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Full of scammers!

I registered on a site with a golden reputation in the online dating business: First test - 85 bucks to be able to message 50 women. Result? Nothing! Loads of apparently empty profiles set up by the site to boost traffic and use up your credits. I had many conversations and had a Skype relationship with several beautiful women. All of them wanted to get married to sort out their life's problems such as living in an armpit city in an armpit country and to get by on something better than a $400 schoolteacher's salary and living with mum and dad.

I got tired of them after a while, and then, my money from credit card gone in a few month (mostly on women who didn't even reply to my "how are you" messages), and now what do I have? Nothing.
Hundreds and hundreds of dollars, and countless hours searching for a beautiful Russian/Ukrainian woman... Elena's Models keeps billing you every three months unless you stop it. More money down the drain.

Elenas models has a lot of complaints from its users, but they are hidden among many websites in Internet. This scam garbage company is doing its best to dump all bad negative user reviews everywhere. It's obviously! Try to find them in google and you will make sure that it is true. But you scam liars can't hide 100%, because if people say bad things they will do it! You cant make them stop speaking

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Feb 2, 2017
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  • Ke
      26th of Apr, 2017

    Here is what negative result you will get. You will write letters with many nice women scammers on Elenas Models site. Some of them even will chat with you. But after some time they will forget you even after 50 letters per day just the time before they start slowly fading away. Their texts get further and further apart and they stop writing. Some correspondence I even traced to the country which is right next to Nigeria! They are scams that are payed by elenas models to string you along. Beware Elena's Models company, save your money before your falling into the scam trap, leave elenasmodels alone! - Another red flag to watch out for: 2 of 3 women that I've chatted made inappropriate comments to me. Now I understand that these beautiful women are from different country and culture. But I've traveled before and in my experience no one saying things like these women did. In my opinion, after they chat with you and string you along for a while they say sometime offensive to try to get you to make it easy on them so that you stop calling them.

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  • Jr
      23rd of May, 2017

    Do you see a lot of pretty women on this site? You will never meet them! Women that look at you from EM photos, are fake... sorry, but you can make sure of it by yourselves. Look at the pictures in testimonials section, women who meet men in real life are average looking. I observe this tendency for already several months. So who are that beautiful women whom you see on the photos? They are just scammers by Elenasmodels. If you correspond for a while, your e-mails will not make you closer, you will just exchange some impressions about culture of your countries or weather. It will be really boring, but when it comes to love, how can you correspond in such a way? You have to know each other really well. And if you stop to write on EM, the girl will stop writing to you as well, she will just forget about you. The agency got your payment and that's all. They don't care about real relationships, they earn money, and you get nothing – no wife, no love and no happiness.

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  • Mu
      31st of May, 2018

    EM is a good site

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  • 74
      9th of Jan, 2019

    Terrible service, I mean there is no service at all(((( Troubles with everything(downloading pictures, help desk response etc.) Didn`t have access to their app because they didn`t want to approve it. Posted all my personal information there including professional picture. And then was told they need more information. TERRIBLE! Contacted help desk several times with no success. Finally just quit and deleted my account.

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  • Ha
      2nd of Feb, 2019

    Amazing thing happens once you sign up and pay money. You become invisible! The anxious girls that cant wait to talk? Not anymore. As this isnt a "pay per letter" deal, the girls (by their own admission) have no incentive to continue corresponding once you've paid your expensive access fee. Chat requests? Ignored. Site is trying every way possible to get you to send them a copy of your passport so you can confirm your identity. Nothing suspicious there. Complain to them? They will tell you flat out - TOUGH. No refunds for ANY reason. None. This site is just about getting about $200 out of your pocket upfront and then who cares what after that. Im not the only saying this guys...not only does that smoking hot 25 year old Ukrainian not want anything to do with you, but Elenasmodels just wants to get money out of you. Oh...want to stop your autorenewal, be prepared to cancel your credit card. Really. They will say "Oh, we are happy to cancel your membership. Please send us copy of your passport."

    Does this sound like a scam? Do the math

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