Elite Mobile / Your company is a disgrace and your staff are rude

I receive several calls a week from your company offering me a cellphone. If I try and interrupt the actor who reads the script, I am told but you haven't heard my great deal yet. I have more than enough cellphones, laptops, 3G contracts etc and don't need another one. I will also never purchase one from a company like yours that phones me constantly and is amounting to harrassment.

Today alone I received a call around 10am and a second one at 3:15. The lady who called at 3:15 told me to get lost and slammed the phone down on me. Unfortunately I didn't get her name otherwise I would have laid a charge against her at the SAPS.

Please remove my details from your database. I never wish to receive another promotional call from you again. This amounts to abuse, harrassment and invasion of privacy and I am just the person who will consult my attorneys next time and follow up on further action against your company. If you think I am bluffing just try me.

Your company is a disgrace and your staff are rude.

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