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Drive FinancialRipped off

My son has a car financed threw drive financial, he is in the military, went over sea's to iraq for 1 1/2 years. Drive financial is trying to repo his car, he has called them to catch up on the payment's, but they refuse to take his money. say they can't, that they have charged the account off. I am his mother whom name is also on the contract, they are very rude will not let you speak keep cutting you off, then proceed to push a phone key while you are trying to speak, all you here is the beep of the phone. We never recieved any notice of reposesion, any notification of any sorts. This is a very rude company. I would think If someone is willing to pay and get caught up, you would work with them, but instead this company would try to ruin someone then help them, this is not the american way, times are tough for all. They want to go threw all the legal's and try to get more, but won't settle for getting the vehicle caught up and finish paying for it. I WOULD NOT RECOMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE, I AM GOING TO THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREUR ON DRIVE FINANCIAL.

Drive FinancialWill tell everyone I know not to do business with this company

I called on 12/03/09 and spoke with a representative and his attitude was terrible, he couldn’t answer my question when asked to speak to his manager he got worst and ask me why. Then she came on the phone I told her how he was acting, she got quite then said ok, what you need so I understand why he act the way he did management aren’t no better.

Will tell everyone I know not to do business with this company and I am went today to get my car refinance at my credit union, never again.

Drive FinancialBiggest Scam and Rip-Off

I read these complaints last evening after learning the dealership I went to was trying to work a deal with Drive Financial, now Santendar for my auto loan.

I went into the dealership on Monday and offered 2500.00 down on a car that cost 16K. They wrote me up an offer/terms and estimated payment range and told me that would have an answer for me on Tuesday.

Yesterday I got a call from finance manager that they were still working with a credit person at Drive Financial and hoped to have an answer today as to the terms of the loan so I can drive the car home.

Got a call today (Wednesday) from finance manager, asking me to come to dealership today and I should be good to go. "Should" was the key word.

I went to dealership, had to meet with the owner, of whom told me that 1. I got approved through Drive Financial and 2. the approval is with an extra 3800.00 acquisition fee. That means that I needed...guess what... a bigger down payment, close to four grand total. My payment was also 175.00 HIGHER than what finance manager quoted me. I told the owner that I was absolutely not putting another penny down.

Then, I left~! With no intention to purchase regardless of what the owner tried to sweet talk me into (i.e. I'll call you tomorrow after I try to work on Drive Financial and their rate).

I also think the Car Dealership is sketchy!

Does this 3800 actually go to Drive Financial OR the dealer directly? I wonder, really.

Drive FinancialTook me off Auto Play

I recently set up an auto pay option with Drive Financial.

I noticed that the money was not coming out of my bank account, I called for three days after, to question the reason why no money was taken out of my account, I was told by three different reps that the loan was paid for the month, even the auto line reflected a payment received.

In the meantime other bills were deducted from my account, I called Drive Financial on the 20th (my payment was due on the 17th) and advised that I was paying with a visa card, and explained the situation. Now this month again it is two days later i call, and explain what happened last month, first the rep reads off three different payments that were made for last month? Puts me on hold, then explains that they went into my account last month and the account could not be found. And that they took me off auto pay! However they had always accepted my payments from the same bank account months before via check?!?! I was told that i was taken off the auto pay for "awhile:, the rep advised that i may make a payment with my debit card with a $12.95 fee (oh wait isn't that the same card linked to my account?!!!) or send in a check. Well I am sending in a check for my payment to avoid the payment fee. Really a fee for paying my bill? I advised the rep that i would not want to be hearing from a collector as all this is on record and I will be making my payment...the kicker...she said the calls will not stop until they get my payment. My payment was due on the 17th and today is the 19th...really? I can not wait until my credit is in better standing and i can go with a reputable lender!

Resolved Drive FinancialRip off

Drive Financial repoed my car even though I was sending a payment in every month, being laid off and struggling to pay living expenses as well. I was constantly harassed by phone calls.Drive Financial has a truly bad reputation according to the tow truck driver that picked up my car. I will never have any business with Drive Financial in the future by my choice not their choice. I will tell everyone I know never to finance with Drive Financial. They have a terrible customer service policy and claim to not have a hardsip department. Poor Drive Financial Ha!

  • Valerie Oct 05, 2008

    My husband has taken a hit like everyone else in the mortgage business, & was recently forced to close his own small company. Yes we had gotten behind on our Tahoe, which has been moved to Drive Financial, but had just agreed on some arrangements, AND just made a payment! They came that very day & took our Tahoe. Apparently, after speaking with someone there, it was a mistake & they wouldn't charge us the redemption fee. Gee, thanks! Meanwhile, we went all weekend without my car, & then we had to go Monday (quite a long way) to go pick up. It wasn't returned to us. I really meant to do something legally to them, or see what I could do, but things have been crazy, so I'm just trying to work 24/7 to keep a float. So, let this be a warning. If in Texas, keep your car in your garage!! I know in TX I've read that they can't get it out of your garage, it must be a 'peacefun repo'... if there is such a thing! Even if you're up to date on payments, Drive Financial is known to make mistakes such as the above mentioned, & then just say, 'Oops... sorry!'. They need to be out of business.

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  • Br
    Brandon Roper May 10, 2009

    I agree with their complaint because I to have a car with Drive Financial and I feel like I'm being ripped off everytime that time of the month roll around for me to pay my car payment. I have been paying on my car 3yrs come June, and it has been a real struggle. I'm currently on a 22 percent intrest rate, and that has made it almost impossible for me to refinance or pay extra so I can try and get it paid for. It is one thing in paticular that makes me think this company is completely a rip off. Month before last they started this late fee thing that one day past due its an automatic round about late fee of $44.00, and thats just outrageus to me for anybody exspecially me with a $500.00 dollar a month car payment. My name is Brandon Roper im on a drive financial account with Tiffany Williams

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  • Co
    Collector04 Jun 04, 2010

    All these people [censor]ing about the way they are treated or the company is a scam or they will never use this company again are F'N losers! 1st of all they had no choice but to use this company due to its a a second chance lending institution meaning all thses [censor]ers had bad credit from not paying on other things. If people would stop living above there means this crap wouldnt happen!!! NO ONE MAKES YOU BUY A CAR YOU DON'T WANT! Tired of hearing that! You make your own choices your not monkeys or are you? Pay you stupid bills and get over it! If they pick up your car it means your at least 3 to 4 payments behind! Stop [censor]ing! You can't afford it and its not your vehicle its the bank and your paying them for it! If you have 7 to 10 grand buy it yourself but GOD all of you quit the [censor] and saying you want in on a class action law suit to get money, Becuase you don't friggin have any to pay your bills!! Bunch of wack out losers!!

