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I became a customer of Drive Financial in December 2007. after making 11 payment (which I also paid over my required payment amount) I contacted Drive Financial to do a deferred payment due to financial hardship in this economy. I was told that I could not defer a payment until I was behind. I explain to them that I did not want to place my account in a negative standing so I was being proactive and just needed one month of deferred payments. I also explain to them that my electronic payment was sent out by my bank, and they would cancel the payment (since I called them before check tried to clear) so Drive Financial would just need not to send the check back. This way no fees would be charge to my account and everything would stay in good standing. Everyone was ready to work on this with the exception of DRIVE FINANCIAL. This company did not care that their customer who was being proactive in keeping her account in good standing needed assistance and help from them. I not only spoke with a customer service rep, but also with a supervisor who sounded like a record saying the same thing over and over again. No assistance just want to charge my account the extra fees.

I have paid off two cars before (NOT WITH DRIVE FINANCIAL) and I have NEVER received this poor customer service. Deferred payments are not just options when and account is past due, but in many financial companies it is away to help keep their customer's in good standing. I guess this company just don't care about their customers.


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  • Ri
      14th of Feb, 2009

    the 06 truck i bought transmission went out so because they wont send me my correct agreement i cant get it fix under the warrantee and now im paying for a truck i cant fix. ive been through the deferred payment thing and that company needs to be stopped. i cant believe this can continue to happen in these trying times that we are having, IS ANYONE LISTEN?

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  • Ro
      5th of Oct, 2009

    I totally agree with her statements! Drive Financial does not know the meaning of the phrase "customer service". I only wish my husband and I new what we know now before we purchased our van!

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  • Na
      7th of Dec, 2009

    I obtained an auto loan through AAA and a local bank. It was eventually sold to Santandera which is operated by Drive Financial. Recently I have been about 35 days late on the loan due to my husband's deployment (army/military) to Iraq and our loss of income. I have been working hard on the finances and catching up and the fact that payments are being made and the time frame between payments is closing in is evidence of that.

    Each time someone calls to collect information regarding the late payment I need to re-explain my situation. It is tiring and futile. I have asked again and again that they record the 'story' so that I not need to re-tell it! I understand that they need to call, but this is just getting ridiculous. These people have no compassion. When I am asked what my reason is for not paying (!!! do I 'owe' them a reason????) I have begun to ask what the last person recorded as my previously stated reason, and it has NEVER resembled what I said!

    Last time I spoke to the company (last week), I asked to speak to a manager. The manager used a rude tone of voice and demanded that I call in 10 days and inform him of a plan of payment. I asked him if he wanted me to call him even if I didn't have the money to pay...???? because that would mean I did not have a plan of payment. He said that he did not care what I had to do...borrow the money or whatever...that I needed to pay the bill. I'm talking a month behind here on a 6 year old mini van! Holy cow! I told him I had no intention of borrowing money and I was wondering if he wanted me to call him in 10 days even if I didn't have the money...he became livid and gruff and told me that i was being difficult, etc. Oh, he was very very angry. I told he the fact that he was demanding payment, and that the fact that his people were calling me and expecting me to re-explain my situation time and again was harassment. This didn't seem to phase him.

    At any rate, I did set up payment. He agreed to waive the late fee as there HAD been an error on his company's part due to their putting in the wrong bank acct #...but alas, I checked my bank acct today, and I was charged a late fee anyway. go figure. I will call the company tomorrow and see if I can get it waived, though I am sure I will only be met with more hostility. Not a fun company to work with.

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