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Dr. Sydney Coleman / Terrible service

1 NY, United States Review updated:

Here you will find the links for viewing my picture. one year prior to having met Dr. Sydey Coleman. The colored in the white blouse, was what I handed to him and asked for him to make my lips look like that. And also to minimize fine lines around the outer corners of my eyes. He mutilated different areas of my body and face, without my consent or knowledge... just as he has with many other victims over the years.

Note my lips in the white blouse. They had been filled one year prior to meeting Coleman, by my plastic surgeon who had used Coleman's technique. Then observe how they ended up looking, after Sydney Coleman used his own technique.

The freaky pictures are from day one after surgery with Coleman... the very swollen over filled face and then... the saggy ones are from over a period of three years or so. It took forever to go down and when it did it was so lopsided and hideous, I looked like a Cro-Magnon woman.

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      19th of Jun, 2008
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    This has already been posted, but adding to the pictures for the real story.

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    Dr. Sydney Coleman
    Posted: 2007-07-17 by April Smith
    Buyer beware!
    Total Complaint Score: -95--
    Complaint Rating:
    Dr. Sydney Coleman, founder of Lipostructure has more than 50 complaints against him that have been filed with the DOH in NYC. This doctor has no business calling himself the founder of anything much less fat transfer. His fat grafts do not last at all and he harvests fat from areas without the patients' consent and leaves them with new problem areas. He took an oath to protect the patient, but he destroys their lives. He charges exuberant prices and you end up disfigured. Please do not go to him. You will be making the biggest mistake of your life. I made the mistake and have to live with the consequences daily. He has no conscience nor regard for his actions.

    Buyer Beware!

    220 days ago by Corey Taylor Clegg
    I am a former victim of Sidney Coleman. To have been so disfigured, that people have actually stood in front of me to stop and laugh? Pointed out the surgical freak? Simple fine lines that were to be injected with fat??? My face has been... for over three years... the size of a basketball. Lopsided and hideous looking. If you want your life destroyed, it would be less painful to jump in front of an oncoming train.

    197 days ago by Jim Ryan
    I knew this man. Every time he was at the GYM the hospital call stating the patient was in pain? o very sorry you experience him. I experience a shalow man and unfit Dr. according to your experience.

    173 days ago by Ann Smith
    I also have terrible experience. My lips are so big I can't smile. My cheeks are too big and i have been to all the doctors and it can't be fixed.

    166 days ago by Corey Taylor Clegg
    I hope that April Smith will print this. She has not responded to my request, for communicating directly. It may be too painful to discuss for her at this time. Understandable!

    My own Gynocologist of sixteens years, did not recognize me, nor a neighbor that I have known since childhood, one with whom I had just spoken with several months prior to surgery. To be told by him, "you seem familiar, but I do not recognize you?" Heartwrenching to say the least.

    There is a man who lives in my area, also disfigured by Coleman...we knew...just by seeing one another..."COLEMAN VICTIM!" He looked so hideous and this dear man, too...had a face with the trademark..."CRO-MAGNON LOOK!"

    Literally, we are left with jutting foreheads, heavy eyelids that look as if small pillows have been placed upon them. Manly squared off jawlines, protruding lips that are insanely huge. Cheeks that have so much fat injected, a smile is too distorting to describe as anything other than freaky!

    The only thing that I have found to be helpful, is the juicing of fresh veggies. It seems to help the fat go down a bit faster, if you can call over a three and a half year period fast. I dare to say, the man appears to fit the criteria of a psychopath, from what I have read and by noting how we have "inhumanely treated!"

    Although I am not qualified academically to make such a statement, here I will share the defintion of a "Psychopath" from the Oxford Dictionary. You decide.

    Psychopath/A person with chronic psychopathy, esp. leading to abnormally irresponsible and antisocial behavior, loosely a mentally or emotionally unstable and aggressive person.

    It was an absolute irresponsible act of aggression on my person/life/spirit. It was surgical rape, in the sense that it was not my desire to alter my look, only to have fine lines filled in. He also experimented on one of my legs, removing fat in the ankle area and above my knee what appears to be an attempt at creating a more muscular look. It actually does look this way, but only on one leg and without my knowledge. I have been experimented on, perhaps for him to gain experience.

    There is a class-action lawsuit suit about to be filed against him. I could not be a part of this, because my time is beyond what the law requires. I would appreciate contact with others for the benefit of our healing together. My best...

    142 days ago by Kimy Del
    I'm sorry you had such a bad experience but a friend of mine went to dr. coleman to have fat grafted for breast enhancement. She was thrilled with the results and said she really liked dr. coleman. unfortunately, plastic surgery is one of those things that doesn't always work out. I personally think it's a big gamble and some ppl are happy with plastic surgeons that other people arent.

    125 days ago by Heather Morgan
    First off to Kimy Del, please don't minimize the above complaints as "unfortunate casualties of plastic surgery gone wrong". Nothing could be further from the truth, as I am another one of his victims currently suing him. He violated and grossly disfigured me, and it was nothing short of a deliberate decision on his part to ignore my wishes and consent on areas to be altered. We discussed at length that I simply wanted to look like an improved version of myself but he made me horrendous, not male, not female, not human practically. Why, when he confirmed over and over to not expect a dramatic change? That brings me to the next question, why would he continue creating the same outcome on so many people over the decades he's been practicing if they were "mistakes" he could learn from?