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Resolved Drive FinancialBalance Owed

I purchased a car in 2005 through Drive. It was wrecked and totalled in 2007. I only had about 13 payments left. Drive was paid in full for this car from my insurance company. I got a call a few days ago saying that I still owed on this car and that Drive had sold my account to this company for collection. I have the papers to prove the car was paid in full. So how can Drive get away with this? Any suggestions? I am open to them... I have sent sopies of my pay off to the collection sompany but they say they only go by what Drive has sent them. I will be contacting Drive as well, believe me!!

  • No
    NorthRiverboy Mar 04, 2010

    I finaced a car through them in June 2008 and it was totalled in Sept 2008. My insurance co paid most of the balance but I had GAP insurnace and it was supposed to pay the balance of $7000. Since I heard nothing form Drive, I assumed the account was paid and closed. About a month ago, I discovered through my credit report that the charged off my account as owing them over $9000 which was literally impossible. Also still shows a year of missed payments even after they received the insurance checks. It tutrns out that GAP insurance paid all but $1045 of the $7000 difference. I called them and they will not speak to me. They ruined my credit and I am in the process of trying to get it fixed. Since I do owe the $1045, I am currently paying it w their collection c. (RGS) but the $9000 charge off is so wrong I lose sleep over it. You have to write a letter to Marea Ragas, Director of Credit Bureau Reporting to get anything on oyur report that may be screwed up by them. This is a horrible company

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Resolved Drive FinancialHarassing phone calls

I am a business owner with a nationally known insurance company. My office has been receiving harassing phone calls from Drive Financial, we have explained to the collector that the person they are looking for does/has not ever worked in my office. We continue to receive harrassing phone calls weekly. We answer the phone and get hung up on, they call repeatedly within a few minutes. We have gotten to the point when their name comes up on our caller ID we do not even answer the phone. What part of we do not want you calling our office any more is Drive Financial not getting.

  • Dd
    ddkjc Jan 11, 2010

    They are doing the same thing to our family. They are calling and asking for my father and saying it is about his durango which we never owned. Well, we know he has a cousin with the same name as him in Ohio or something that has bad credit and we have gotten calls before about it but any other time the people are very nice, but not Drive Financial. They won't give up.

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  • 02
    02 pammy Aug 26, 2009

    I have same problem with drive even if i am late they charges $ 35 dollars a day for lees,

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Resolved Drive FinancialCar Loan

drive Financial has been racking up on interest payments. I made payments for 1 & 1/2 years & I haven't even made a dent on the loan I still owe the same amout that I had a year & half ago. they have refused to refinance & i had no idea that if I'm late with a payment (which i was told that i wasn't) they are charging me $6 per day including weekends. I was told before I took out the loan that after 6mo they would lower my interest payment of 22%. I then found out they NEVER refinance. If I had of know that I would have never agreeed to this loan. They are getting 22% interest & late fees'
I also found out that this bank is not located in Texas & it is located in London England so I gues that's how they can get away with this scam. I hope someone can look into this company. They are ripping off Americans!!!

  • Ja
    jackie m. Apr 01, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I think Drive Financial and Watson Motorsport are owned by the same company. I financed my 2002 ford taurus through them back in 2002. My car was around 8, 000 and by the time I finish paying my loand I would be out of almost double. Highway robbery. I requested a payment payoff out of curiosity, and it really didn't make much difference. Now I am trying to get something new but unfortunately it is giving my problems and i can't drive it to a dealer. At this point it isn't worth anything and it's hard to get financed with an excess of 5, 000 in negative equity. Does anyone have a solution to get out of a bad deal?

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  • Un
    Unhappy in GA Jun 18, 2009

    This IS the absolute worst company I've ever dealt with. I, like many others, have myself in a financial bind because of the economy and had to file bankruptcy. During my BK they received payments but did not apply them to my loan correctly. After my BK was dismissed, I never received any statements from them. I sent them money and they sent it back saying I was in BK and couldn't take my payment??? After 30 days, they had my car repossed for non payment and charged me for months they were already paid. it cost me $2500 to get my car back and I only owed them $385. I guess they don't need any help from the stimulous package because they are collecting more than enough money from their unhappy customers. Oh and by the way, my BK has been dismissed since February and here we are in June and I still can't get a statement from them.

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  • Tn
    tnt72 Jun 18, 2009

    Im in a Chapter 13 and my car loan is paid off and they still won't send me my title. So i spoke to my Trustee and they said they will not give me my title until im fully out of my BK. So now i sent a email to the Attorney General office and come to find out that they have a lot of bad letters about Drive Financial.

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  • Ja
    jaedyn Aug 23, 2009

    I have to agree with 110% of the complaints that I have read above. This company could put someone in the hospital god forbid if they don't change their business practices. It is sad that in this economy you have a company that is allowed to harrass the way they do. I understand that they need their money but after all they are taking advantage of people with substandard credit. It is almost like being a criminal to own a new car! Kind of takes the fun out of owning a new car. Is this what our world has come to? How about a class action lawsuit, afterall the government can shut down large banks, what the hell? Can anyone with law experience help?

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  • Sa
    Salse02 Oct 06, 2009

    I also agree 100%. I have been financed with this company for about 2 years. The car was originally $13, 000, I put a $3, 000 down payment. As I stated, I have been with them for 2 years now. My current payoff amount is $10, 000. I had asked them how much money goes towards the principal and how much goes towards the finance fee and no one could give me an answer. I will admit, I did have bad credit, mostly medical bills, amounting in about $6000.00. I was stuck with the highest interest rate possible and was also told by carmax that I would be able to refinance. Come to find out, Santander/Drive Financial does not do refinancing. My concern is that these past 2 years, I have done nothing but pay finance fees every month. I now want to trade in my car due to gas being so expensive but I'm behind the eight ball here. There has to be some type of assistance out there and some type of protocols that they have to follow. I just don't know where to start looking. So yes if someone would like to set up a class action lawsuit, I would be more than happy to join in preventing these people from ripping anyone else off.

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  • Na
    NATOSHA WATKINS Nov 18, 2010


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Resolved Drive FinancialOutrageous Interest Rates

Drive Financial has changed its name or been purchased by Santander Consumer USA.

