Dubai Driving Centerdriving lessons

I have recently started driving lessons here, but feel that I've been completely mislead. I was told that they don't do driving lessons past 5.30pm but their website says they do lessons from 8pm - 10pm. I've also been told it would cost extra to do shift training but their website says the overall cost is the same as regular training.

I feel that as a woman who works, I've been penalised. I cannot do lessons on a Friday as there are no female instructors, I've been lied to about night time lessons and there has been no flexibility in class schedules.

None of their staff seem to know what they are doing either and keep changing their answers. Plus, it's impossible to get hold of their head office. I feel so disappointed with the treatment I've received from this school that I'm thinking of switching schools.

Nov 29, 2018

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