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Eliot Management Group / Do Not Call Violators

1 Everett, WA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 425-252-2088

These people have called me so many times, it is becoming disgusting! I have asked them at least 20 times to be taken off the their call list! They called me on 2/27/2009 and I told him I was overly tired having the same conversation with them. I said to take me off the list loud and clear or I would be filing a complaint with who ever I can. Well guess what?!? Another person from the SAME office just called me again to pitch a sale!! Come on!! Enough is enough.

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      24th of Mar, 2009
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    I am so sorry for the inconvenience. I have worked for EMG for a long time and their intent is never to be a nuissance. We do our very best to respect the requests of merchants to not be called. Unfortunately it is virtually impossible to prevent this from ever happenning. We are a growing organization and we bring in new representatives frequently. Reps sometimes just open a phone book and call businesses they would like to do business with. I often call a business because I see them on my drive home /or I am a customer. Recently I had a business that had told me "no" for 2 years ( he never asked me not to call, just that he was happy where he was at). When he finally agreed to a meeting, I save him over $1, 500 a month over his bank that was totally overcharging him. We call of course because we want to get more business, but also because we know we are of great value to our business owners if we can overcome their initial complacency.

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      9th of Feb, 2010
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    I also worked for EMG, inbound and outbound sales, and the above comment is a little misleading. You see most of the time the sales rep gets a lead sheet from sales genie or another source of online lead source. It turns out that your business is in a target demographic for merchant sales. The company uses the excuse that they are calling from a phone book to cover their ### on FTC violations, i.e. "Do not Call". When a merchant=sales lead asked to be put on the "do not call list" is countered with, "Take your add out of the phone book then". It is ###, but it's business, you sell your product via retail, we sell our product via phone. Deal with it.


  • Co
      6th of Jul, 2010
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    Eliot Management Group 5
    Merchant Ratings Eliot Gouges small businesses & makes it hard to get paid

    A recent batch $44. The fees Eliot charged were $39. Why did I run transactions at all? Oh, it was to keep customers happy, that's why.

    Eliot isn't clear on this piece of things - keeping customers happy.

    Seasonally we do massage at big corporate events. The high-profile client wants us to take a credit card against my better judgment (see:fees). I agree because it's what the customer wants.

    Eliot places 2 calls from 2 dept's regarding the same transaction. Finally they required all kinds of paperwork to complete the transaction.

    I've been in good standing for years, not a single refund or charge-back. I'm disgusted with Eliot's lack of support for
    small mobile businesses long enough (eg, I must have my HOME office address on my receipts!). I'll cancel my account, finally get a true mobile platform (Square for Moto Droid) and run those $2000-3000 transactions through another company.

    Oh, and I'll have to bother my client for an alt payment. Not cool Eliot.

  • Sa
      30th of Aug, 2010
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    I currently work for EMG and I do use a phone book for leads as well as get leads from sales genie if a customer asks me to place them on a do not call list I take thier name and number and give it to or osm who puts it on our list however you must call the do not call hotline ( this is a goverment run service ) to take your bussiness off of call list so the do not call list gets to be very large over time and we simply don't have time to cross refrence every single one of them. If you don't wish to be contacted and want to continue paying to much for credit card proccessing then call the hotline. Also please realize this is how we feed our families and we do realize that no one really wants to get a phone call all the time. Believe me if there was a better way I would use it. The best way to keep us from calling is simply agree to a appointment take 15 minutes out of your day you will not be sorry you did. Everytime there is a new rep starting the first thing they are told is to be 100% honest and we should be the way we make the most money is residuals and if you feel duped then you won't stay a loyal customer I have many clients that have been with me for many years they have my person cell # and know they can call me day or night if they have a problem knowing I will be there in person to fix the problem asap. that is something most companies don't offer. When someone enters into a contract with me as there rep I don't let them sign unless it makes sense for both of us. It's never about making a quick buck. Think about this I could get you to sign a month later you cancel and I'm lucky if I made $200 or I could give you great customer service keep you as a client for numerous years and make alot more over time I would rather make $5 a month on 100 happy clients then a one time payment of a couple hundred dollars. so even if I did not care about anything but money it still makes more sense to keep you happy.

