Ecmcstudent loan we never took out

This is now the third year of harrassment, for a student loan by someone with the same name as my husband. Last year it was harrassment from sallie mae. Now this company is doing the same thing. How do we finally stop all of this? They are rude, have called us liars, threatened to garnish our wages, intercept our tax return, etc. We did not take out any student loans. My husband is 60 years old and none of our children have any student loans. We don't know why this keeps happening! Help! Last year, after many, many phone calls, he was finally able to talk to someone who would give him the last 4 digits of the ss they had on file. It wasn't his! No apology, nothing. But the letters and phone calls stopped for several months. Now, this company is pulling the same crap!

Jan 21, 2015

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