    I've spoken with over 8 other patients of his who complain that he operates on areas without consent on top of leaving those areas he touches irreversibly damaged.

    He is not a "poorly skilled plastic surgeon". He is a sociopath with a compulsion to serially mutilate, who happens to use his position and environment as a plastic surgeon to carry this out.

    But don't take my word, or his fake testimonials for it. I encourage you to go on plastic surgery message boards and speak directly to his victims. His lawyers monitor those sites so not much negativity can be said, but you may privately email one another, exchange photos etc.

    125 days ago by Heather Morgan
    By the way the website showing pictures of his hideous work is NOT the work of one crazy patient from Chicago as Dr. Coleman claims on his website in an article called 'Battle of the Blogs'.

    How do I know? Because patient AA on that website showed me those same photos and I met patient DD in person. I also spoke to the owner of that website who is a female patient who was very violated by him and she lives nowhere near Chicago. Those pictures are real, the patients are real.

    Dr. Coleman is desperate to hide his crimes so is resorting to bold lies. I believe it's only a matter of time before the full truth about just how unscrupulous he is comes out.

    120 days ago by Cristina Johnson
    I almost let him do my face, thank god I didn't.
    When I had my consultation with him I saw a lady
    who's face was so swollen it looked really bad. But when
    I saw his nurse Donna I was shocked. I thought
    Dr. Coleman did a horrible job on her. Wow I feel
    for his patients and believe them.
    His nurse told me he used to be a ballerina.
    Later I learned from many people that Dr. Coleman
    is gay and hates women. I honestly believe that.
    I know he is involved in The Martha Graham Dance Co.
    He looks a too out of shape to be a ballet dancer.

    I'm amazed at how famous he is but does such horrible work!

    117 days ago by Heather Morgan
    I don't think his sexual orientation has anything to do with the fact that he's a fraud and a hack. His "victims" aren't exclusive to women. He drew a huge penis marking on patient DD of the website and sedated her for an unusually long period exceeding 8 hours, folks. Acts such as these are indicative of a power trip regardless of sexual orientation. It is an act of violence and violation.

    I still have nightmares of this hack Dr. Sydney Coleman, who should more appropriately be called Dr. Freddy Crougar donning cannulas on each finger as a the man who can, and certainly will make your hellish nightmares come true.

    The reason he's so "famous" is because he fraudelently promotes himself at doctors conferences as the definitive pioneer and expert of fat grafting and doctors refer their patients to him.

    The proof really is in the pudding. I fell for his misleading before and afters but have yet to speak to one, just one person who had a normal and decent result. Even if they exist, it has no bearing on the extent of harm he's caused the ones like me who have been really screwed up by him.

    Letting this fraud perform surgery was the single most tragic event of my life and I still am unable to recover years later.

    117 days ago by Heather Morgan
    Coleman claims that the penis marking he made is unsubstantiated and is not part of public record. LIAR.

    He attempted to take down the website displaying this picture by sending that very picture which he took, from that patient's file, without this patient's consent, to GODADDY.COM and hypocritically claiming that he owned those photos, therefore only he had the rights to them.

    Not only do I smell fraud, I smell PSYCHO, criminal, someone who's willing to do and say anything to look out for himself.

    111 days ago by Dm
    Well my former partner (We're both gay) was very handsome and this Coleman guy made him look like those cavemen from the Geico Insurance commercials. He was so livid all he talked about was wanting to kill him. Either that or commit suicide.

    No attorney would take him because it was a plastic surgery case and they thought he actually asked to look that distorted.

    Maybe this Doctor Coleman should change his trademark from LIPOSTRUCTURE to GEICOSTRUCTURE!

    111 days ago by A. Venesky
    I am also a former patient of Coleman's. I was only in my early 20s when his lipostructure deformed me, although apparently not as badly as some others. My life isn't over, but i certainly have felt like it for many years. My cheeks and cheekbones are now oversized as is my brow, but i am getting treated by Dr. Lionel Bissoon, who does mesotherapy. (I also tried carboxy therapy and lymphatic massage, but nothing has worked yet.) I've only had my first treatment, but Dr. Bissoon has been able to get faces back. I would not only like to join the lawsuit against Coleman, but as a freelance journalist i would like to talk to others about their stories. I heard CBS was going to run a spot, but Coleman got it stopped.

    Please contact me at my email address if you can share any info with me.

    111 days ago by Annie Venesky
    Just wanted to note thatmy face was not damaged nearly as badly as others, which is why i was able to move on somewhat and go to journalism school, so don't be afraid to contact me, if you are afraid of being uncomfortable during an interview (which can also be by phone.)


    110 days ago by Heather Morgan
    Lipostructure is such a misnomer because it implies that volume is established through the careful insertion of small aloquats of fat such that each aloquat, undisturbed, can have a chance to attatch to blood supply and therefore become integrated into the tissues.

    Sydney Reese Coleman is a liar.

    Has anyone seen his training DVDs showing this technique performed on a sedated patient? He jabs the cannula in and out, in and out swiftly and carelesslyinto the patient's face, not much different than how surgeons routinely liposuction fat.

