East Coast TVsprice changes, shipping charges

J Review updated:

TV was ordered at discounted price including free shipping. Paid extra for expedited shipping that promised delivery within 1 week. Ten days later, after numerous phone calls, the TV showed up at a totally different time than scheduled.
The extra paid for "expedited" shipping was on the invoice, and the price was list, without discount. The extended warranty that was on special when ordered also reverted to the list price.
In spite of all of the delivery hassles, my order cost $204 it should.
This company will not give copies of any invoice. I had to copy the one that the delivery person had to even get a breakdown of the charges.


  • This review is a fake because many inconstancies

    1 we don’t currently ship to Harrisburg PA please look at our shipping area map on our website. (we will be expanding our shipping region soon)

    2 If there was a price discrepancy why did the customer pay for the product when the TV got to his door if their was a price discrepancy . our method of payment is pay upon delivery. the safest way to buy online

    3. the customer always gets a copy of their order in their email.

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      Dec 10, 2010

    The company is without doubt the cheapest you will find especially since tax is avoided out of NJ. Unfortunatly their so called white glove service is a sham. The setup and disposal of cardboard is a joke since there is only one person delivering the equiptment and unless someone is there to help him no way can he pull it off . Boxes arrive at different times so unless timing is very important to you use someone else. But you will not find better prices. Also, like all companies they will try to sell you all kinds of extended warrenties.

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