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I see nowhere on Elavon’s website to complain about this matter:
For the last 23 years I have charged items to my credit cards at the prevailing exchange rates. I was shocked, to say the least, when Novotel Paddington, UK charged my credit card at a huge 3.5% markup. I pointed out the exchange rate seemed too high but there was no explanation given. To add insult to injury I later saw marked on the customer copy the disclaimer re currency choices being offered (they had not) and exchange rate being final. (But nothing before I signed, only afterwards). I submit no bills should be charged at a markup like this, no warning was given before I was given the bill to sign and the wording on the customer copy was after the fact. Given the standards before Elavon card swipes came in there should be no place for these mark ups, or indeed Elavon, and even more so when this came without warning.

I doubt I will get a reply about this, I reported it to the hotel and they have not responded. Elavon appear to want to just make extra money, while deceiving the customer putting the blurb on the chit only at the end of the transaction.

Let the charger beware, check chits carefully and asks questions before signing.

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