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While trying to get a copy of my credit report, I initially had difficulty logging in after providing them my credit card information and called Equifax support to resolve the problem. In retrospect the person was more of a sales person than tech support. He advised me to purchase the Score Watch service. While making the purchase I inadvertently ended up purchasing Equifax Identity Report.

When I realized my mistake, the Equifax person immediately transferred me to their resolution department where I was told that the purchase could not be canceled since it was for a onetime service. I didn't want the service, have not used the service, and feel cheated and deceived.

I have made a lot of online purchases and have not run into a situation like this were it was so easy to make a purchase I didn't want and not be able to cancel it.

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  • Di
      Aug 31, 2009

    The same thing happened to me! I know my credit is excellent, but was interested in getting a 'Credit Score' since I am refinancing my home and was told my Credit Score could suffer if I had recently opened new credit cards (which I had to get 10% off at Home Depot, Penny's, etc...). Anyway, I KNOW I have no credit card debt. But I was required to enter my credit card informartion into the Equifax website into in order to advance to the Credit Score icon. Once I realized there was a charge for the Credit Score, I exited the program. Next thing I know I'm getting a bill for $14.95 for a Credit Report which I did not ask for and certainly never received -- PLUS the Equifax website boasts a 'free' credit report so clearly I should not have been charged.

    I have submitted a dispute with the Better Business Bureau and have contacted Equifax 3 times. What a ripe off! Diane Patton. August, 2009

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