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We placed an order on Friday 21st March 14 for one window and a new front door from Dunraven Windows, who are a member of FENSA. The installation took place at the beginning of July 14.

Dunraven provided poor quality products and poor installation. I have attached a photographs detailing the following:-

1. The door panel silicone application around the small glazed panels.
2. Silicone used during installation bed under window frame.
3. State of the windows cleanliness when I arrived home.
4. Damage & marks made during installation.
5. Walls prior to installation.
6. Installation of the Tex screws used on the door frame
7. Door handle loose

The installers marked the frame of the windows and used a huge amount of silicone under the windows. The door they have used the wrong type of screws securing the frame and causing it to not be flat - apparently they should of used consort screws. Dunraven are due to return tomorrow 12 Sept 14 having phoned to notify us at 12:30 11 September 14. The door handle was loose and the screws have not been tighten to sit flush in the door frame. According to our second opinion this will cause the door to catch over time and crack.

This has been a terrible experience. I would not recommend Dunraven Windows.

Dunraven Windows, Doors
Dunraven Windows, Doors
Dunraven Windows, Doors
Dunraven Windows, Doors
Dunraven Windows, Doors

Sep 11, 2014
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  • Ga
      Jul 01, 2016

    We had windows with Dunraven Windows all was fine until a window fell over and got marked fair play to the fitters thay rang their boss and got a replacement window in under three hours we would have no hesitation recommending to any one thanks Dunraven mr and Mrs Thomas swindon

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  • Fr
      Jul 20, 2016

    We had a conservatory with Dunraven and has been a really bad experience, I'll try to copy my partners reply to them in another comment if the character limit allows it.

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  • Fr
      Jul 20, 2016


    A further two weeks have passed since a member of Dunraven contacted me regarding my ongoing concerns with the finish we have been left with. (Going on 3 months since I contacted initially) all that has been done is a soak away was amended whether it has actually resolved the issue is yet to be seen as its now summer. Other than that all that had been done is a few patio slabs were cemented very unevenly on top with the rest left in a complete mess. Yet another sales men has knocked on our door trying to sell us a conservatory! I was polite to him and didn't waste his time but in future I shall not be as accommodating. It amazes me the lack of communication at Dubraven, clearly the focus is only on selling and not after care or ensuring repeat customer selling. Whilst the last person I spoke to on the phone spoke with empathy and listened to my concerns nothing has obviously been followed up. She assured me a manager would be contacting me as soon as possible as now we also have an additional issue with a panel of glass on the roof being incorrect as its finish from the other side of the street is notably a different colour so neither matches or is what we ordered. However as the same panel was changed due to being incorrectly ordered at install I now question whether the entire roof is actually incorrect to what we ordered. To say we are disappointed with the care we have received from Dunraven is an understatement. It was bad enough realising the builders had been urinanting in our garden for over a week during install but all these following issues are too much to not feel like we have made a very large error from purchasing through Dunraven. My partner has now started proceedings with watch dog about the level of work and Mis-selling we have received. I am extremely frustrated that I have a garden which is a complete state when prior to any work being undertaken by Dunraven was in a good useable condition and a pleasure to look at and be in. The entire lawn will have to be dug up and re landscaped at our expense due to your poor level finish and after care. As for the state of the patio and gravel it's beyond how anyone would want their garden to look, it's not laid and the gravel had no border and just spills over into the hideous joke of a lawn. The bolts were adjusted so we can actually use be back gate now but it amazes me that a carpenter would use a bolt that would that in an outdoor gate.

    We purchased a conservatory to add value and space to our house and increase the benefits of our garden for outdoor use but all that has happened is our garden has been ruined and we are left with a lot of work and expense to resolve it ourselves. Its summer and we can't enjoy our garden at all not to mention it's a complete health risk for our son to even be out there. The constant water logging has now resolving in massive bald patches of mud and 3-4 inch deep cracks across the whole lawn now it's dried out. We have lived here now for nearly 4 years and our garden has never been such an eye sore and disappointment. My son has a severe bleeding disorder and can bleed internally spontaneously the risk of him playing in a garden with un-laid patio slabs he could easily fall and bump his head (which is immediate hospitalisation and a ct scan) and cracks in the lawn deep enough to break a leg is as safe as me letting him play on the M4. I don't want you to arrange another member of your team to come out to waste our time with another bodge attempt at resolving this. They are not given any direction as to what they need to do to resolve our concerns. They ask us what the problem is then say they can't do any of that as their manage won't let them! Pointless paying for their journey over the bridge in my opinion. It is clear our concerns are not being addressed by Dunraven. As a minimum I'd expect all my concerns to be addressed with a detailed confirmation of what you will or won't do for us as to see how any of this mess can possibly be resolved along with any attempts at Dunraven giving us any reason to ever use or recommend you again.
    I look forward to hearing from a senior member of your team as soon as possible.
    Sarah Weal

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  • Ri
      Oct 02, 2018

    @Frazer Barnett Did they get back to you ?

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  • Ri
      Oct 02, 2018

    We had dunraven around to quote for windows as 2 needed replacing but when the salesman came he talked my partner in to pricing for everything in a brown upvc exterior and a white upvc on the interior costing a little extra and it would definitely not be a vinyl on the exterior
    He would not take no for an answer so kept knocking the price down
    When my partner agreed he filled out the Financal forms Promised us they would treat the house with the upmost care and respect and they would only remove and refit one window at a time and cover the opening from the elements and we would only have to sign for the windows until we were 100% happy he then left the pack and left
    As we discovered later he did not supply a copy of the financial agreement
    On the day of the fitting
    A father and son team arrived unloaded the windows directly onto paving slabs and then proceeded the cut the old windows out to the point they were just chunks of plastic on the floor instead of covering up the opening they proceeded to rip the rest of the windows from the house whilst receiving phone calls have you not finished yet 2 hours in to a job consisting of 3 doors 1 patio doors and 6 sets of windows he then informed me that they would treat a council house totally differently they would treat it better and do the job as promised
    It was at this point vans started appearing from every direction filling up an already cramped house and a total of 7 fitters descended upon the house dragiging windows across walls floors even pebble dashing to say the fit and finish was far from acceptable there were old window sills left with jagged edges pertruding holes in bathroom wall panels and a glue substance in a new spa bath which ripped the gel coat off
    I had a wedding that evening so my parents said they would stay to get the keys and we could inspect the windows when we got home the following day
    This did not happen the fitters told my disabled mum they would not leave until they signed and being my mum is disabled the best option was for her to sign to get the keys back
    When we checked in the morning the list of damage is there was glue spilt in the bath damaging the gel coat and making it lift holes in the bathroom wall panelling and ceiling scratches on the sink covered with brown silicone to hide them dents in walls brown silicone on the interior walls scratched leather sofa damaged laminate flooring in 3 rooms the brown upvc was ripped the reveal white upvc underneath window sills not level silicone covering the patio gaps in the door frames that a 7mm Allen key would fit in old sills broken off and jagged edges left and the list goes on
    We had the MD visit turned up in a track suit and admitted they caused the damage and they would make sure it was put right well the costs worked out to in excess of £9000 he offered £1500 plus a used us of causeing the damage on the second visit

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