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I am a Canadian customer of Elavon's (4 yrs), have had no problems to date, but today I phoned them to get some questions answered, and I have been on hold now for over an hour without ever speaking to a live person yet. In the meantime I also tried faxing them, but their fax would not pick up. I then tried a 1-866 number from the top of my monthly bill and got only a rapid beeping. Is something going awry with this company? I am STILL on hold, after 1 hour and 20 minutes! GRRRRRR! Must do yoga...ohmmm...ohmmm...
it's not working! Hulk SMASH!!!

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  • Et
      Aug 04, 2010

    Elavon Customer service is a SCARY NIGHTMARE

    I waited for about 75 minutes. This is really a terrilbe service. I mean, how can a company that service other merchants have a bad service as this. I'm new with the company, but with this kind of ugly service, I'm beginning to look around for reliable company.

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  • R3
      Dec 16, 2010

    The COMPLAINT...??? Where to start, yes the 1 1/2 hour wait or more on the phone or the compitional arguing with you about how much money you didnt deserve or how many peolple you talk to befor you get a supervisor thats says "NO WILL NOT REFUND OR RELEASE YOUR MONEY!!" They goof off back and forth between phone calls about what they are going to get you mad about next. Place you on hold every 2 min to "research" your question that they should know since it was the 4th time calling!! AND NOT ONE HAD LOOKED AT THERE NOTES TO SEE THATS IT WAS A ONGOING PROBLEM!! or that you finally get someone nice but there so new they dont have a clue whrer to start because they was threw out on the "FLOOR" with very LITTLE training. So which complaint should I SCREAM MY LUNGS OUT ABOUT, well it all depends on where they start when they say "Thank you for calling ELAVON, my name is..., how may i screw you???????

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  • Ji
      Aug 12, 2011

    Elevon seems to not be interested in the least bit about their customer service. I cancelled my bank account to curb further overdraft fees on my merchant service(in excess of 8o0.oo) account. Then they unleashed the dogs. Shady outfit from Florida known as AGI. Called my phone 30 times in one day.(all over 155.00 in unpaid fees). I believe they are uptight because I beat them to the punch. I have records of 10 different area codes supposedly around the country. I am investigating as you read this. They remind me(AGI) of saul goodman(loser hack attorney) from the hit AMC show Breaking Bad. What has our country come to. This is not a TV show, this is MY reality. Hopeless in Oregon

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  • Vi
      May 05, 2012

    I have been a Costco/Elavon customer for a number of years. They USED to provide excellent customer service and I would often recommend businesses contact Costco for credit card processing. But NO LONGER. Lately if you have a terminal problem, you can expect to wait an hour and a half to speak to a rep. They obviously do not staff adequately. My verifone equipment required an upgrade to accept international cards. The rep had me delete all the programming of my machine and then couldn't download the updated programming. Apparently, I wasn't hooked up to an analog phone line, but their rep did not verify the requirements before deleting my programming and leaving me with a dead machine. I was told I could pay $150 get an older model used machine and then send them my new model in exchange. Think twice about going through Costco if you need to rely on credit sales. If you ever need immediate assistance, YOU WILL NOT GET IT.

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  • Hi
      Jul 06, 2013

    I had a customers debit slip (810.70) come back approved..but did not see the funds deposited the next day so I phoned in. Here is where they get shady. They say they didn't have the transaction so I should fax them a copy.. I did.. attention Sandy
    Waited again, phoned back and they said it takes 7-10 days. Waited two weeks, phoned in and they needed a copy of the slip again. Did it.. waited the 10 days and still no money. Phoned in and was told to send a copy to a supervisor so they could "rush" it. 10 days more and still nothing. Fast forward a few more times, a few more promises and I wound up today.. on hold for an hour only to be told by a supervisor that I needed to get the customer back in to rerun his card because so much time had passed that the funds had been returned back to him. NOT MY PROBLEM! Terrible customer service..great equipement but what good is that if they don't give you your money.

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