I bought a vehicle from a local car dealer, a very reputable one - or so I thought, and they set up my loan through Drive Financial. The purchase price of the vehicle was approx. $18, 000. I've had this loan for 4 years, and already paid nearly $28, 800, and I still have TWO YEARS left on the loan, which will leave me paying over $43, 000 for a used $18, 000 vehicle!

Part of this is the interest rate and the length of the loan, and part of it is thier fees and penalties. Frankly, I'm to blame for not being a more sophisticated and careful buyer, but no one should be able to do business in this manner.

Does anyone know who I can report this to? I tried to negotiate myself with them, to come up with a fair settlement of the loan, offering them several thousand dollars, but they wouldn't even discuss it with me. At this point, I'd like to involved a consumer protection entity to try and help me out. They've already made plenty of money off of me, and I just can't afford to keep paying for this vehicle.

  • Im
    imsmarterthanyou Jul 30, 2009

    Your interest rate is high because you have bad credit. The dealership has nothing to do with your loan terms, they have no control over the bank. When you fill out an application for financing at a dealership, they send it out to all of the banks they obtain loans through. They have nothing to do with the underwriting of the loan. So yes, you are to blame for not educating yourself.

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  • Sa
    Salse02 Oct 06, 2009

    No one asked for your opinion "imsmarterthanyou"! They would just like some assistance in finding out who to report this too!

    Teri, I would get together with other people, such as myself, to see what kind of conclusion can be made of this. What's interesting is how the payment is being applied. For example, the percentage that is going towards the principle and the percentage that is going towards finance fees. I can't imagine that it would be legal for them to put 90% towards the finance fees first. If they are able to do this, this is guaranteeing they receive the entire fees first, which in turn puts you behind the eight ball if you turn it in as a trade. They are smart people, immoral, but smart.

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Resolved Drive FinancialTitle after payoff

I just wanted to complain about, 1 their lack of service, 2 their rudeness, and 3 since I have paid off my vehicle early I can no longer get in touch with them. When I call them now its Santaneer or something like that, they transfer me to an operator who doesn't answer the phone. I get a voicemail that says to leave a message or press "0" and they will transfer me to another operator, so I press "0" and this is what I get: "we are sorry but the number you are trying to dial does not exist or is no longer in service, please check your number and try again." click it hangs up. If there is a class action law suit or talk of one I would sure love to get in on it.

Drive FinancialOut smart this harassing Company

I thought, I would add to the long list of bad dealings with Drive Financial. I also fell behind in my payments due loss of work, having the company close down. I explained what happened, but was harassed non-stop with constant threats. After gaining temporary work, I paid them $500 every other week. The harassment didn't stop, even though I kept every promise I made to them. Even with this, they trying to repo the vehicle on the day before the arranged pay I was to pay. That's when I FINALLY got smart. I warned them, If you don't stop the under-handed harassment and practices, I would become their worst nightmare. Of course, they continued and in fact they got worse. So I decided to use their over-bloated egos against them. They think, the general public is un-educated to laws and they can bully us into anything they say. WRONG!!!
I decided to make a bad situation run in my favor, taking control. Yes, I now have a big black mark on my credit; but only for a limited time. I refuse to give them the vehicle, just because they say so. They would sell it for pennies and I would still be stuck with the balance without anything to show for it. I changed my legal and mailing address to a relative's house, explaining the problem. I now live in a different state, which is perfectly legal. I notified all my contact people, Drive Financial would be calling. Two of these contacts are police officers, who are waiting for the false claims my being involved in bank fraud or vehicle thieft. They will make great witnesses in court, for damages in claiming I commited a crime. This is STRICTLY a cival matter, NOT criminal. With the type of work I do, it is impossible for drive to collect from my income. Besides, they have to get a court order for that and I can't wait for a day in court with them. They would also be exposing themselves to the many fines from violating collection laws. I have been driving my vehicle for over a year, without making even one payment. If it's going to ruin my credit, I sure made it worth it!!!

In closing, heres my advice in beating Drive Financial:
Don't panic, you can have the upper hand.
Record ALL contacts with Drive Financial and tell your references to do the same, your attorney will love you.
NEVER surrender your vehicle, it would improve anything for you.
Contact all your references and tell them what is going on, then have a big laugh when Drive calls.
REMEMBER, action outside repo requires REAL court orders and NOT their FAKE ones.
Check the repo laws in your state, they are strict. In my state, they can be chased off at gun point; if they are operating outside the very strict laws.
And most important, SMILE!!! Drive Financial are their own worst enemy, and that can be extremely entertaining!!!

  • Ch
    charlie Jun 05, 2009

    why would a man be proud that they failed so badly in life they can't pay their own bills? The only laughingstock I see is the poster of this thread, who should be ashamed of himself rather than strutting like a rooster online.

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  • La
    Laughing at Drive Financial Jun 05, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    No Charlie,

    I'm not a failure that should be ashamed, just not someone who is easily intimidated. I was doing everything in my power to make things right, but that was not good enough for them. They set the ground rules here, with all their lame threats and harassment. Now, it's up to them to make good on everything they threatened to do. It's the bed they made, not my fault they have to lay in it. But, I appreciate your very nieve comment. Thanks!!!

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  • Laughing at Drive Financial: So funny! We've been driving a Drive Financial vehicle for "free" for the past 3 years! We did something similar to you but a slip-up on my part has the repo man knocking at my door for the past 3 days! The great thing is we have a garage and 2 other vehicles! So as we watch them through the window, sitting outside our house for hours we have a hearty laugh! Yesterday, they went knocking on all my neighbors' doors ~ to no avail! Today, I put a No Trespassing sign in my yard for more laughter! The amount left on the vehicle is so ridiculously high, I would be a fool to pay it! They update my husband's credit monthly with a charge-off so like you, if they are going to damage the credit we might as well "ride the train until the wheels fall off"! Thanks for sharing!

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  • La
    Laughing at Drive Financial Jun 10, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Laughing at Drive Financial too,

    How did you slip-up, putting them at your door? Sharing information may help others in the same spot, with Drive. If enough people stand up against Drive's practices, they will have to change or go down the tubes.

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  • Mi
    michael Jun 14, 2009


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  • La
    Laughing at Drive Financial Jun 14, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hmmmm...I don't remember ever doing business with a company named Santander. I did't sign anything with their name on it, agree to pay them anything. I don't think the name change will work. We will be watching our credit reports too, with a letter we can remove any credit report that is not ours. If there is not proper paper work with my signature, it must be removed by disputing the debt. Drive can duck and dodge the bullet all day long, but nothing will work except changing their practices.

