EPS / Deceptive and Unethical Booting

Atlanta, GA, United States

Like one other victim on this post I too was booted at the Disco Kroger at Piedmont and Peachtree. I parked near the Kroger part of this huge parking lot. There was NO SIGNAGE WHATSOEVER WITHIN 200 FT. OR MORE OF MY CAR.

I saw nothing to indicate I was going to be booted or towed. I walked across the street to eat since I wasn't sure about where to park at Tower Place with all the construction, etc. I had dinner and returned around 11:40 P.M. and found a boot on my car and a bright orange sticker on the window.

I WAS FURIOUS!!! I don't have a cell but luckily the guy with the sweeping truck saw me and asked if that was my car with the boot on it and I said yes. He said the guy from the booting company was here or just put it on. So I flagged him down and asked why on God's Green Earth I have a boot on my car. He tells me there is a sign that says if you leave the property you will be booted. I said "Where pray tell is this magical sign.?" He points to places in the very far corners and when you come i n to the property at the stop sign and I tell him how am I supposed to see those signs from 300 ft. away? You need a sign within eye-shot if you want to legitimately boot me and he says they have signs and they have cameras in the shopping centers and they know when you leave your car.

I begged him to cut me a break because I don't even have a job and $50 is a lot of money. He says there is nothing he can do. Do I want the boot removed?? I asked to speak to his supervisor and he says they are all gone for the day. I'd have to wait till tomorrow so reluctantly I pull out my credit card. He has me sign the receipt and gives me a copy. I see a mini camcorder on the passenger side window. I will call them up and raise HOLY HELL!! THIS IS TOTAL B.S.!! Legal Racketeering at it's best!!

To add insult to injury, I couldn't get the adhesive to come off my window so I had to go back to Kroger since it was 12:45 AM and nothing else was open and but some rubbing alcohol to remove the adhesive!! WORKS LIKE A CHARM!!

COST ME ABOUT $52 plus my dinner. Found out parking is free at Tower Place after 6!! Makes me think twice before going into BUCKHEAD!!

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