Edward Joneselectronic access to account information

A Mar 08, 2017

After 25+ years of investment partnership with Edward Jones, I closed my remaining accounts in January 2017. I had received the 2016 1099s - one of which had incomplete figures. I was to "check" weekly for those complete figures which would be "finalized" by March 15, 2017 if not prior to that date.

I have (HAD) on line access to my Edward Jones accounts until - with no prior warning - on March 7, 2017 could no longer access the information on line as my account(s) had been closed.

This means I cannot electronically bring over the 2016 figures to complete my 2016 taxes.

In this age of electronically obtaining information, it is mind boggling to me that Edward Jones would not allow the access to account tax information at the very least until after April 15th!!! When I talked to "customer service" (hahahahaha) the response was "too bad, so sad"!

I have warned the members of my family and at least 2 of my friends (who have EJ investment accounts) of this situation.

Stupid is as stupid does.

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