    If you are attempting to embed such miniscule, fragile parcels of fat to blood supply, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that fat is unlikely to even survive if the cannula is being thrust so violently into the face.

    Patients commonly complain his work is unfixable. Go on message boards. People have tried surgery, injections, cancer treatment injections and even after a few years the hard artificial swelling doesn't go down? Why?

    Wow, to me it seems that scar tissue or fibrosis is characteristic of what they're complaining about: weird tightness and swelling that doesn't go away for years, inability to contract facial muscles normally.

    Fluid edema does not last for years after a procedure folks!

    It seems to me that you can NOT help but create scar tissue when you jab a cannula into the face, into muscle tissue, all the way to the bone.


    and often, your downtime is for life with other perks such as social suicide, post traumatic stress syndrome, and deep, deep regret.

    Sydney Coleman's LIPOSTRUCTURE should be called FIBROSTRUCTURE, or scar tissue structure.

    I'm not alleging that the fat he grafts doesn't survive, but if it does, it sure as hell is not attatched to blood supply---it's cemented in a messy sea of scar tissue entrapping it. How do I know this? Because the doctor who cut his mess out of me actually showed me what he cut out and it's NOTHING like what Dr. Coleman claims it is. It was dead, ugly and asymmetrical.

    This man should be imprisoned for fraud, gross negligence, battery, assault and taking exorbitant cash payments from the patients whom he lured and convinced through his lies.

    I can't believe this psycho is now promoting fat grafting into breasts when even the ASPS and ASAPS don't approve. I don't know why they would want to keep such a poor excuse of a surgeon as a member as this discredits the entire profession.

    Dr. Sydney Crougar is a liability and travesty to the plastic surgery profession because of his impressive credentials and affiliations and his horrible work as well as his illegal conduct.

    110 days ago by Julio
    I'm sincerely sorry to hear of these disappointed Coleman patients. Let me briefly share my experience as a straight male and follow-up with a few questions.

    I'm a 3 time Coleman patient. I went to him for a number of improvements. Here are the results:

    Operation 1

    Goal: strenghten jawline and chin, rejuvenate area under eyelids, thicken lips, and improve asymetry.

    Result: Very nice improvements in all areas. Also, the procedure took approximately 5 years off my apparent age. The recovery was long and I looked like a monster the first 2 weeks but he clearly warned me about this beforehand. Anyway, I was very happy with the result. But I focused on my imperfections and wanted even more of what seemed like a good thing.

    Operation 2

    Goal: Further strengthen jawline and chin, even out lips and add a bit more volume, increase projection of upper malar area (his idea), strenghten nose, and add some volume to slightly deflated cheeks.

    Result: Jawline actually got worse, became more of a U shape with too much fat between skin and bone. Cheeks became a bit too round. Lips got bigger but remained uneven.

    Operation 3

    Goal: Re-create v-shape jawline, even out some slight surface irregularities, further strengthen nose, even out lips.

    Result: Improved nose (satisfied), lips a little too big now, but biggest problem is jawline. To work towards the V jawline, he didn't simply suction off what he did the second time. Instead, he added much more volume near the back corners of the jawline while suctioning jowl area in middle and adding a bit more to the chin. He told me he was going to do it this way and I thought he would know best. Now, my jaw looks squared off and the tissue near the back is clearly soft (not like a jaw implant).

    I want to share a balanced view based on my experience with this surgeon. I've gotten a mixed bag (some improvements but some areas which have gotten worse). If I had left it all after one operation, everything would have been better than the old me. And I must admit, I contributed to some of the problems by encouraging him to fill me on the aggressive side so that I could look younger.

    My honest opinion of this surgeon (before being exposed to any other patient opinions or experiences) is as follows:

    Weaknesses: Distorted aesthetic sense, especially his taste in jawlines. Since he seems to be on the aggressive side, I think he should clearly warn patients about the difficulties and challenges of reversing fat grafting. He didn't do that with me. Perhaps he also places too much trust in the ability of fat to improve all kinds of facial problems (recreating lost bone or substituting for an implant, filling-in nasolabial folds, etc.)

    Strengths: After three operations, I believe that most of the fat suvives long term and re-attaches itself to local blood supply. My face does feel smooth and normal (cannot feel any internal scars). I think he is excellent for very specific problems (lost fat in specific areas due to injury or disease, filling-in under eye hollows (especially victims of over-aggressive blepharplasties), and even some conservative jawline/chin augmentation for those with weaknesses in these areas who don't want implants. The fat also seems to last in lips. If a patient had to operate with this doctor, I would recommend he or she strongly emphasise that he wants to be corrected CONSERVATIVELY.

    Other thoughts: A lot of comments imply he purposefully destroys patients, perhaps due to some pyschological issues or anger against certain types of people. Well I certainly don't have enough information to agree or disagree with this opinion. I don't know any of his other patients and I only know him at all outside of the doctor/patient relationship. But it would seem to be very much against his own long term professional interest and put hime at great financial risk to behave so recklessly.

    Now for all you Coleman experts, I have a few questions:

    1. What is the best option for reversing select areas (jawline, over-filled area just above and outside nasolabial folds, buccal area)? Micro liposuction, mesotherapy, extreme weight loss, or even a few more years of aging and accompanied facial fat loss?

