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EMS Internet / Online shop

1 Warrington, England, Cheshire, United Kingdom Review updated:
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when EMS internet contacted me, They filled my head with all the tech speech, I informed them I wasn't to technical, I agreed to have an all singing all dancing web page for £600 i was told leave it with them they would make sure I had a great selling tool. I was told it would be up and running in 3 weeks. I'm still waiting, I have had more calls off sales people then anyone I asked for a part refund as I knew they had paid for a domain for me, apparently you only have 72 hours in which to ask for a refund, it must be done via a recorded letter which I find ludicrous, the customer management team are rude talk over you and basically tell you to shut up as they are talking, so you can't get your point across. They seldom do what they say they will, and then ask you to trust them?? They ask you to fill out a form that will not save what work you have done so you can come back to it, which they are apparently changing on the next upgrade so that doesnt help me after I put 2 hours into writing, only for the lot to be deleted so i need to start again! I'm told they will help me complete this form (by the snotty woman in customer services, "you know the one that had talked over me previously "I do not hold any faith in this company and I am told if I slate them I will be hearing from there legal team! again by the same snotty woman who wants to help me with my account! they get you over a barrel then you know whats coming! this company have robbed me will lies and deceit. YES I'M ONE ANGRY CUSTOMER!!! I'm sorry I can't atatch the letters they have sent me via e-mail they will not load

Nov 16, 2016
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      16th of Nov, 2016
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    EMS Internet - online shop
    United Kingdom

    This company approached me on 12/10/16 and I spoke to someone called Chris Dixson, he told me about what EMS could do for me as I wanted to start up a web page. He told me he could guarantee, I would be on the 1st page of google and that it would be an extensive package he was selling me. This great web page could be going live in three weeks, it sounded wonderful! ho much £600 (Which was in fact £720 I was told later plus vat) wonderful I gave my card details and had to wait for that to be authorised, by bank thought it looked suspicious, and stopped my card, I had to say to the bank yes this transaction was correct. I phoned EMS back and got no answer, I was informed by the previous conversation that they closed at 5 and its now way after that so I waited till the next morning. Chris phoned and said the payment had gone through, he also said he was sending me a e mail stating that if I could fill this in as it gives them a better background as to what the business is and will help the designers. I was told that they would work very closely with me so I hung up feeling excited. I still haven't received a receipt. It was four days later I got a call from a guy offering to put me to the top of google! I told him I had already paid for this so he said he would look into it, he came back and said i'm so sorry your conversation was not recorded, I told him thats convenient! I wasnt pleased as the 720 was already the most I could afford! I'm not to pleased that I was miss sold this package. But i'm continually told that they were good and had good reviews! I started filling out my account form on the computer I complete 1-3 pages easily its a general form just asking about the business. the next section is on the start up of the business which also was fine, then they asked about the business but wanted 500 words (they now tell me this is 50 so I could be wrong as they have taken this off the page) I took 2 hours filling in this page but had questions on the postage side of things! so asked my account manager Jade some questions about this she said she would find out about it but would go through this with me if it was easier, I said yes please, then asked her about the postage as i didn't want to overcharge my customers. I'm still waiting on that phone call. (yesterday I learned, apparently Jade has left the company ). I am then phoned by yet another sales person offering me the new must have on my account, I tell him I am not happy again he tells me he will get to the bottom of this and call me back!...still waiting. Then yesterday I call regarding, cancellation, as its now 4 weeks 4 days and i have not heard from the design team. I get passed on to another customer relations manager, I ask to speak to a manager she informs me shes the highest manager there is to talk to. I start telling her about my terrible experiences, with the company and that I want a refund, I explain that I know it can not be in full as I know they have purchased my domain name, Katie talks over me almost telling me to be quiet while she explains things and that she would have to speak to a director. Katie was rude and then said she would find out what was going on. Katie did phone me back telling me I only had 72 hours to ask for a refund and this had to be written and recorded delivery. Katie also informs me that she will help with the forms, but to be honest we clearly don't get on as she is rude and needs a customer service review. Not once have I ever been told this! I assumed it was 28 days as most places are! I am mortified. I don't want other people being put out of pocket by this firm.

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      16th of Nov, 2016
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    Sally, Thank you for your feedback, I am sorry to hear that you feel this way.
    I have reviewed your account in full in relation to the concerns that you have raised.
    I can see that you purchased an E-commerce website with ourselves and have not yet had the design proof due to us not receiving the information we require to begin building your website. This information is provided via a online data entry form which you have partially completed.
    You have advised us that there was a fault with the form as your information did not save, this concerned us and as you are aware we sent this query over to our technical team who tested the online data entry form and found no issues.
    Upon investigation we found that your information did not save within the data entry form as you did not complete each field with the relevant amount of characters required before opting to save the information.
    You received frequent communication from your Customer Support agent who discussed the need to complete this data entry form with yourself.
    I am sure that you can appreciate that without your business information we cannot begin to build your website design as we do not have all the information that we need. Having left the data entry form partially completed we did not have your website content or product information and images.
    In the interest of maintaining a healthy business relationship and having your website design completed as soon as possible, we have offered to complete the data entry form on your behalf and also offered you a free content creation package which is usually although we found no issues with the data entry form or the sale of your website package.
    You have refused all assistance and the offer of a free service worth £149+vat and requested a refund, advising that if we do not agree to a refund you will make slanderous comments about EMS Internet Ltd as a company online. You have been advised that in that case our legal team would defend any slanderous comments made against us. We are more than willing to provide you with the website package that you have purchased

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      16th of Nov, 2016
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    Firstly may I ask you to listen to the phone calls you have on file! Katie, (my accounts manager who spoke over me when i'm trying to talk) obviously didn't listen to me at all and certain facts have been twisted! I informed her, that the data I had inputted had deleted when I had spent 2 hours putting in the info pressed save, she told me its something you are going to change on the next upgrade to the system. I was promised before Katie by one of your staff that they would input the details for me! That member of staff Jade is no longer with your company! I was also told by one of your sales team they would sort it! (i'm still waiting)
    As for a happy business relationship and going forward how do you expect me to have any faith in your company when from the start I am told you can get this done in 3 weeks, I'm told whatever will get me to give you my credit card details then left home and dry! You expect me to work with someone who lies and says I want a full refund and who shouts and talks over me? This is not the way I see it! You can't find the original tape of the conversation I had when i bought the package (very convenient) . Why don't you for once admit you are wrong? I already know i hadn't put the amount of words onto your form that you require but seriously deleting it and telling me to start from scratch... whos idea is that? 2 hours that cost me that I can't get back! As for Katie saying that I would make slanderous comments that to is a lie (i implore you listen to the tape) What I did say is that I would give bad reviews all over the place and face book! Its not slanderous if its the truth!!!

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