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  • No
    not a loser Jun 25, 2009

    This dude is a loser!!! Proud of the fact he is hiding his car from his lendor. Involved his friends in family in all of this... Im sure his parents are proud him. Clearly doesnt care about his credit!!! i suppose he never has as he had to finance his car with Drive!! Keep livin' the dream!! LOL!!!

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  • Laughing at Drive Financial ~ don't be concerned about the comments from "not a loser". If Drive Financial wasn't a big problem for SO many people, there wouldn't be a slew of complaints about them on the message board. If "not a loser" had read the complaints, he would have understood that Drive Financial was not a choice but a trick!

    Oh and my slip-up: I added my husband as an authorized user on my credit card. That car is in his name solely. His credit report residential information still had our old address on it but was updated with our new address when I added him to my credit card. So they've been coming by non-stop. I had to call the police one time because they jiggled the knob on my front door to see if it would open when I wouldn't come to the door. The police told me to get their name the next time and because they crossed the plain of the No Trespassing sign, they would be arrested. We haven't seen them since.

    To "Not a loser" ~ Don't hate on those who have the wits to counteract businesses that take advantage of consumers! It happens much too often and the wise ones don't sit back and let it happen ~ no matter the costs!

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  • Ha
    hardtimes Aug 26, 2009

    Does anyone know at what point Drive (now Santander) starts their repo process. My husband has been unemployed since last December. They let us to a deferrement back in March, but the employees that helped us totally screwed that up big time and now I have all these late fees. It's ridiculous. As long as you pay each month can they still repo if your 2 months behind?
    Help! Anyone have the answer?

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Resolved Drive FinancialCustomer Service/PayOff

sent a payoff that was good for 15 days and they lost the check. When I called in to verify that the check was received, the minute the rep. heard the word "pay-off" I was hung up on. I have always Western Unioned my payments. This is the 1st time I had ever sent a check and it was lost. Then, they said they received a check for $2, 000.00 when the check was for $22, 000.00 and the 3rd time, some one finally called me, they did not have neither check in the system. I never wrote a $2, 000.00 check; I only wrote one check for my payoff of $22, 000.00 which was again they lost.
They have horrible customer service, they made false payment arrangements that was never agreed to, call 100 times or more, no exaggerations to that and then they say that we don't communicate with them. So many more complaints to state.
We all should go into a class action lawsuit against Drive Financail.

Resolved Drive Financialharrassment

My loan was originally with another rip off company: Triad Financial. They sold it, one year before it was to be paid off, to their cohorts, Drive Financial. I have been having the payments taken directly from my checking account for the duration of the loan with no issues. About a week after making my last payment I began receiving the phone calls. I assumed they wanted information about where to send the title(?). When I tried to return the calls, I was placed on hold in complete silence, so I gave up on that. (I will not use up minutes on hold!)
Finally they called when I could speak with them. (This is after leaving recorded messages for me to call two to three times a day, 3 days a week, for two weeks. When I spoke with the first representative, she informed me that my final payment was $130.00. I didn't have my paperwork handy but informed her that was incorrect, that the loan was supposed to be paid off on the 24 April and I had not received any other bill. I was also curious as to why they company felt it necessary to call enddlessly and hound me like I was a bad credit risk. After doing some checking she said she would send the paper work to her supervisor for approval and I should be "all set."
Three days later the phone calls began again. This time I had the information. I still owed 109.00 to pay off the loan. The man on the phone however, wanted me to pay 121.00, Upon inquiry I was informed that interest had accrued and 121.00 was the pay off amount now. I related to him the quote from the last call I had received just a week before, and again questioned the amount and the harrassment. He tried to tell me I had late payments...(not true) then asked how I was going to pay the amount. I asked why it couldn't be taken from my checking account like the rest. He told me this amount had to be paid by money gram or cashiers check. I finally arranged to pay by credit card but when the final amount was disclosed: 132.00, the extra amount was a "transaction fee" I lost my patience and told him " This is
bulls--t and how would he deal with companies ripping him off like this." After a dep sigh he said, "I just accept it and pay the amount." Exactly why companies can get away with it!!
Bottom line I want to see this company and others like it go out of business and I know it won't happen unless people stand up and say NO MORE...
They had no right to harrass me for the final payment and could have avoided the whole thing if they had just sent an accurate bill with the correct amount on it ithe first time!
I am composing complaint to the Attorney General (Texas) and the better business bureau...and suggest you all do the same. DO IT NOW WHILE YOU ARE STILL MAD OR THEY WILL KEEP RIPPING US OFF!!

  • Te
    Terri Petty Jun 29, 2009

    Drive Financial is the worst company I have ever had to deal with. I would advice anyone if they can by chance find any other finance company do business with, please do! The stress and headaches from this company is not worth the time of day. Good credit or bad credit, do not deal with DRIVE FINANCIAL!!!

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Resolved Drive FinancialPredatory Lending

You can become part of a class action lawsuite by going to the following website. Drive is already listed.

  • Fi
    Finally paid off Jul 25, 2009

    The Drive Financial or Santander people make it impossible to get ahold of them to make payments or make sure payments are posted to your account once you've money grammed or mailed them. We have finally paid them off and have a clear title but they won't help update our credit report it is paid in full two months ago-anyone have any advice? I have written our attorney general, it is companies like this who force our economy and the people to go bankrupt.

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  • Fi
    Finally paid off Jul 25, 2009

    Anyone have any advice on how to get drive financial/santander to update your credit report once you have paid them off and received clear title? It has been impossible for the last five years to get ahold of them to make payments and actually post what they have received as payments, now I'm done with them my credit report is affected by them illegally ballooning my loan w/o notice. I paid it in full two months ago and got my title, but can't get them admit to the credit reporting agencies it is paid in full. Anyone have advice?

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  • An
    angry title clerk Apr 07, 2010

    I have been fighting with Santander for over 3 weeks now. I work @ a car dealership and I need a lien release for a customer. These people are horrible!! They are very good at giving you a run around. I have been given 2 direst phone numbers to call back to inquire about my issue and all I get is voice mail. I have started calling every hour and leaving messages. Hopefully they'll get a taste of their own medicine soon. Something needs to be done about this company!