    2. For those of you who have had reversal procedures, please share your results. What doctors do you recommend for this and which method of the ones mentioned above?

    3. Do any of you have experience with the other Doc at Tribeca (Sobreiro)? What is your opinion of her fat grafting? Do you recommend having areas reversed with her and/or Dr. Coleman? Have any of you done partial reversals with them? Since they do both liposissolve and microsuction, which procedure yields a better aesthetic result? How well does the skin bounce back to its original state?

    110 days ago by Julio
    One more question: What ever happened to the support website ( It seems to have been suspended due to non-payment from its owner. I would like to look at it. Will it be re-opened or is there a similar site elsewhere with a new name? If so, what is the name?

    109 days ago by Heather Morgan

    You were VERY LUCKY.
    As I had mentioned it could be likely he does decent work on some patients without violating their consent and especially after the public outrage since 2005 I would not doubt he's being a lot more conservative.

    Your experience only confirms to me what I suspected all along: that he may be very capable of sincerely trying to create a natural outcome and this only strengthens, not weakens the fact that when he absolutely destroys patients, he's doing it intentionally, out of malice and is continuing to get away with it...probably by paying people off.

    That's the only rationale I can come up with as to why the 50+ Dept. of Health complaints were "thrown out".

    Oh gee, maybe it had something to do with the fact that his friend and fellow plastic surgeon Dr. Barrick was the person handling the complaints?

    Of course his negligence is not good for his career!

    He's probably the laughing stock of the industry now.

    What arrogance to call himself the " Michaelangelo of Fat ".
    He's a redneck from Galveston, Texas who is trying oh so hard to join the league of NY high society.

    He'd probably be more successful branding cattle since he seems to enjoy sadistic mutilation.

    He's probably exhausted trying to suppress everybody. The website was originally shut down because Coleman violated HIPPA laws by sending medical records to attempting to claim he owns the rights to the pictures being displayed.

    Tiring hiding so many lies upon lies isn't it Syd? I hear it's showing up in his appearance lately, that he's lost a lot of weight and looks sickly and red in the face from a rash-like condition.

    In life Syd, what you steal and is not yours to have, you may get it for a while but you won't keep it sweetheart. And believe me that collective payback from all the people who know what a vile, phony person you are will be nothing but tears for you in the same way you've caused so much grief for us, but in due time, in due time.

    So Julio, you sound fixable. Most people aren't.

    I met with and spoke with so many women whom he literally hacked. In on 87 pound older woman he left two deep symmetrical liposuction holes in each buttock cheek and made her look so unhuman that her husband left her, she couldn't work, and for the remainder of her life she told people that she was struck by a truck because it was the only believable explaination as to why she was so grossly battered, swollen, warped and inhuman-looking.

    This man belongs behind bars. I don't care if he's done hundreds of beautiful work.

    What he did to even just a few of his patients was way beyond the standard procedure, intentionals assault, battery and it is CRIMINAL.

    105 days ago by Jenny

    98 days ago by Corey Taylor Clegg
    I am pleased with Heather's comments, regarding Coleman's state of mind. He seemingly is begining to understand Karma, and apparently is keeping tabs on this post here. Heather, you have given me the strength to speak out one more time here. As there is something which I had forgotten to mention.

    Sydney, I "NEVER" gave permission for you to remove fat from my belly your attempt to create a sixpack look, like the picture that you shoved in front of my face...while I was about to go under, telling me that all of the models were now doing this? I thought it looked bizarre and distinctly recall...scrunching up my face with a look of distaste, which in itself would indicate disapproval. I liked my belly looking natural.

    You did not have the right to harm me and to alter my look. You have nearly destroyed me and I have suffered severe depression because of what you have done. Yes, suicide crossed my mind too. Yet, I am here still...stronger than ever. A force to be reckoned with, because those of us harmed by you have come together in a group...and we are not alone any longer. We are the voices of the truth and we shall prevent you from doing this to others. Your career must end, it is the only resolution.

    Although I have now I have learned to accept, the ughly crooked line that you created, which runs from my belly to between my breasts, I will never accept anything less, than your taking responsibility for having left me deformed. And may I ask, why was I under for seven hours, when I only requested fine lines minimized around my eyes and for plumping of my lips for a more youthful look? Was it $24, 000.00 that you were paid?

    And why has this post not been forced down? Because we are telling the truth.

    98 days ago by Corey Taylor Clegg
    Those researching Sydney Coleman, do not be taken in by his post... stating that he is in the process of taking legal measures against false claims being presented here. Listen with your heart to what we are sharing. Do not risk your safety, by believing his attempt at burying us even further. He can stall on that one forever. Meanwhile, he is being paid for experimenting on the unsupecting and vulnerable.

    Sydney Coleman, you were not there, when I so lost my sanity for a time... so much that when contemplating suicide, I informed my daughter that I was considering this. My child suffered and endured the trauma, not only of seeing her "Mother" disfigured, but was forced by live in constant fear of losing her as well!"

