epocheu.comrefund my money


i have just been charged about £20 by epocheu for a service i dont have and i dont know what they did for me, all i did was to go on this dating website and i was given a choice of two days trail so i signed up for the two days to see how it looks like of which i only used it for one day cause i wasn't intrested in wat their offering so even technicaly they owe me one day service but that is not the point the point is why did i get charged another £20 whiles i only reguested for two days service.
i insiste on a refund and also appologies for the innconvinience and as well as compensation for making me go over drawn on my bank account which the bank will now be charging me £30 for going over drawn,
i will like to hear from somebody.

many thanks
Mr. I Allotey

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