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  • Vi
    virginia anton Feb 17, 2011

    Please I need to get help to make a law s. to the company santander consumer usa

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Resolved Drive FinancialDrive Financial Fraudulent Financing

I submitted an electronic/online credit application with an auto dealership listing my social security disability and child support payments as my only sources of income. At the dealership they asked me about my former employer such as the number, my former supervisor's name and they even asked if I knew someone at the company that would lie for me and state that I stilled worked for the company and I flat out said NO, not knowing that they would later resubmit my online application adding the employment information and a whooping $2200 a month salary on top of my disability and child support payments and this was all done without my permission so that I could get financed as I found out 8 months later. On the day I visited the auto dealership they submitted my application to several auto financing companies while I was there and the salesman told me that they were having a hard time finding a company to finance me because my credit was so bad...probably due to my divorce. I was told that I could take the vehicle home and that they would call me back to sign the paperwork once they had found a company to finance me...yeah right, they already knew who they were going to send me to for financing...the highest interest rate bearing finance company in the U.S... DRIVE FINANCIAL. About a week after taking the vehicle, I received a call from Drive Financial and they asked me about my down payment amount and then verified my address, phone number etc. but they never verified my source of income...which was no big deal to me as the verification call was being recorded. I was called back to the dealership to sign the papers backdated to the date I drove the vehicle off the lot and when I saw the high interest rate I was in shock and when I asked why the interest rate was so high the finance manager said that it was due to an acquisition fee...I thought that since I had taken the vehicle I had no choice but to agree to the terms. I am paying a total of $33, 000 for a 2008 Hyundai Accent that cost me $13, 000 with a trade-in and down payment and the vehicle is now worth $8, do the math. Also, the auto dealership committed fraud and forgery by resubmitting my electronic application with the employment information they received from Drive Financial, since they do this all the time they were smart enough to not call the vendor used to verify my employment and salary history called "the Work Number, because the Work Number would have them listed on my data report as an organization that verified my employment/salary history thereby aiding in the deception. Drive Financial did the dirty work and not only that but if Drive financial approved financing for me based on the income amount listed on the credit application do they not need proof of said income? When Drive called "the Work Number" (3 times within a 5 day period) they were notified that I no longer worked for the company even so, the vendor was still able to provide them with my start date and end date with the former company (aiding in the fraud) listed on the resubmitted credit application, Driver was not given any salary information which is why the monthly salary listed on the resubmitted application is incorrect. I did not provide the dealership with a copy of a current paystub because naturally, I did not have one, the only proof of income I provided to the auto dealership was a copy of my disability and child support award letters... my actual income. Basically, Drive Financial and this auto dealership and the auto dealerships associated with this one do a lot of business together ... for financial gain on both ends. Drive knew that my monthly income was only $2400 but yet they still financed me based on the unverifiable income amount listed on the credit application $4200. If I made $4200 a month I could make the payment of $388 a month for 72 months with no problem but as it is, I only get $2250 a month and occasional child support of $230 a month and if Drive Financial is doing this to others than that is probably why so many individuals are getting their autos repossessed by Drive Financial...we are being financed on inflated income amounts, Drive could not justify financing us if they were based on our actual income and not false or inflated incomes. If anyone out there has been denied financing by Drive Financial or RoadLoans and the principle reason for your denial was "did not meet the minimum income requirement" and your monthly income was anywhere between $2200 and $2500 a month we might have a class action lawsuit against them. Also, If we can prove that Drive Financial engages in predatory lending to women, disabled, minorities, or low income individuals that could also generate a class action lawsuit because the more we know the better. I implore anyone submitting an electronic/online credit application that if the dealership does not send you a copy/receipt of the credit application you submitted online please, make a print screen or copy for your records because had I done so, they would not have able to commit electronic forgery and fraud. Lastly, if anyone in the chicagoland area purchased a vehicle auto Family Hyundai, World Hyundai, Bob Watson, or Watson Motorsport you might want to request a copy of your credit application to make sure they did not inflate your down payment or income amount or even your employment history in order to get you financed. I believe I can prove damage because this fraudulent act has caused me to suffer economic harm which could led me to the loss or a repossession because I did not financially qualify for the vehicle based on the financial qualifications I provided it was all based on fraudulent unverified income.

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    Samiam3356 Mar 24, 2009

    You sound like someone who bought a car that they are unhappy with and now want out of the deal. Even if they "helped" you get a loan you still all the numbers before you signed and that makes you responsible. Can't stand this i'm not respinsible attitude from people. You got a car, you probably haven't paid your bills or you wouldn't have to go threw Drive, and now your pissed. "GET OVER IT" People like you are hurting our society.

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    sadfsadf May 12, 2009

    Pull your head out of yowazz...

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    imsmarterthanyou Jul 30, 2009

    What would you be driving had you not been financed through drive? All of the complaints i've read about are from people that feel they are being raped on the interest or get their car repossessed because of late payments. Guess what? You signed a note stating what you have to pay per month and for how long. The note also states what happens if you don't pay. Your credit isn't ### because of your divorce. It's ### because of situations like this. You buy something you can't afford, and now you want sympathy because you got "screwed" and it's the lender's fault you can't make payments. Since you made this posting online, you clearly have access to a computer. Next time, do some research. There are thousands of websites with loan calculators, and you can even research different finance companies. I have poor credit and knew that without a cosigner, obtaining an auto loan would be difficult. I was approved through drive financial. I was told the terms of the loan, and if it was something I couldn't pay, then obviously I would get something cheaper. You aren't entitled to whatever kind of loan you want if you have bad credit. Have some common sense and try researching before you spend thousands of dollars you don't have. derrrrrr

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    Rwhitewitch Sep 16, 2009

    I have to say flaming the original poster does not help anyone. I personally have not had any problems with drive.. aside from finding the new company name so i can send in my blasted payment. I have had times where I was late on a payment even up to three and they worked with me on it.
    Original poster.. my view on your post is as follows. I can see why you are upset. I totally understand. However, in this case your beef is with the car dealership. If they resubmitted altered papers to get you approved then you definitely have a case from a legal standpoint .. but not with Drive. Your problem should be directed at the actual dealership which aided in such fraudulent doings. Odds are they will push the issue as a "single employee issue that should be handled with that employee". In short trying to wash their hands of the situation. I would suggest finding a lawyer and getting a free consultation with the available paperwork that you have. All i can say is good luck to you.
    You two who had such negative and essentially useless comments// at least be vaguely productive instead of completely derogatory when you have no idea what the situation may or may not be. I have dealt with crooked companies in the past and know that these things can and do happen even to those who pay their bills regularly.

