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East Coast TVs / Lies, takes advantage of older people and fraudulently charges your card for more than what is billed!

1 Linden, NJ, United States
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My mom was wanting a new televisions and she especially wanted one of the new 4K models. She also wanted a Samsung. So, being the dutiful son I am, I researched the model and looked for the best price online. I searched Google Shopping and found the model and the varying prices the stores had. I saw East Coast TV's' price and it looked really good. They had good ratings, too!

So my mom ordered it. They even had a 2% back promotion! Nice! All as well and good...until the phone call.

The guy said that mom's card was declined. No big deal, it's happened inexplicably in the past. So, she says, I'll use another card. Great. While on the phone, the guy went to work on the upsell with her, and since she knows little about electronics, she bit it, hook like and sinker. He "upgraded" her to last year's model, added nearly sixty dollars in "insurance" and got "white glove" delivery out of her, even though that service does next to nothing.

Not knowing what happened, I had checked the account page on their website to see if things were kosher. I about gagged when I saw that $1500 television go to one just shy of $2000!!!

I instantly called mom and asked her what was up. She told me, and seeing it was last year's model, I told her to call customer service and cancel. No dice...they were closed.

Smelling a big rat, I told her to call her credit card company to see if they could stop payment. She did, and as if to add icing to the cake, they found that on top of the $2000 they charged, they added another $1000 on top of that! WTF? Needless to say, the person at the card company smelled that festering rat as well and since the charge was just pending, they stopped it from going any further. They also issued her a new number as added protection and assured her that they would get no money from her. Good deal.

So today I called them about it. I, in no uncertain terms, told them how I felt about them preying on a person who was mostly unaware about electronics and their shady and fraudulent addition of more money to the charge. The guy I put it nicely...was a major not nice guy. I mean, think of a not nice guy you know and triple it. That is the kind of person I am talking about here. I told him to cancel the order. He said nope, it was already shipped. I said you might as well, because we will refuse delivery and they'll be just getting it back. He says big deal. I further told him they were getting no money because the payment was stopped. He then lied and said they already got the money, so it would be our loss. He also said we'd be on the hook for sending it back. I said good luck getting money from us. He told me they already have our card information. You're SOL, I told him, because that number is no longer valid. We'll see, he said.

I hung up on him as he began to mock me. joke...he called me another three times in very quick succession, me hanging up each time.

I then told my mom to call the company of the original card to make sure that no charges would show there, either. They assured her that none would happen and they put a flag on the business.

I have since contacted the shipping company to stop the shipment in it's tracks. I wouldn't want the worker to have to come out, just for us to refuse the item. We'll see how that goes.

***TL/DR - Company took advantage of a person, fraudulently charged 50% more than the purchase price, card companies called to make sure no charges went through and a call to customer service resulted in talking to a major not nice guy who insulted me every way from Sunday.

Aug 6, 2015

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