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Today, at approximately 11:40am, I was charged $75 by an unprofessional-looking man, in a white car with a magmatic 'Empire Parking Services' sign attached because he claimed I did not pay for my duration in Stall #92 at the 76 Forsyth Street parking garage. Being that I needed to get to work, and he refused to listen to my claim, I let him swipe my credit card for $75 to remove the boot.

At 9:47 I put an hour of time onto Stall #92, but then decided to add an additional hour, so during a separate transaction paid $3 for an additional hour, thinking that my expiry time would be 11:47. It turns out that either the machine was not working and did not pick up my second transaction or that you are unable to 'add time' so my second hour was not counted. I have not been able to get a clear answer because I stupidly parked in a trashy parking garage where the attendants and customer service were unable to answer why my second transaction did not successfully put time on my Stall.

Nonetheless, when I tried to explain this situation to your employee he refused to even talk to me or look me in the eye and was on his cellphone. Like I said, I had to get to work, so let him swipe my card but refused to actually sign the credit card or EPS receipt.

I called trying to explain this situation to your company, but of course no one I talked to was receptive.

I am disputing this charge with my bank as well, and am hoping that institution will recognize how unprofessional, shady and predatory your company is.

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  • Mb
      Dec 14, 2011

    I had a similar experience with these crooks. I put money in the slot when I left the lot. When I came back the next morning, my money was still in the slot, but the car was booted. The technician claimed that there was no money in the slot when he checked it the night before. He refused to show a video. He only showed a video after I called the police, and the video showed only the empty receptacle inside the cash box. Of course, that receptacle would only show coins if I had dropped them in – the $5 bill I folded up and stuffed in was still lodged in the slot above. I contacted the Better Business Bureau but had no luck (so far). I called Chris Aughtman, the GM, and he promised to look into it and call me back, but of course he never did. These people are crooks who only care about ripping people off. For them the customer is only wrong, and it’s a crying shame that the city of Atlanta allows them to continue to rob honest people who get lured in by a cheap parking rate. They don’t make their money from the $5 per day fees. They make their money by groundlessly booting cars from out of state. Someone needs to stop them.

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