    I felt defeated before, but now I am strong enough to begin feeling angry over what you have done to me. I have that right and I just may post a few pictures of my own in time. They will not lie. It is so obvious that I went from a fairly attractive woman, to a hideous beast within seven hours under your Frankenstein/Hitler mindset. And I did not appreciate that you made me to feel unattractive, by stating that my facelift prior to your injections, did not do much to... enhance my appearance. Tell the patient they look terrible during a consultation, if that is what it takes to get them secured for you.

    And what was with your getting onyour knees before me, just as I was about to go into surgery, looking up into my eyes..telling me that I had a beautiful body? I was left very confused as you suddenly stood up and started pointing out multiple flaws on it and my face that you wanted to correct in a rapid fire fashion. Hear this again folks, I was under great stress, about to go in for surgery and he is making sales pitches to me, a zillion in a nono-second! You are no better than a sleazy dishonest car salesman. Worse even.

    People, find the courage to join in.. if Coleman has done this to you. You are not alone any longer.. he is going down! And you deserve to be here..waving good-bye!

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      19th of Jun, 2008
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    96 days ago by Heather Morgan
    Cory Taylor Clegg's story is like deja vu; like a cookie-cutter pattern of varying experiences that I've heard from so many different patients in so many variations and degrees of severity.

    He fed me the same lie that he would make my stomach look more attractive and toned.

    Let me tell you that he made me so emaciated looking that I literally would get sick looking at what he had done to me. He hacked my inner thighs, took fat from my pubic bone and even some tissue out of my vagina. Yes, vagina.

    This is personal but people need to know.

    After my surgery my outer labia would always slant to one side and later when I heard another patient tell me that Coleman took every ounce of tissue 360 degrees from her vagina, leaving her outer labia protruding like an appendige, or in her words, made her look as if she had a small penis, a lightbulb went off in my head and I forced myself to shave and "observe" to see if this was the reason why my outer labia kept going to one side. Sure enough one side was flatter than the other accounting for this peculiar asymmetry. Although he didn't suck tissue dry the way he did with that woman, like I said, varying degrees of severity, yet still the same act of violation and in my opinion symbolic sexual mutilation.

    He was supposed to take fat from nowhere near this area, but did it anyways. Wow, fine line between having a big ego and playing God...just because you can?

    Another disturbing pattern: he literally yelled at me on the day of my surgery while I was naked in my robe. I passed it off as irritation over my nervous need to reiterate our game plan before the final surgery. Then he completely lit up when he got on his knees before my naked body marking me swiftly, became very "happy", very friendly. He looked almost sheepish and red in the face. I thought this behavior very odd.

    People always wonder why his patients don't sue him and why such an unscrupulous person is still practicing. I think most patients are embarrassed and ashamed;defeated. I was either extremely depressed or very angry but when one's physical identity is changed overnight one is completely bogged down with the task of attempting to reverse or fix it.

    Secondly, malpractice attorneys generally do not take plastic surgery cases because it's "elective". It's costly for them and not big money generally. This has got to change. Plastic surgery is a booming industry yet poorly regulated, an open invitation for cesspools of frauds and predatory hacks like Coleman.

    Thirdly, with plastic surgery lawsuits, other plastic surgeons are generally unwilling to speak out about the doctor even if they know how unscrupulous he or she is. You can't proceed with a lawsuit without an expert witness. This leaves the patient foisted in a helpless, defeated position from the start regardless of whether or not the poor outcome was due to an honest mistake on the part of a surgeon, or a history of gross negligence.

    Sydney Coleman knows how the system works and is continuing to inflict his opportunistic modus operandi, albeit in varying degrees of severity, to varying patients, perhaps even sparing a few...why?

    A l l b e c a u s e h e c a n.

    Those of you considering breast augmentation with lipostructure please, um, don't. In 2007 the ASPS and ASAPS went so far as to issue a warning against it. It's simply not proven to be safe and Coleman patients know firsthand that he's very aggressive in kicking up scar tissue. This man is so unscrupulous he's going against the grain of common medical sense! To attempt to put fat, which has a high concentration of stem cells in an organ that's already a doosey as far as being a classic caner-prone organ. Even family practice MDs know this.

    I know how hard it is to walk with your head up when people no longer react to your attempt to communicate facially, even look away in discomfort or disgust. It's virtually impossible not to spiral. But let's be clear here. Elective or not, he must inform you of the TRUE risks involved, the probable outcome and alternatives. Furthermore to operate on areas without your consent is assault and battery.

    If other plastic surgeons who treat Coleman patients are reading this, please ask yourself if what Coleman does to people would be acceptable if the patient was a family member, close friend, or even yourself. Maybe some of these patients seem to deserve it. Maybe they seem cookey or irritating and it seems a draining, fruitless task to help them. But no one deserves to have their life destroyed over a greedy plastic surgeon like Coleman. Money is not everything in life and the effects of the suffering go beyond just the patient. My aging parents suffered as much, grieving the absence of their daughter and her change from a hopeful, bright-eyed person to someone whose cynicism nearly led to suicide. My kids suffered immensely from my financial loss.

    Please help if you can. Speak out. This man may not be killing people on the O.R. table, but what he's doing to people may as well be considered "death by a thousand cuts". Other plastic surgeons can't really help you, another cut. Your lover is no longer attracted to you, another cut. Lawyers don't want your case, another cut. You're humiliated by the smirks and pity glances of your co-workers, another cut.

