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Stay was horrible. After we checked in we went up the room to check it out. There were outlets hanging out of the wall, the handles for the drawers were broken off, the window in the bathroom was off track. Ok, no biggie for JUST one night. We went about our business and did what we had to do and came back later on. We then went to use the pool. The pool was SO COLD that my 9 yr old would not even get in. But they say it is regulated to inspection and passed. We went back upstairs to our room to find sugar ants in the bathroom. They were coming out a small hole behind a garbage can.
The next morning we spoke to the front desk and voiced our complaints. We were pretty much brushed off. I then sent a letter to the General Manager. And their response was that the ants were our fault due to them finding dog food in the room. Well duh, I did pay for a pet. But those ants were no where near the dog food and they were found before us even feeding our dog.
Basically the letter stated that they appreciated our concerns and that the issues were being looked into but as for the ants, that was our own doing!!!


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      Oct 13, 2008

    Night shift rep "Raj" very rude and unprofessional. Always`seems very tired and depressed .seems like he is very angry at the whole world.
    I have stayed at this motel several times but never had a good experience, Infact he littarary yelled at me on top of his voice because I repeated my question for the second time about their plumbing problem verses room availability.With this PERSON "Raj" I have filed complaints couples of times but seems like the management is "in love" with this employee.
    Though the owners seem to be very nice people and very professional, I'm puzzled to see nothing has been done against this employee.
    On the contrarary, the employee who handles the day shift "Issac" is very professional and looks like very responsible individual.I have never heard him call me with my first name but "MAAM" verses this "Raj" guy, I have always heard him call me by my first name only. --This is just an example of one's professional attitude.
    I really want my voice heard by ECONO LODGE franchise head quaters and something must be done to protect the reputation of your franchise.This is not just one person's voice but --------
    (the word of mouth is stronger than a single ad)

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      Oct 31, 2012

    While Traveling From Farmville, VA to Camp Lejeune, NC I had car issues, I had my sister who had just had surgery the day before and my 2 year old Granddaughter. The issue with the car was more than the mechanic could fix that day so we had to stay overnight at an Econo Lodge because it was the only hotel in the area. This was in Henderson, NC. The staff was not friendly and there was only one person on at a time. The room was nasty there was newspaper on the floor under the AC because it was leaking the light fixtures and any flat surface had cobwebs and dust all over them, the paint was chipping and scratched all over, words etched in the closet doors, Carpet was filthy and there were broken TV's on the sidewalk outside the rooms. The parking lot looked like the hotel was deserted and there was trash everywhere in the parking lot. the outside of the building needed to be cleaned or repainted and any landscaping needed to cleaned up. When we went to get our "free continental breakfast" at 8:30 we had to ask for coffee to be made and then he only made enough for one cup and acted like I was asking for the world. This was a bad situation for us already and was made worse by this experience. I will never use this facility again and will never recommend Econo Lodge to anyone. After sending my complaint in the corporate office never even contacted me, that leaves me to believe they don't care how they are represented.

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      Aug 23, 2013

    Reserved two rooms at OC ocean block. Will never return, place was a dump and nothing but problems. Ruined our vacation Stay . First night had to move to another room because water was pouring in our bathroom ceiling. Put us in the room above the outdoor bar .If you enjoy listing to irate loud drunks we had a great time. Thanks for nothing

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      Sep 14, 2015

    It has been a long time since we stayed overnight in the Econolodge Kelso. But the horror we had to experience there is still in our minds.
    I wrote about this stay in Tripadvisor and I wrote a long letter of complaint to the "so-called" management of this motel chain. But nothing happened!
    No answer of Econolodge, no showing of regret, just NO answer.
    we stayed in this motel in October 2010, so I am sure that nothing has improved since that time.Very dirty, filthy rooms, extremely low-levelled "guests" ( yelling, drinking, stinking, smoking and and...) Our night was totally spoiled.We left very early in the morning, because we could not get any sleep or rest.
    We payed money...what for?
    Never ever again a stay in a econolodge motel!!!

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