DutyFreeDepotunethical behaviour

I placed an order with dutyfreedepot on 3/30/17.The order was 2-cartons of cigarettes.The order arrived within 3-weeks, and I was very satisfied.I placed another order on 3/30/17 and they have not shown up as of yet.I have e-mailed them twice and they do not reply back.I have called three different phone numbers that they supplied to me, and there is no answer at any of them.By them not replying back to me tells me that they are not on the up and up.Did I mention the order that is not showing up is only my second order that I have placed with them, and was larger than my first order.Hmmm seems fishy, does it not?I guess I am old enough to know better.My advice is to stay away from them.Hoping this review helps someone.

May 11, 2017

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