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Count me among the pissed-off masses of Elavon/Ladco Leasing and their unbridled greed. I never got a copy of what I signed, not from the sales rep, nor from Elavon despite 3 requests. Ladco said there would be a $5 fee. They have been billing my account $42.02 every month for so-called "software." I asked about buy-out and they quoted me some $1300 or $1500. The software that I am "leasing" seems to be something I don't need. Even so, there are so-called "better" plans available thru Costco Merchant Services. There is also a QuickBooks plug-in available for $76.00. I found an Elavon payment gateway for $50 online. Their "premium"software known as ViaWARP can be purchased for $200. This is one big gigantic ugly humongous rip-off. I'm now trying to get out of this *** mess and will fight it. Sign me up for any class-action lawsuits out there.

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  • Ri
      Sep 15, 2010

    We are in the same predictament with Elavon and Ladco. We decided to cut our losses where we could. Both companies have an early termination fee but fortunately you can continue to use Ladco equipment with another provider(our term fee with ladco would have been 900). If you early term fee with Elavon is less than $200 it might be better to pay that and make it up in your savings without another company. Our breakeven point would be in 6 months with Sage. Much better service, no contract, you can use your existing equipment. Also, I need to look further into the new visa and mastercard fee for Oct 2010 but the terms and agreement says that if you continue to process transactions after 30 days then you agree to the terms. Does anyone know if this is a loophole to avoid termination fee if we cancel before 30 days? Elavon customer service rep was less than helpful

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  • Lu
      Mar 04, 2011

    We will start the class action suit. Now we are gathering more people.
    Please be a part of us and contact me at 858 568 5865 or [protected]
    You are not alone. Don't give up.
    If you have been scammed by Payment systems, Azura or Ladco, please contact me.

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