eCop! Police Supplysmith and wesson 3001520 victory magazines

Ordered ""Pair of above items 1/15/2017---recvd (1) one 1/22/2017----waited week then mailed for info---told only 1 was incorrect---have printed out (9) pages of eBay ad----told they changed their deals and that ended it---asked for resolution and told to return item---asked for free mailer as problem was on their end---told they no longer mad exchanges, etc, and only Credit to my account---would never do business again so Credit is worthless to me--notified PayPal, Discover Card and ebay of problems---ebay is worthless today as they do their best to make complaints as difficult as possible, especially for a 94 yr old senior as I am---I refuse to pay for what appears to be a scam as referred to 2 different people after I pressed 'their fault' as I see the entire transaction and customer service??

Feb 04, 2017

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