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      2nd of Sep, 2010
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    In response to "sales rep", the comment that it is too difficult to cross reference every number is perposterous. The process is quite automated if a company takes the time to actually use the DO NOT CALL list as REQUIRED BY LAW but they simply don't do it.

    The process is to put potential leads into your company's own calling list then on a regular basis BEFORE CALLING NEW NUMBERS you run those new nubmers through the automated national system and flag those that are not to be called. A smart business would keep that flag for a given amount of time then perhaps check it again in the future to see if it is callable now.

    EMG also has issues with obfuscating their pricing structure and tacking on nasty fees all over the place.

    Here is a tip I learned the hard way and it works with everyone that is trying to sell you something. Get a look at the contract. Tell them you need a few days to read it over (and really read it carefully) and if it takes you a day or a week you will be well informed. If they say things like "If you buy now you get this price but if you wait it will be another price" then what they are really saying is "if you read the fine print you will see we are ripping you off so don't read it just sign it so we can get your money".

    EMG has no concept of how to run a ligitimate business. They only make money through deceptive practices. This is because their customer support is so bad that it costs them a fortune and the only way to make up the loss is to trick people. My monthly costs went up 53% over my previous processor. I am having constant technical issues due to their lack of programming skills and they keep trying to push new equipment on me that they charge 3 to 4 times the going rate for.

    Honestly, avoid EMG. There are better companies out there. They also have this funny clause in their contract that they can automatcilly extend your contract if you aren't very careful about when you send in your cancelation letter and they have a habbit of "not receiving" your cancelation letter even when you have proof they did. And fighting to get your early termination fee back often costs more than letting them have it.

    EMG is not the only one pulling this stuff, they are the only ones I have gotten suckered into because I read through the contract too quickly and didn't do enough research before the sale. Fool me once shame on you... Fool me twice just isn't going to happen.

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      2nd of Sep, 2010
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    Oh, one more word of advice... No matter who you go through, you are best off buying your equipment from a different party, pay by credit card or better yet debit card so you have no interest payments. Leasing equipment will cost you more 95% of the time. It is only good for you if you have physical equipment problems which are rather unlikely. I suggest staying away from the units where the customer touches the screens. Those touch pads ware out very fast. Push buttons are much better. Take the money you save by not leasing your equipment and put it in a small savings account just in case your equipment does fail. It happens, things break, use your own money as your insurance policy.

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      22nd of Sep, 2010
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    I too would like to apologize for the repeated calls. As stated by other employee comments we here at Eliot always try to honor do not call requests. It is true that some reps will open a phone book, as I do on occasion. We also call businesses that we see driving or have used in the past. I can say that in my office anyway, we do not intentionally try to "bug" people who don't want to be called. We strive to be the most open and honest processor in our area, and we do take seriously any rep new or old who is using unfair or predatory sales practices. It is frustrating for us as well when we call a merchant who is rude or abusive due to the fact we called. I sympathize with business owners as they do receive hundreds of calls offering this or that, I would get tired of that as well but it is just part of owning a business (I know because my family owns restaurants). We will always try to be courteous and friendly and would like to be treated the same, as stated in previous comments this is how we feed our families and we do provide a necessary service at a fair price with world class customer service. In case you haven't guessed I'm an EMG employee as well, and very proud of the job I do.

  • Da
      10th of Nov, 2010
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    Eliot Management Group - Bad Business practices FTC Complaint
    Eliot Management
    United States

    This is for anyone who experienced their bait and switch sales technique only to find out about the 495.00 termination fee. Please file a complaint or add to complaint # 28237641 with the federal trade commission also the comptroller of currency because them and their parent company First American Payment systems are subsiduaries of Key Bank NA.

  • Ba
      15th of Nov, 2010
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    Eliot Management, Transtech, First American Payments, and Merimac Capital are all part of the same conglomerate...currently we have a complaint in with the BBB and the WA State Attorney General' Office. This company group basically lied to me, stole $1200 from me, and services were never commenced. My recommendation - STAY CLEAR OF THIS GROUP OF COMPANIES!!!

