Dubai Duty Freeliquor & chocolates

On 24th novemeber 2018 my parents where departing from dubai to mumbai by IX248 flight and it been came to know that they had purchased 2 litre liqour from dubai duty free and duty immigration some staffs of airport didnt allowed them to carry which is been come to know that 2 litre can be carried by single person..
people coming to enjoy and buying from duty free is absolutely free not weight required for buying liqour..
im attaching bill copy also.. of purchased liqour..
they said your excessing weight or esle pay 300 aed.. for what 300 aed ?
they were infomed that go back return bottle but got refund of only value added tax.. rest was waste..
which comes to know that internal cheats is been happened..
im expecting refund of rest amount also for which my parents paid...
dubai has lots of rules.. but all over international aiport i dont think for duty free rules are different...
please clear all issues and expecting refund for exclusive of vat also...
even chocaltes where also been told to put in dustbin why?
solid items cant be return also ?

Dubai Duty Free

Nov 25, 2018

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