Elavon / Fees! Fees! fees!

OR, United States
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Rip-off ###! Everytime I turn around my rates are jacked and/or some stupid fee is added. I closed the account in April 2012. In June 2012 I get another charge for a "Card Association Fee" which was NEVER charged before. They say it should have been charged to my account but they forgot! It is only $5.00 but this is just one more in a LONG line of BS fees, some of which are quite substantial. Run away from these ###! They are crooks! They are theives! They hide by saying these are fees that are charged by VISA and they are just passing them along. Guess what? I have Intuit processing, and they do not have all of these bull-### fees. I mean how can an outfit charge fees after the account is closed??? My bank says they cannot dispute a merchant sevice fee, my only recourse is to close the account. Do not let Elavon / Merchant Connect have anything to do with your company / your money!!! These people are non-blinking rip-off ###!!!

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