95 on my American Express card. I called the phone number given in the Amex vendor info. I was put on hold and I held and held and held. Finally AN HOUR had passed. And then someone finally answered.

It obviously was someone in an off-shore call center. I asked what I needed to do to stop my subscription because apparently it wasn't stopped. He asked if he could put me on hold. I asked why and he said he had to look at my account. Soooo, there I was on hold again!!!

He finally came back after about 5 minutes and said he needed to transfer me to another department. I told him NO... do not make me hold for another hour. He said oh it wouldn't be but 30 seconds. Then a second later he tells me, "We are updating our security system and need for you to call back tomorrow"!!!

Upon hearing that I thought I was going to have a fit... What kind of company does their "updating" at 10:30 at night when customers are calling and asks someone to call back who had already been waiting for an hour. I figured that they were just trying to make the cancellation experience so unpleasant that I would let them keep charging $7.95 to my American Express card forever.

So, I ended up calling American Express, which BTW has exceptional customer service, and a nice lady set up a chargeback for me.

So beware of starting up anything with Equifax. It is a nightmare to try to cancel it.

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  • An
      4th of Mar, 2009
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    I also have had a very similar experience! I signed up just for one month with Equifax Credit Watch Gold because it's the only way Equifax will allow you to get your credit report (I was happy to pay for the one time of accessing it). I cancelled 10 days later and was charged the next month. After calling (and waiting quite a while on hold - probably about a 1/2 hour) they told me they agreed I did not owe the money but I would need to fax them my bank statment and gave me the fax #. The number was no good! I called back, waited on hold so long I finally gave up. The next month they did it AGAIN! I called back and the gal - after a long time and having to get a supervisor - finally agreed to return the 2 months they owed me and promised it would not happen again. I have yet to get my refund and while waiting for it, here we are again - they charged me this month too! They are scamming us because they think we won't continue to fight for such small amounts of money! I have filed a complaint with the FTC.

  • Ih
      13th of Sep, 2010
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    I am also going to file a complaint with the FTC. I canceled my service in June and they said "you have already paid for the next month so you can continue to use it." So I didn't think about it. No bill in July and I figured OK good canceled. Then in August there was the bill again! I wrote an irate email and told them to refund the money and cancel my service. They said in the email that I couldn't do that over the phone and there is no way to cancel it once you are in your account anyway. Well I am busy so I didn't get to it right away and then when I did call the guy tells me that the agent had informed me that no in fact it was a free month that I had agreed to and that I had to call and cancel again if I actually wanted to cancel the service... well that made me boil over. So I now have a confirmation number and I demanded that they take every last bit of my information out of their system. This is totally crooked practice. I know what I agreed to so I said go listen to the call again because that is not what was said. Basically, Equifax are identity thieves!

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