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    Salse02 Oct 06, 2009

    Lets start off by saying that there is a reason why everyone who is giving negative feedback is on this website looking into complaints about Drive Financial/Santander. With the way you all take it personal, maybe you work for them. The fact is that credit takes awhile to clean up. I have completely cleaned up my credit, but I now have to worry about where $12, 000 in payments have been applied. Drive Financial/Santander does not do refinancing, but I would suggest going to a credit union to see if they would refinance you. Also, I do agree that this is a difficult economic time, but that doesn't take the responsibility that we have made. I have decreased $600-800 a month and have an additional child, it is difficult but if I don't have a car, I won't have a job. Instead of people being so negative, why don't you try to provide some positive feedback, maybe some suggestions instead of shooting people down. Again, you're reading about complaints about Drive Financial for a reason, not just because you are bored.

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Resolved Drive FinancialRip off/ Scam artist

Okay, so I got sucked into this old 91 toyota station wagon due to the time because I didn't have enough money. The dealership is Mint Auto Sales, sold me the car leaving out the part who is financing me ok.

Mint auto sales told me because my credit wasn't so great I needed a cosigner, and so my sister cosigned it. Mint auto sales said I had to deposit 1, 500 for the 91 toyotal old station wagon and that the car is being sold for 4, 000 only. Mint auto sales said my montly payment was only going to be 220 dollars because of my bad credit.

But here's the thing, if my sister who has great credits in her 800's, why am I paying 250 for a really old car. So they kept saying it was because of my original credit, and that my car is only being sold for 4 grand and they have a great business partner who would finance me the car for 4 grand, also that the more I pay the faster the car would pay off. They left out my annual percentage rate. The dealership didn't even really let me read the paper because he was flipping crazy fast, the mexican guy said, "eh no worries man, you know the deal, it's basic stuff with you buying the car, need your sis to sign, you sign, and we offer this warranty and gap insurance that will cover you for any loss of the car value if due to repo, totaled in an accident, and when it can't be sold back for 4 grand, ya know."

So I bought the gap insurance/warranty.

Next I signed all the paper. Mint auto sale said I needed to put another 300.00 that includes my gap insurance, other fees they forgot to mention for the warranty incase my car breaks down. That the 1, 500 was not included with the gap/warranty. I didn't have the money but they let me drove it home and told me to come back in two weeks to pay the 300.00. I went back after two weeks for the 300.00 payment. The guy said I forgot to sign some paper work. Stupidly I signed it!

He even offered me full coverage insurance for 60.00. the first day I bought it too. I said, no hidden fees right, he said no. A week later the car insurance "broke insurance" sent me a letter saying I'm not longer qualify because I didn't make a full down payment, and that my first down payment was only 60.00 and I left out the 300.00 that was my monthly insurance payment. Yikes! What a scam.

Next my biggest nightmare came true. Drive off financial sent me a yellow card with the title, Drive Financial. I'm thinking that's not the full name of who I signed it with when I looked back at the paper work. Also, the yellow card was cheapily printed and hand written with the amount I would owe in 5 years. (interesting, 5 years) The whole amount was 16, 800.00 for the 1991 toyota camry. Now that's crazy. I couldn't afford to have worse credit than where I am at already since I'm screwed into this crap.

So I kept paying but up to the 2nd month. The lady from drive financial told me I was getting my car repo if I don't get insurance. I said, I have full coverage with progressive insurance. She said, "well I
never got a statement from them that you made a payment, " and
I'm thinking what the hell, since when do they have me personally go fax them every month of insurance that I have?

She adds on "hun, you are driving our car without any insurance, we cannot take that risk" Although I paid it two days ago, and it has not been posted yet, unless the lady really did call, she would have known that it was paid, plus progressive is a well known great insurance that doesn't mess up usually. So the lady kept arguing and arguing that if she does not receive a fax by noon my car will be gone. So I even had progressive fax her.

Next she did that the next month again. I was getting really tired of their ### service. Somehow I fixed the problem that wasn't even a problem to begin with.

by the 4th month, I told drive financial that I would be a week late for my payment. The lady said ok, just keep me updated. Plus I always go in person to pay, and they're located on madison avenue too. within
5 days, not seven days, my car got repo. I called, the lady said it was because I never made a payment within those 5 days, that I had no insurance at all because I didn't fax her the paper, she needed to be updated every month on insurance coverage. What the hell!
NOw I'm pissed off! FIrst I got scam by Mint auto sales, who is their buddy, and by Broke insurance, and next Drive Financial who supposely went by drive off financial so that I couldn't google their business. NOw I call drive financial and say "I"m willing to pay for what the cars worth only. I'd like to refinance or else I'm not keeping that car, the lady goes "ha ha ha hunny you're definitely going to have to make lots of payment towards the tow yard, and to us, and getting insurance." I said no, I'm only going to buy the car for what it is worth, you guys said 4 grand now 16 grand, that's a real big difference. Fyi, I told you that it was going to be a week late, and now the car is gone and there's a bill at the tow yard, I'm not paying the tow fee, nor the tow yard. If you were a smart business you wouldn't have tow a car just like that no more than a week, and honestly having people fax you every month for insurance coverage is crazy, and by causing me to have to pay a tow yard fee, what makes you think there would be more money put into the car if it's going towards a tow yard? Kastly why would you think a person would want to do business with you for all this trouble, plus you're just going to lose a car, lose business with me, why don't you just sell the car for a real deal and not lose any profit at all when I know you guys won't go back for the wagon when the tow yard is more than the car would be worth the longer the car stays there."

The lady said "###, I don't think so." Then i said ### you, and hung up. Anyway that was the worst ### business I have ever dealt with in my life.

That business needs to be shut down along with mint auto sales who is in business with them.

Later I got a message from drive off that I owe 16, 800 exactly.
I went back to mint auto sales about my gap insurance and why do I owe anything. Mint says you never bought gap. I show them my receipt, mint says you never bought it, drive off financial bought it. I said why the ### would they buy that insurance to cover my ### and why do I get the receipt, obviously I bought it. NOw mint says, ok, so if you bought it, it doesn't cover repo, it only covers total. I said, first of all, why would I need that when I know a lot of full coverage car has their own insurance on car accidents, total type of coverage on
cars. They go, fine you say what you want, we don't have a record of you buying a car from us, we don't have your paper work anymore than two weeks when you bought it. I said, well then that is fraud to begin with when you guys stated that if I was not satisfied with the car in no more than a month, I can bring it back. I remember after the first week, it made some noises. THen suddenly my car wouldn't start until I've tried starting it like the 6th time. Mint auto sales didn't want anything to do with me seriously.

