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Drive / Bad Service/Scam artists!

1 Conshohocken, PA, United States Review updated:

My husband and I have been unfortunately dealing with this company for over a year now. We have been incompletely satisfied with their customer service, the vehicle, and their fraudulent mishandling since the moment we left that lot. My husband and I are very young, in our mid-twenties. We needed a vehicle to get around in, and unfortunately I had bad credit and my husband had no credit. Someone told us about Drive Here, and I decided to give it a shot. Initially, we were very excited. It was our first vehicle, and we chose it on the lot. That's where are the lies began. The sales team were extremely rude, unhelpful, and barely spoke a work of English. Because we were in such a desperate need of a vehicle, we figured they were just having a bad day, and we were going to go ahead with the plan. Before we even sat down to sign the papers they lied and told us that we only had to pay $500 down, but somehow they got us to spend $1000 instead. The sales rep Ray also lied to us and stated that we were leasing the car, not financing it as well. He told us that we could return the car in ten months once our credit was repaired, and we were free to go anywhere else with our better credit to get a vehicle. My husband and I loved the idea, and went along with it because we really wanted a newer car eventually. Ray stated that they weren't a "car dealership", that they were a credit restoration company selling cars to "help us out". We found out ten months later that was an outright LIE. Of course, they made us feel like we "heard them wrong", but Steve the VP told us that they are a "lease-to-own" company, and the only way that we can get rid of this truck is to trade it in and get ANOTHER vehicle that they are selling, or BUY OUT. I was shocked, hurt, and felt used. Anyway, when we left the lot we were ecstatic. The truck wasn't in tip top shape, but we figured we would bite the bullet and deal with it until we got more on our feet. Days later we found out that the heater/air conditioner and the radio did not work. We did not initially check this stuff because it was in the summer and we just wanted to make sure the car ran properly. We let those issues go. My husband and I opted to have direct payments withdrawn every week. That was immediately a bad idea. First off, they do not take the money out on a designated day. Some days they take it out on a Friday, some days they take it out on a Monday, and other days they'll take it out on a Tuesday. There were weeks where they even skipped a week, and decided to take two weeks of payments out instead! I could not BELIEVE it! I had to constantly track my bank statement to make sure that they did not overdraw me. I have spoken to them many of times about their professionalism issues and the fact that they were taking the money whenever they felt like it. There were times where they hounded me to make a payment, and I would have to continuously tell them that I was on AUTOMATIC PAYMENT, and that they should be grabbing the payments, not me having to deal with it. There were other times where they actually DID overdraw our account and we had to take care of those problems. As the months progressed, my husband and I barely drove the truck. In a year span of time, we might have only driven a little over 3000 miles on it, and the truck was having a ton of issues. A tire rod issue, the engine went, and other major issues as well. In July 2010, my husband and I were nearly in an accident when the truck just stopped working in the middle of the highway. We immediately called Drive Here. I had to fight with them to come pick it up off the highway without charging us. I also demanded that they fix the truck and not charge us for the truck until it was fixed since we should not have been having those issues with a truck that we barely drove 3000 miles on. They reluctantly agreed, surprisingly. Well...They had the car for over two weeks. After many problems, the time my husband and I had to take off from work to go there time and time again, and the hassle...We thought the truck would would work. WRONG. The truck is sitting in front of our house because now the alternator and other stuff is not working. We are completely dumbfounded in how this truck is a complete junker, and how this company keeps on getting away with thieving their customers. We have never missed a payment, and always pay on time. Today, I went online to my bank statement and saw that Drive here took out $119.00 instead of their usual $115.00. I called them and spoke with Ray at extension 134 to see why they took more money out. He told me that on July 28th, 2010 there was no payment listed on the account, so they just took money from my account without calling or authorizing it with me first! Are they able to do that? I told them that Steve authorized that when the truck was not working and they were fixing it, that they would cover two weeks worth of payments. The truck went in on July 21st and we did not get it back until August. I tried telling Ray this, but all he did was threaten to hang out on me, and that Steve would have to call me back. This scenario should have been DOCUMENTED months ago. Why are they NOW taking money out of my account unauthorized for a payment that should have been "taken out" at that time? Once again, I am on automatic bill pay, so this is not my fault. I have had so many other issues with this company, but I do not have all day to list them all. With all of their lies, deceit, and promises for fixes and never getting them, I have had enough. I have gone through a great amount of emotional trauma from these people, and I have seen that they have put many people through the same heart break as well. Something needs to be done with this immediately, as they are scamming thousands of people. I have proof from my bank statements of all of their mishandling, etc. I have access to phone records or all the time that I have spent on the phone with them dealing with all of these problems, and I have the testimony of various people who have dealt with the same problems.

