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I called to Entrgy to discuss my bill. I needed to

make a payment next Tuesday. I have had service with entergy for 5 years. Each time I

call to ask a question, For example; why is there a Fuel adjustment charge you get jumped

verbally. The Representative are always rude. Yesterday, Sept 15 was the worst person.

This person was abusing his power. The first response out of his mouth I don't know why

a truck is not already at your home disconnecting your service. I asked him was he

threatening me." I don't understand why you still have service, "he said.

Immediately her attacked me verbally. I was so upset. He kept threatening to have my

service cut off, I got his number from the Public Service Commission website in

Mississippi. The person the web page is Mr, Davis but Mr, Lee apparently has taken his

place, He was extremely angry. I called the PSC to file a complaint. I told the manager

at PSC would assist me on Sept 20th, this company are letting employees really excuse the

term (dog us out. ) He said "he would make sure I would never call his office

again". That was a threat. Thank your for time and input in this matter.

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  • Ol
      Dec 30, 2010

    I agree Entergy has to be the worse utility company on the planet. Apparently they go out of their way to hire the most rude and obnoxious customer service people on the planet with absolutely no brains, common courtesy, manners or the slightest form of decency be it human or otherwise. This company went into my account and took out two payments five days ago and this is the holiday. To add insult to injury I get a supervisor who promises me it's only a hold by their third party vendor and the money will be back in my account in the morning. Noootttt!!! What liars. We are talking about a situation caused by their negligence. If I don't get a resolution I will find an attorney and go after them in the form of a Class Action Lawsuit. This is robbery plain and simple. I live paycheck to paycheck and the money that was in my account for my child's winter coat is no longer there because of Entergy. If anyone has already moved forward with any legal representation please let me know and I'll be happy to provide my input. This is outrageous!!

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  • Fa
      Aug 23, 2012

    I can not believe that after getting my bill outta 300 on tge summer months entergy has now decided to bill us 50 dollars deposit for 3 months straight ti get it over 200 thats so sad to cheat people for 9 years they never charged me 50 now its back to back give me a break quit cheating to make money its amazing that duribg hard times yall find a way to still cheat people.

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  • Lw
      Aug 16, 2015

    Entergy is straight up robbing me this summer.My bill went from always $70-$80.00 now to 90.00 from that to $146.00 for the month of July and now Aug $170.00 when i haven't added but only taken away unplugged just about everything in this apartment and cut off my ac.Now my bill is 170.00 (MY BILL HAS NEVER BEEN THIS HIGH) WTH is going on?! For anything my bill supposed to decrease not increase, oh i am most definitely putting them on the news.

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  • Re
      Nov 17, 2015

    Its wrong that entergy is the only light company you have to go to. If the bill is less than what they have for your deposit then it is wrong they are able to cut off my power. There should be other companies you can go to if you do not like the service they provide.

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