So again, do not do business with DRIVE FINANCIAL, MINT AUTO SALES, and BROKE INSURANCE (not brooke insurance fyi). I"m dead serious!

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    randbstar79 Oct 23, 2009

    I totally agree with you. I purchased suv in March and was a few days late paying the other part of down payment and they repo my suv. then made me pay for inventory and this towing when the truck was at the financial location off of madison. RIP OFF. I got the truck back but got my SUV repoed again for some bull. Never been late and I was ladi off my job so i made a payment a few days after the agreement date. they confirmed received payment but repo my SUV. Now mind you i dont owe any back payments just i was late. The lady stated tha they tried calling me and coming to my house but found out i moved and my number wasn't working. HOWEVER not one letter ever sent to me or anything. So I asked how do i get my SUV back and she told me i would have to pay it off fully???? That is crazy cuz I dont owe any late payments. so now im like screw them they can keep the suv. Come to think of it, I dont even think they put the car on my credit report. So NEVER deal with Mint 1 car sales off of auburn blvd unless you want to loose lots of money. If you deal with them at least pay cash.

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    Syon Jan 25, 2010

    I have had issues since day one with Drive Off Financial, the lady that works there name Robin, is VERY RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL in a Manner that is very un called for, It's to the point i don't even want to deal with her at all she has been very Disrespectful towards my Mother making rude and threatning phone calls, I have already made a complaint against them and nothing has been done because she is still there and still taking to people in that manner. Robin stated to me you PEOPLE, I was so Shock to hear that, This company NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN ASAP, I have never bought a car from a place that on a month to month is always DRAMA that you at the point to say, , , YOU KNOW WHAT, COME AND GET THIS CAR. I don't have to take this mess. I know sometimes we have to go to these car lots due to our credit but at the same time, we are human people that deserves respect.. IF YOU CAN DON"T PURCHASE A CAR FROM THEM !!!

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    JenC1 Jun 24, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You do know that the lady at Drive Off Financial is the wife of the owner at Mint Auto Sales. I got screwed by them as well. I received notification that there is a class action lawsuit, but have not heard anything back regarding this. I paid 3500 down and the car had mechanical issues. I took back on day 2 and was told by the owner of Mint to wait for the warranty to kick in to cover the repairs. I was not happy. Then when the warranty did start, no they were not fixing the car. I was sold a car with blown head gaskets. And worse, the owner and his mechanic knew it. So when it came down to it, I told them to take the car back, no refund on all the money I put down and now they are trying to come after me for the balance. Worse, they fixed the car and resold it for about 10000 and are still trying to come after me for more money.

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Resolved Drive FinancialScam

This company is so rude. I just got a new cell number about two months ago. Well whatever this company is, keeps calling me. I have told them over and over that they have the wrong number. But they keep calling. They will not take the number out of their system. I keep telling them to stop calling, they won't. Now it's turned into harassment. And I am going to press charges against them for harassment. I have had two of those *** tell me it's my problem. Now it's their problem. And I am not going to stop until I get some legal justice.

Resolved Drive Financialpayments/supervisors

I can not understand why is it when you ask to talk to a supervisor about your payments and history you can not, they put you on hold and say they will talk to the supervisor first.Actually I believe they are just setting the phone down and biting down on a donut or two. They actually wanted to keep charging me late fees because I did'nt separate the late fee and regular payments.So they wanted to keep tacking it on and I told them you DO IT, your computer can adjust it. And reviewing your payment history is a JOKE, I never can Figure it out where it goes, I have till Aug 2012, WE WILL SEE THEN, John

Resolved Drive Financial — Class Action Lawsuit

I must admit, I was only slightly miffed at this company until I read all of your posts. Now I am royally...

Resolved Drive FinancialThis should be illegal!!!

I was 9 months prego with #3 driving a Monte Carlo. Well very long story short, we were desperate and needed a van. Geoff Roger Motor Company (A## hole) ripped me off selling me a van that he was selling for 10, 000 for 14, 000 and got me into a 24.99% loan for 4.5 years at 435.47/mo.!! Anyway, I have frequently been late in past 6 months. The people who call me, almost every one of them are the most ignorant lying idiots I have ever spoken to in my life!! They threatened this and that if I did not post date a check and I told them it was winter so I don't know from one day to next if my husband would be working in concrete and I am disabled and need surgery. So they got me to post date it with threats and my husband got laid off 3 days later. Funds were due to come out of my account 2 weeks later. They refused to cancel the EFT and a so called manager said he would only move it up a week for me. He lied, it came out on the original date and caused me all kinds of fees with my bank and on other bills. They talk to you like you are a piece of #### and are stealing their last piece of meat in their freezer at their home!!! They call and call even after arrangement has been made. They call every number you gave them, even if it is a prepaid cell phone that you use for work. They call all numbers back to back after being asked not to call one of them.

They overheard me while I thought they had me on hold telling my husband I felt like telling them to just come get the son of a beep. The man said ok we can do that, what colour is it blah blah and I said no, I am just trying to work with you guys and pay but I cannot pay what I don't have and if I had people to borrow from or other resources I would have used them.

Now, I give up. I called THEM and asked them to come and get van. They refuse! They said it could be 6 months preaching to me about my credit and what will happen. I already bought a 4x4 trailblazer at 330/mo for 2.5 years from insta credit auto mart! The van won't get me out of my country road and tranny is bad and tires are bald bc of alignment, and sometimes it don't start and I have 3 kids and I cannot have that happening. They want me to get someone to take over payments or something~!! Yeah right. The payoff right now is 11, 500 and the van in excellent condition is worth 8000 and it is no where near excellent condition and I have taken very good care of it for the 17 months I have had it!

All of this stuff put together just built up and built up, especially the way I am treated, and I choose to not deal with them and they can have it. I just know they are going to try and charge me 20, 000 before it is over AFTER they get the van for all I know. I just hope they don't garnish my family's wages. They had no business loaning 14, 000 on an 8, 000 vehicle in the first place, especially when come to find out it was a company vehicle with excessive miles on it and a wreck too! I should have done my homework and not jumped into the deal but I did so it is too late now. I should have looked them up on this site anyway.

I wish the people sitting at a desk harassing my family for money we already made arrangements about would get a real job and get on their knees and rub concrete all day like my husband or do any one of the jobs I used to do before my injury and then we can talk. I am not a piece of **** that don't pay my bills. But there is a way to go about getting money from people and their way will no longer work for me!!