    Please keep the industry reputable and standardized by speaking out against him, if not motivated by any but knowing that someone as highly certified as he is discrediting the likes of those plastic surgeons who are honest and do things the hard but right way even if it means less money and less recognition. Consumers are told that if a plastic surgeon is board certified, you're at least in the clear for unscrupulous, risky outcomes. If board certification doesn't mean a damn thing, where does this leave the surgeons who deserve the certification when it's stained by those who don't? A real shame.

    96 days ago by Heather Morgan
    I forgot to add that another reason patients are unsuccessful pursuing malpractice lawsuits against Coleman in particular is because many patient fall into a psychology of being confused in a transition state with the infiltrated areas monstrously swollen, as often warned by Coleman and his staff, to being misled that you must wait at least 3-4 months for the
    "final" result.

    You may experience a mixed bag from believing that your swollen face will in fact subside to the desired outcome you and he had discussed, to noting that he had operated on certain areas without your consent but that perhaps, just perhaps they were innocuous oversights on his part intended to subtley enhance the areas you consented to.

    As a patient, you're at
    a disadvantage, completely dependent on him. It took me only a few days to realize he had taken fat from areas I never consented to, but it took me at least 6-7 months to realize that I wasn't an isolated case of bad luck from a good surgeon, but that I had been truly defrauded and violated when a doctor told me I had considerable internal scar tissue. It took me even longer to realize he had infiltrated my facial muscle layer, and it took me almost 2 years before I realized he had removed some tissue from my vagina. The more I learned, the more I realized how much he had deviated from standard procedure.

    Many patients may not even know what hit them. They know he did a terrible job, and was reckless, but that may be the extent of it.

    Some patients know immediately after surgery, for example, patients who had their entire face done when only small fragments were requested.

    In my case, it was far more insidious. He stayed within the boundaries of the facial markings, but absolutely made a puffy asymmetrical mess of them, and I spent a few months praying it would look normal, praying because after all he's certified by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, presumably one of the strictest boards for aesthetic standards.

    Hmmm, patient + Lipostructure = Neanderthal/bells Palsy/transvestite face. You do the math.

    The biggest irony is that Coleman patients often go to him because they won't risk getting messed up by any plain Joe plastic surgeon.

    Who can criticize this thinking: here's a permanent and natural result that a highly certified surgeon is promising to be the newest development in soft tissue augmentation, he specializes in that and only that, other doctors hear his lectures and claims and therefore refer patients to him, he charges up to 5x more than any surgeon because his special technique is more labor-intensive and detailed. The patient meets him in person and he impresses you with the level of precision to his meticulous attention to details, photographing you from every which angle, verbally assuring you he will perform towards the goal you are seeking. Wow, with that sort of pre-op assurance, who wouldn't fall for it?

    96 days ago by Chris Snyder
    I have been a patient of Dr. Coleman’s for over ten years, and I have had three procedures done by him. He has placed fat in almost every area of my face now, and I people compliment me on my appearance frequently. Admittedly, I had to have a little adjustment after the second procedure to add some more fullness and take some away, but he has been great at working with me to adjust the results to satisfy me.
    During the last ten years, I have referred three close friends who all had good experiences and many acquaintances. The recovery period is admittedly difficult, but the results as far as I know have all been great. For instance, one of my friends had bad eyelid surgery by other doctors and she thought that she could never be corrected. It took Dr. Coleman two procedures to correct her, but she now looks normal.
    Because of the procedures I had done, I have been in his waiting room frequently, and have spoken to numerous patients. Although no one likes the recovery, the ones that I saw that are a few months out look great even if they are complaining about tiny problems. I just don’t understand how this could be the same doctor.

    96 days ago by Heather Morgan
    Unfortunately, it is the same doctor. I'm relieved to hear that you and others were satisfied with the outcome, which leads me to believe that he absolutely cherry picks the ones he takes advantage by disfiguring them sometimes beyond recognition.

    Perhaps these are patients he personally doesn't like? Maybe he' got a psychological disorder that reacts visciously to certain types of people? I don't have the answers. I can only speak for my nightmarish experience as well as the others who claim similar to worse results. I suppose he knows he can't destroy every patient or he surely would be out of business but,

    but, you can't discount the puzzling, bizarre question as to why so many have been so grossly disfigured. As any predator, I'm sure he sizes up his "patients" and if he determines that they're vulnerable enough to not go after him, maybe he feels more freely to do whatever the hell he wants to them.

    I'm not discounting your experience. As a matter of fact, I've been looking for satisfied Coleman patients for a very long time and if you are willing to share your procedure Iwould be very interested to know what he did differently to you versus many others who ended up deformed, beside themselves with disbelief that someone so highly renown could do such a careless job. Please explain! This would be very useful in determining his motivation as to why you're special and we're not.

    Nonetheless, your positive experience HAS NOTHING TO DO with those like me who were violated and disfigured.

    It doesn't matter if you don't believe or are incapable of believing this.
    Opinion is subjective, and free. Facts of real events that happened to real patients are sacred. You can't touch that.

    Oh gee, where's this much smoke there can't be fire? Perhaps y the fire "jumped" past and spared you. Perhaps he especially took care of you andyour friends because he simply liked you...gee, what standards he upholds!

