Empire Beauty Schoolcaught not getting adequate coaching and supplies in school.

My daughter attends this school and is having an issue with school not providing enough direction and I witnessed it today. My wife went there yesterday for a manicure and there were four girls doing nails and only one gel light to use between them all to use. My daughters first day on the floor and her first customer came in for a hair treatment to gradually have color go from light to dark. Instead of have many different chemicals to make this large transition, they only had one of them. When she asked how she was to get this done with one chemical, they told her that's they only way she can do it and it's too bad. Her friends hair turned out terrible and yet again she got help or direction.
We are paying a lot of money for her to go to this school and there should be not only adequate coaching and guidance but without a doubt should have the supplies needed to do all appropriate hair, nail and feet care. I expect action taken to improve this facilities coordination and supplies. I will reach out to the regulation board if there is no improvement shortly.

Jun 01, 2018

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