Dunia Finance / agents

United Arab Emirates

I am writing this letter regarding the loans and credit cards from dunia finance.
I understand that I have late payments for 2moths when I went for vacation and I send a email to them that on on vacation. I agreed with the agent to pay monthly to recover the payment I missed. I asked them to reconstruct my credits card payment and convert it to monthly installments to help me finished all my dues but unfortunately the agent told meto settle first all my pending payments then they will reconstruct.
The reason I am asking them to convert because it is getting difficult to pay off all my dues as the interest is very high.
On top of that the agents are harassing me everyday by calling constantly regardless of the time. They were even calling my workplace and saying that they are from dunia. They even went personally in my stores and were asking for me and they want to talk to my managers. They even threatened me to bring the police if I do not produce the money on the spot. Even if I owe money I believe that they cant harass me and divulge my loan details.
I have no intention of running away my loan and I acknowledge that I have to pay whatever I owe from them but putting my job in jeopardly will not help me to pay it.

Aug 15, 2016

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