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Drive Financial / IDIOTS & CROOKS !!!

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Well isn't nice to see that others are feeling my pain!! SORRY!! Well my story starts like most of you DRIVE FINANCIAL stinks!! I got a car loan from RHOAD LOANS in September of this year apparently during the sale of the company to DRIVE FINANCIAL, this is where I regret ever signing the paperwork!! No one told me they were selling my loan days after approving it to a company of ###S!! DRIVE FINANCIAL has never sent me any paperwork to even confirm I am a customer, even after 8 request from 8 different ###s {im sorry customer service represenatives} My account was "past due" they said you have a "late fee" they said, I said to them how can I pay my bill if you don't send any paperwork to me, told them I did not even know DRIVE FINANCIAL existed until the rude and nasty phone calls started!! O'ya and when I offered to make a payment over the phone in good faith to make an account current I never knew existed... they said that will be a $10 convienence fee!! convienent for who!! told them to stuff it!!
Asked them to wave my late fee becuase it was their error not mine they refused said I breached my contract!! I said what contract you have not sent me anything to show I even have an account!! IDIOTS!!! To date they will not wave my $16.21 late fee!!! I could go on and on but these people have wasted enough of my time and I am sure you get my point, if anyone can help please feel free to call my personal cell phone [protected] hopefully someone who has the power or the ability to stand up to these CROOKS will read this and help out the hundreds of us being screwed!!

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  • Ma
      15th of Feb, 2010
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    Yes I agree. Drive Financial is absolutely HORRIBLE! Its totally ridiculous how they screw people everyday. Good people. Good people who pay their bills. Good people doing their best to pay what they can. They are relentless. I recently made large payment on my loan. I called them before I sent it to inform them to post it only to the principle. I also noted that on the check and sent a note along with the check to post it only to the principle. They totoally did'nt do what was asked of them. They applied what they wanted to and took $114.00 to the interest. That is total bull! Who does crap like that. Anyway...When I found out how they posted my payment I quickly called them and they said that I need to call them after the payment has been posted. I said mam, I called you the day I sent the payment and i put a note on the check and put a note with in the envelope. She tells me that when you mail a payment it goes to an automated system. Come on give me a break. Are you telling me that there's an automated system that opens up the envelope and posts the amount the your account. Complete Lies...lies...lies...lies. It's ridiculous. Never again will I get another car loan. I will pay cash for everything that I want/have/own/ or want to own. Crooks..Drive Financial is a crook!

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