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Drive Financial / Took me off Auto Play

1 United States

I recently set up an auto pay option with Drive Financial.

I noticed that the money was not coming out of my bank account, I called for three days after, to question the reason why no money was taken out of my account, I was told by three different reps that the loan was paid for the month, even the auto line reflected a payment received.

In the meantime other bills were deducted from my account, I called Drive Financial on the 20th (my payment was due on the 17th) and advised that I was paying with a visa card, and explained the situation. Now this month again it is two days later i call, and explain what happened last month, first the rep reads off three different payments that were made for last month? Puts me on hold, then explains that they went into my account last month and the account could not be found. And that they took me off auto pay! However they had always accepted my payments from the same bank account months before via check?!?! I was told that i was taken off the auto pay for "awhile:, the rep advised that i may make a payment with my debit card with a $12.95 fee (oh wait isn't that the same card linked to my account?!!!) or send in a check. Well I am sending in a check for my payment to avoid the payment fee. Really a fee for paying my bill? I advised the rep that i would not want to be hearing from a collector as all this is on record and I will be making my payment...the kicker...she said the calls will not stop until they get my payment. My payment was due on the 17th and today is the 19th...really? I can not wait until my credit is in better standing and i can go with a reputable lender!


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