Drive FinancialMail Fraud & Conspiracy to Commit Fraud

Please file your complaints directly to the US Dept of Justice at : [protected] <[protected]>
And this agency will start an investigation.
You may also contact the State Attorney General of Texas and the US Postal Service Inspectors in Dallas.
If everyone here complains directly to the US DOJ they will take care of the problem.

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    quinton Feb 02, 2009

    Thank you all for posting this information online, because I recently purchased a car, and Drive Financial ;Finance my car. I hope I dont have these problems that I read with this company. Thanks Again,

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Resolved Drive FinancialCustomer Service

I became a customer of Drive Financial in December 2007. after making 11 payment (which I also paid over my required payment amount) I contacted Drive Financial to do a deferred payment due to financial hardship in this economy. I was told that I could not defer a payment until I was behind. I explain to them that I did not want to place my account in a negative standing so I was being proactive and just needed one month of deferred payments. I also explain to them that my electronic payment was sent out by my bank, and they would cancel the payment (since I called them before check tried to clear) so Drive Financial would just need not to send the check back. This way no fees would be charge to my account and everything would stay in good standing. Everyone was ready to work on this with the exception of DRIVE FINANCIAL. This company did not care that their customer who was being proactive in keeping her account in good standing needed assistance and help from them. I not only spoke with a customer service rep, but also with a supervisor who sounded like a record saying the same thing over and over again. No assistance just want to charge my account the extra fees.

I have paid off two cars before (NOT WITH DRIVE FINANCIAL) and I have NEVER received this poor customer service. Deferred payments are not just options when and account is past due, but in many financial companies it is away to help keep their customer's in good standing. I guess this company just don't care about their customers.


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    richard Feb 14, 2009

    the 06 truck i bought transmission went out so because they wont send me my correct agreement i cant get it fix under the warrantee and now im paying for a truck i cant fix. ive been through the deferred payment thing and that company needs to be stopped. i cant believe this can continue to happen in these trying times that we are having, IS ANYONE LISTEN?

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  • Ro
    Roxy34 Oct 05, 2009

    I totally agree with her statements! Drive Financial does not know the meaning of the phrase "customer service". I only wish my husband and I new what we know now before we purchased our van!

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    NanTT Dec 07, 2009

    I obtained an auto loan through AAA and a local bank. It was eventually sold to Santandera which is operated by Drive Financial. Recently I have been about 35 days late on the loan due to my husband's deployment (army/military) to Iraq and our loss of income. I have been working hard on the finances and catching up and the fact that payments are being made and the time frame between payments is closing in is evidence of that.

    Each time someone calls to collect information regarding the late payment I need to re-explain my situation. It is tiring and futile. I have asked again and again that they record the 'story' so that I not need to re-tell it! I understand that they need to call, but this is just getting ridiculous. These people have no compassion. When I am asked what my reason is for not paying (!!! do I 'owe' them a reason????) I have begun to ask what the last person recorded as my previously stated reason, and it has NEVER resembled what I said!

    Last time I spoke to the company (last week), I asked to speak to a manager. The manager used a rude tone of voice and demanded that I call in 10 days and inform him of a plan of payment. I asked him if he wanted me to call him even if I didn't have the money to pay...???? because that would mean I did not have a plan of payment. He said that he did not care what I had to do...borrow the money or whatever...that I needed to pay the bill. I'm talking a month behind here on a 6 year old mini van! Holy cow! I told him I had no intention of borrowing money and I was wondering if he wanted me to call him in 10 days even if I didn't have the money...he became livid and gruff and told me that i was being difficult, etc. Oh, he was very very angry. I told he the fact that he was demanding payment, and that the fact that his people were calling me and expecting me to re-explain my situation time and again was harassment. This didn't seem to phase him.

    At any rate, I did set up payment. He agreed to waive the late fee as there HAD been an error on his company's part due to their putting in the wrong bank acct #...but alas, I checked my bank acct today, and I was charged a late fee anyway. go figure. I will call the company tomorrow and see if I can get it waived, though I am sure I will only be met with more hostility. Not a fun company to work with.

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Drive FinancialIDIOTS & CROOKS !!!

Well isn't nice to see that others are feeling my pain!! SORRY!! Well my story starts like most of you DRIVE FINANCIAL stinks!! I got a car loan from RHOAD LOANS in September of this year apparently during the sale of the company to DRIVE FINANCIAL, this is where I regret ever signing the paperwork!! No one told me they were selling my loan days after approving it to a company of ###S!! DRIVE FINANCIAL has never sent me any paperwork to even confirm I am a customer, even after 8 request from 8 different ###s {im sorry customer service represenatives} My account was "past due" they said you have a "late fee" they said, I said to them how can I pay my bill if you don't send any paperwork to me, told them I did not even know DRIVE FINANCIAL existed until the rude and nasty phone calls started!! O'ya and when I offered to make a payment over the phone in good faith to make an account current I never knew existed... they said that will be a $10 convienence fee!! convienent for who!! told them to stuff it!!
Asked them to wave my late fee becuase it was their error not mine they refused said I breached my contract!! I said what contract you have not sent me anything to show I even have an account!! IDIOTS!!! To date they will not wave my $16.21 late fee!!! I could go on and on but these people have wasted enough of my time and I am sure you get my point, if anyone can help please feel free to call my personal cell phone [protected] hopefully someone who has the power or the ability to stand up to these CROOKS will read this and help out the hundreds of us being screwed!!

  • Ma
    maddatheworld Feb 15, 2010

    Yes I agree. Drive Financial is absolutely HORRIBLE! Its totally ridiculous how they screw people everyday. Good people. Good people who pay their bills. Good people doing their best to pay what they can. They are relentless. I recently made large payment on my loan. I called them before I sent it to inform them to post it only to the principle. I also noted that on the check and sent a note along with the check to post it only to the principle. They totoally did'nt do what was asked of them. They applied what they wanted to and took $114.00 to the interest. That is total bull! Who does crap like that. Anyway...When I found out how they posted my payment I quickly called them and they said that I need to call them after the payment has been posted. I said mam, I called you the day I sent the payment and i put a note on the check and put a note with in the envelope. She tells me that when you mail a payment it goes to an automated system. Come on give me a break. Are you telling me that there's an automated system that opens up the envelope and posts the amount the your account. Complete Lies...lies...lies...lies. It's ridiculous. Never again will I get another car loan. I will pay cash for everything that I want/have/own/ or want to own. Crooks..Drive Financial is a crook!

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Resolved Drive Financial — Fraud and cheating

Drive Financial, based out of Dallas TX, told us that they were not going to call customers to collect on...