  • Na
      10th of Dec, 2010
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    Hi Dan.

    Im curious. What business were you involved in prior to EMG?

  • Mi
      27th of Sep, 2011
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    EMG is exercising highly unethical business practices. EMG had my wife sign a contract for her Pet Daycare and boarding company that has a Loss Profits clause in it that totals about what she pays in employee taxes for a quarter. Since I know she did not read all of the fine print I am making the assumption that this is done on purpose in the hopes we would not notice. That is in itself a conscious contract manipulation tactic that CC companies are getting into trouble for. I don’t know what kind of morality they teach in Utah (where CEO Ron Dichter lives) but I consider this practice a most heinous one and will never do business with a company that practices it.
    Elliot Management Group and its namesake are unethical and amoral. Small and large businesses should avoid them at all costs.

  • Ba
      30th of Nov, 2011
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    EMG - Drive, Run, Fly Away from this is the worst sort of company run by the worst sort of's a repost with minor revisions from another string on this site...

    If anyone would like to consider a class action suit against EMG, these ### pilfered over $1200 from our account on a "legal" contract which could never have commenced as their software didn't work with our website as stated verbally. Unfortunately, this company and Mgr. Russ Hausman operate on the premise that there's a sucker born every minute, and I am not embarrassed to say that for a moment I was one of them.

    They sat in my house, met my gracious wife, and then callously stole our money. If they'd come in and stole my computer, they'd be in jail. But this sort of white collar crime has become commonplace, and we're now dealing with the lies of the replacement credit card processor, Wells-Fargo, who came in with their 1.79%-2.39% fee schedule which somehow has inflated to 5.14% as of last month. When, when, when, will our government step in and shut these companies down or make them repay their thefts. We who own the small businesses, the backbone of this great country, are being bled dry by these ###ized excuses for corporations.

    Russ, how do you sleep at night knowing you stole a house payment from a guy who's barely holding on to his house and has 4 kids and a wife, who's working 16 hours a day to support his family. Shame on you! You've seared your conscience to the point of being a business Nazi with no regard for anyone, as long as you get your Lexus and Million Dollar Home and Blonde Bimbo - though I doubt you'd score the Bimbo as even a Bimbo could see through the plastic facade of a human that you've become, having sold your soul to the almighty dollar.

    Folks, we're fighting back against Wells-Fargo in the only way we can...hit them where it hurts. Boycott their services. We're in a 3 year contract with them as of June, 2011, and I'm telling my clients, who mostly pay in advance for our products and services anyway, that if they'll mail us a check, we'll give them a 2% discount. So far in the past month, this has cost W-F a minimum of $750. We still were pilfered for over $250 with their outrageous 5%+ fees, but we pocketed $750 that would've gone to these corrupt puppets. Woohee! For my family, that's a lot of living expenses. Maybe not for these guys.

    Kyle Janke, at the N. Division Wells-Fargo office in Spokane, WA, is the one semi-bright spot in this whole affair, as he's at least trying to figure out why the leap from 2.39% to 5.14% happened when we'd negotiated a "no monthly fee" agreement. Hopefully he'll find out something and get back to me with good news. But I'm barely hopeful, and by his tone of voice, I think he shares my viewpoint. Any honest person would. However, the honest employees of these firms often quit in disgust or are fired for voicing their dissent.

    So, for now, those of you who've been ripped off by these thieving jackals, my only advice is contact the state attorney general's office, where you'll find people as lazy as EMG and W-F are dishonest, but maybe if the cries get loud enough, we can move these mountains into the ocean. Go get 'em!!!

  • Bl
      15th of Apr, 2015
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    I am filing a complaint against Eliot in Idaho and I would appreciate any useful information, Thank you.

  • Ma
      14th of Aug, 2018
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    Eliot Management Group - Credit card proccessing
    United States

    Did not accept their credit card processing machine or services and notified them 11-17. Now 6 months later they are billing me monthly when I am not using them. They should refund fraudulent charges.

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