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  • Ho
      25th of Jan, 2011
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    In new york they had a similar scam. Cars where marked at 75$ - $200 down. But once you went to do the paper work you found out that the $75 - $100 down was the weekly payments for a old high milege cars. Then they would hit you with a 12% intest rate on the car. I have a new vehicle and I was just very curious about "" As soon as the video of the ads-man showed up in the right hand corner of my computer I knew it was a scam. He looked shifty. Also I clicked on a 1998 Buick vehicle and it showed a 0 milege and no picture. They lure you in and take your cash. I agree with the complaint. Don't purchase from these people they will take you for a ride. Buy what you need and can afford. Don't buy what they try to sell you! Too many dealers out there with legal businesses to stop at one.

  • Il
      9th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    I have the same problem with them before they moved to this new location. I want to start a class action lawsuit against this company because they are robbing us bind and screwing up our credit in the process. I am going to talk to my lawyers and find out if we have a case. If we do, then everybody needs to come together and testify against these crooks. All that have a ligitimate complaint can contact me at: [protected]

  • Cm
      23rd of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    I have good info about the illegal things they do!!! So if anyone want to start lawsuit .[protected] I have proof.

  • Bl
      15th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    Hello, My name is Bless. I to ha been [censored]ed over by drive here. I want to shut them down. If there is enough people we can bring the news and have them blasted. If you want to help please contact me. I posted my response to about what they did to me. please contact me if you want to help. [protected] please get at me.

  • Tj
      7th of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    Drive screwed me over too. I got a car from these scammers on July 2010. I said to myself DRIVEHERE it should be called DRIVE WHERE. I seen a 2001 Buick Century loved the car. It had the ABS/Traction light on. I told Enrique about. He told me not
    a problem I will have it fixed before pick up. Right there I should left it alone. Being in need of a car. They got me good. When I came to pick up the car it still had these lights on. That should been a red light. I told him I don't feel safe. I told him that I'm returning the car. He told be I can't take the car back. These people gave me such a run around to resolve the problem. As today no one ever called me or made an attempt to see if they could help. I agree totally don't be fooled by these places that say BUY HERE PAY HERE. Keep it moving. Use your money to go to a "REAL DEALERSHIP". I am definitely down to sign, protest or start some ### to put there scammers out of business. Let me know. [protected]

  • Ka
      12th of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes

    You guys need to keep this going. i have also fallen victim to their poor customer service and definetly feel emotional stress caused by this so called company. I GOT A NOTE FOR MISSING TWO PAYMENTS ON MY CAR @ MY PLACE OF WORK!!! Thats a violation under the Fair Debt Collections Act. So, I suggest you address the BBB or The Attorney General ASAP!!! I love the FOX29 idea too. Dont be surprised if you see ME on the news very soon. We need everyone to come together to STOP THEM IMMEDIATLY! email is [protected]

  • An
      31st of Oct, 2013
    0 Votes

    I just sent a letter to the attorney general about the scam and how they lie about the early termination. According to my contract, I can terminate my contract for a "fee". Found out that the "fee" is the remaining balance of the vehicle! Why would there be a termination fee of $10, 000 just to return the vehicle? Doesn't make sense and tricks people. I am looking into attorneys at the moment.

    I can be contacted at [protected]

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