    I do know that he has no regard for many of his patients whatsoever. They are just cash wallets to him and most importantly, he's a ###. He falsified a large part of mymedical records and retouched my photos, oh yes, as well as several others.

    Yep, we're just all crazy here, have nothing better to do with our lives, and are just making all this up because he's just one of millions of surgeons, yet too special and important of to stop talking about. How delightfully productiveand enjoyable bearing this cross of having to think of someone as worthy and emotionally palatable as he...but, we must all have nothing better to do with ourtime!

    95 days ago by Chris Snyder
    Heather, I must admit that your last paragraph is the most rational statement you’ve made so far on this complaint board.

    You and your cohorts on the board here seem to have some bizarre sexual fixation on Dr. Coleman. You are going on about what you have heard about Dr. Coleman’s sexual life, his extracurricular activities, his activities at the gym and what type of shape he is in, even a rash on his face? You and our friends are extensively discussing your vaginas…what is up with that? And you are describing many situations such as Dr. Coleman getting on his knees before you before going into surgery to tell you that you have a beautiful body. You think he draws penises on patients as a recreation activity?

    You and Corey appear to be sharing some sort of sick sexual fantasy on this board which has nothing to do with any complaint about Dr. Coleman.

    Also from your extensive ravings, I can see that you and Corey must have gone to attorneys, who could not see any problems other than your sexual fantasies, or you two would have sued him if he did even one of the things about which you accuse him.

    I am surprised that such obvious sexual fantasies about a physician are allowed on a complaint board. I know personally that Dr. Coleman has done some great work, and am very disturbed that statements like have been made on this board are not better censored. If there is an actual complaint it is not easy to see, only these women’s sexual fantasies.

    95 days ago by Julio
    Thanks for contributing some balance Chris. I asked a lot of what I thought were constructive questions in my first post but recieved no response from any of the other patients other than a further rant against Coleman. I also emailed the party asking for all dis-satisfied patients to come forward (with similar questions) and recieved no reply.

    For those patients who consider themselves victims, I feel for you, honestly and sincerely. And as I stated before, my own results created some new problems post 2nd and 3rd procedure (hence my questions). But the way you're going about complaining just detracts from your credibility.

    Why not describe specifically what happened from start to finish, and even add before and after photos if you are willing to compromise your privacy (of course if not, that is completely fair and reasonable, I know I would not share my own pictures). If you are completely honest, you have nothing to fear. If I am not mistaken (I'm no lawyer or expert on the law), it is your legal right to share your own experiences and your own before and after photos in a public forum as well as sharing.

    And for those of you who have been damaged, please also discuss some of your experiences with revision surgery (either by Coleman, Saboeiro, or other docs). I've read a patients (on the facialplasticsurgery forum) who had some of the fat in over-filled areas cut-out before having a mid-face lift and other procedures (I believe the doc was Yarmechuk). So far, she is happy and her after photos look nice (still have some swelling though so I think its too easy to judge for sure).

    Its clear that you want him to be severly punished. But what's less clear is what exactly happened (the whole process of your surgery(ies) and what victims have done in revision procedures to reduce the damage.

    95 days ago by Heather Morgan
    Chris, were you paid by Coleman to post to divert attention away from how he's mutilated countless people?

    Your accusation that we all are just crazy and have a sexual fixation on that ugly man... is so utterly absurd and laughable, who's the irrational one here?

    You don't even deserve a response so you can discount the rest of this post because I'm not even addressing someone who jumps to ridiculous heights, or shall I say lows of accusations obviously intended to discredit our experiences and take the spotlight off the real issue at hand.

    The truth of the matter is that other plastic surgeons all know the tragedy of what Coleman is doing to people because they all treat them.

    I don't mention names for obvious reasons!

    I've had more than three well known plastic surgeons tell me they see a slew of unhappy Coleman patients.

    When asked which other surgeons treat Coleman patients, two out of these told me, "We ALL see them".

    One thing I'll reluctantly agree with this Chris Snyder ### accusing me of salivating over the founder of Lipostructure, is that my last post may have not made sense because of some grammatical errors and quite a few misspellings. I was sleep-deprived. Now, of course that was because I was up late masturbating "Oh YES Dr. Sydney Coleman, Stick that Cannula in me, go 'head, more deformation, yeah deform me big daddy please!".

    Correction on the equation in a previous post:

    Patient + ASAPS certified specialist =
    Neanderthal, Bells Palsy, Transvestite face.

    95 days ago by Erin D
    I have had an extremely positive experience with Dr. Coleman, and as Julio said, I am relieved to see some sane, balanced comments on this complaint board.

    I had over 10 operations on my nose before I went to Dr. Coleman two years ago. My last two operations were by Jack Gunter and before him by Jack Sheen, two of the super specialist in nose surgery. After Dr. Gunter finished, my nose was still not normal looking and the skin was so thin that you could see every slight irregularity and many big divots. When people would meet me, it was the first thing they noticed.

