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Drive Financial / Harassment

1 Dallas, TX, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 214-237-3516

This company calls my home and I work out of town during the week, so they get an answering service. What do they do??? They search for anyone that live within 5 miles of me with the last name and calls and harasses them!!! They have been calling this old lady ten time a day, harassing the heck out her! Can you believe that? We share the last name, but are in no way related. So she sends her daughter to me mothers to find out if it is me that they are calling about. All because I am a week late in paying!!!

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      19th of Aug, 2008
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    Are you crazy???...Listen to me and listen to me carefully...Do not think that because you are a week late that they do not have the right to call you...GUESS WHAT, THEY DO!!!YOU SIGNED A CONTRACT AGREEING THAT A PAYMENT WILL BE MADE MONTHLY ON A PARTICULAR DATE...If the payment is not made...EXPECT to receive calls...And you know what, this means, you are actually receiving the messages and refusing to return the calls...By the way, the only way they can call the old lady is if YOU gaved them her number, which means, you gaved permission for them to call her if they couldn't reach you...HELLO??!!...She is a reference...RETURN THE CALLS AND SHE WOULDN'T RECEIVE ANY MORE, UNTIL THEN, THE COLLECTIONS CALLS WILL CONTUNUE!!! DEAL WITH IT!!!

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      25th of Aug, 2008
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    I agree that these people are a complete harassment!! Someone gave me as a reference. I haven't seen this person in over a year and have told these people over and over again that I do not know where he is and to please stop calling. But they keep on calling.

    Now for the other person. He may not have gave the Old lady up the street as a reference. They could be skiptracing trying to find him and just calling people on his street. That is what I use to do for the credit bureau when I needed to find someone.

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      19th of Sep, 2008
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    When we purchased the car we were not expecting to pay such a high note. and over the last and a half it has gotten harder. But we were told that we could not refinance. We wanted to lower the payments, in order to make it easier to make the jpayments. But of course no help from them. I receive a number of phone calls at my job and I am telling them that the primary driver of the truck is my husband and that I would make sure that he gets the messages. They still continue to call me at my job at least two too three times a day. I don't know about you, but that can cause anyone to lose their job. They also, are calling people that I listed on my references when I filled out the paper work to purchase the truck. They are calling them and asking them if they can make the payment for us. This is a problem If I had Known that they were going to be calling my references I would have never given this information to them. Embarrassed!

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      2nd of Sep, 2009
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    I understand your frustrations, I've purchased a car from a local dealership in Georgia. Now I was laid off in October 08 and still made my payments but not on time. I actually had skipped a month. To make a long story short I had a call from their rep in May and they offered to put that payment on the backend of my loan as long as I agreed to change my pay date from the 25th to the 23rd. Which I agreed due to the fact that I get paid on the 15th that would put me back in good standing with payments on time. Well I've been making my payments as told on the 15th but I started getting calls back to back on a daily basis after the 23rd. I finally answered the call and they wanted to know when I would be making a payment to bring my account up to date. I was confused because it's August and you're telling me that I'm one payment behind with also the 23rd payment due. The young lady I was speaking to that day stated that the rep didn't make that change in the system, and she's not sure why he offered that kinda of a deal. Well needless to say the offer he made was not something they do so even when I make the payment on the 15th, when the 23rd roles around it starts to accumulate late days. All of the conversation with the rep was recorded (apparently). Is there any type of recourse that can be taken, due to the negligence on their fault for not upholding their end of the contract. Now I still get calls daily and everytime they call I have to explain to them the same thing I just told the other rep, and I question them about reading my comments that they have to place on my account and the answer to this is when you become due you will receive calls from us until it's paid so imagine my phone log from them from the 23rd of the month to the 15th of the next month. It's truly harassment and if anyone has any suggestions on how to handle this please reply. Thanks REAL GA PEACH...

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      8th of Dec, 2011
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    This is Santander that is calling. There is a class action lawsuit against them for many reasons. To join the suit, visit The lawsuit has been filed by a highly reputable law firm in Birmingham, AL. If they are calling you repeatedly, calling your family and friends, or have increased the balance of your loan, you are eligible to join this class action lawsuit. They cannot harass you and there is federal action you can take to make them stop.

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