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Every day, I am called by different telecommunications companies' telemarketers, who want to sell things to me. I don't want people calling me. It is a waste of my time and an invasion of my privacy - I did not give anyone permission to call me about special offers and deals!

Today it was Elite Mobile. Please stop calling me. Because of the way that you market your products, I will not buy anything from you, even if it is better and cheaper than the product I have at the moment.

If I think that I need a product that is better than the one I have at the moment, I will do my own market research at a time that suits me.

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      Feb 26, 2014
    Elite Mobile - not telling me all the information & not activiting my Bis
    elite mobile
    596 Madadadeni section Newcastle
    kwa zulu Natal Newcstle
    South Africa
    Phone: [protected]

    January this year this idain lady off elite mobile kept calling me pursureding me to take that airtym contract. I agreed than this I think on the 12 off feb my Bis shatterd down & they sent R49 airtime not activiting my Bis now my phone is dead can't BBM. Can't Facebook can't get important Emails I did not agree to this me.iv called them but they are jst making me a stupid I want them to put my no bck to prepaid Asap & I will pay that R49 airtime ..want to go bck to prepard now if I knew that this is how they treat they custumers wouldn't have a agreed. I hate it I'm very angry iv spent lot off airtym calling them but no they are not take me seriously

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