    I could tell that Dr. Gunter did not want to operate on my nose again, especially with my very thin skin. At my last visit with him, he mentioned that Dr. Coleman was an option, so I flew to New York City. Coleman was extremely cautious, warning that he could improve my nose at least somewhat and maybe a lot. He suggested to place a thin layer of fat over many areas of my nose and try to reshape it. He said that the results were not totally predictable, but hopefully the repair cells in fat might help the scarring in my nose.

    He frightened me with his warnings about the possibility of a prolonged recovery and possible complications. Because I was so worried, I decided not to have the procedure with him. I went to several famous nose doctors all over and none of them would touch my nose.

    Out of desperation, I eventually decided have the procedure that he recommended on my nose. Also, I had a bad eyelid lift years ago, and my eyes were hollow, so I had him put fat in the hollows around my eyes. He took the fat from the inside part of my thighs.

    The recovery was much less than Dr. Coleman had prepared me for. My nose actually looked great even swollen, and the eyes were a much longer recovery than the nose. With makeup, I think the eyes must have looked slightly swollen but still great at three or four weeks. The final shape of my nose and eyes has improved incredibly; the nose is by no means perfect but much improved. But the amazing thing is the skin of my nose and eyes. The skin of the nose looks like a normal thickness and the wrinkles around my eyes are almost all gone!

    I moved to London right after the operation, so I haven’t been back to see Dr. Coleman. He told before he operated on me that I would need another procedure, and I agree. There is one little area of my lower eye that I think could use a tiny bit more fat, and several areas on the nose that could be a little better. I am planning on having another procedure sometime when I can afford the time and money. I hope my positive experience can add a little balance to this crazed complaint board.

    95 days ago by Erin D
    Oh, one last thing. Recently, I tried to talk a friend into going to see Dr. Coleman. She has a birth defect that she has had operated on many times. From what I remember about Dr. Coleman’s work, I hope his type of fat grafting might really help her out.

    She came across this board somehow, and has refused to even call Dr. Coleman’s office to schedule an appointment because of the wild crazy things that the people on this board are saying. I am very upset and have wanted to relate my experience for over a week.

    However, I have been terrified of injecting any comment into the rantings of Corey and Heather, for fear of being attacked, which it looks like they are doing to anyone who says anything that is not supportive of their negativity.

    I am particularly bothered by their direct second person statements to Dr. Coleman. For example, “Tiring hiding so many lies upon lies isn't it Syd?” “In life Syd, what you steal and is not yours to have, you may get it for a while but you won't keep it sweetheart.” “Sydney, I "NEVER" gave permission…” These bizarre second person comments combined with the long discussion of their vaginas is definitely on the frightening, crazy side.

    They seem to relate personality disorders and potential psychosis rather than honest complaints.

    95 days ago by Heather Morgan

    You had 10 surgeries on your nose and then more? Who's the crazy one here?

    Wow, I find it very interesting that while Coleman patients who were not so lucky on this complaints board have absolutely no interest in denying the positive experiences of those who claim good results, as being both truthful and honestly satisfied with their outcomes.

    Yet I find it even more interesting that those who claim good results have such antagonistic hostility towards those who had negative experiences.

    Hello? This is a complaints board, so obviously those who have had bad experiences are using it as the only forum to inform and warn others of their experience, especially since Coleman managed to shut down the other website displaying lawsuit information and actual photos of actual patients who were grossly disfigured.

    Now, why would anybody who has had such a positive experience with Dr. Coleman attempt to completely deny those who did not have such positive experiences?

    If you truly want to hear from both sides, I would suggest stick to plastic surgery message boards and chat rooms where you will surely get a variety of opinions other than "complaints".

    I think it odd that people with great results would so quickly judge those with bad results as being crazy. Actually, if you are so adamant about sharing your good results, why not volunteer your testimonials for Coleman's website, because that's exactly what your post sounds like.

    95 days ago by Corey Taylor Clegg
    Heather, Do not take it personally, these mindless statements. There is nothing wrong with any of your postings. I find them to be very clear and concise. And do not feel the need to apologize, for being the beautiful and honest person that you are. This is an obvious...all out attack on your person. Now why would a happy patient even be here and not instead...out enjoying life? Intentional slander my friend. It is about to backfire now. OOPS?

    I am not offended, but more finding myself rather go to Kinko's or Staples tomorrow and have some pictures put on disk. Upload and present. That will be for you Heather, for your healing. So to prevent any more trauma. I am beyond being traumatized, so to post pictures will be fine with me. This will stop the bullying. I never liked bullies.

    By the way Chris and Erin, I find the both of you to be insulting gossips, lacking in depth and compassion...which leaves me to question...who are you serving here? Mankind or Coleman? And please, the thought of Coleman being anything other than?...someone I sought help from as my surgeon...really is enough to cause some giggling over here. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I do not find Sydney to be attractive, sensual, intriguing in any way...which would cause me to want to hook up so to speak. He is most definitely not my type, no chemistry here..."NOT"...for sure. Laughing/Smiling.

    Heather, you have shared so much insight and it is very helpful for all. Thank you. Please connect directly with me if you would? Would love to know you. Together, one day...we shall be waving good-bye to Coleman. His career will be over soon, with "Divine Intervention." The sixties? It was a time for learning tolerance for individuality. We are now in the time of..."THE TRUTH SHALL BE KNOWN!" Look at the world around you and take notice how this is occuring.

    "First they ignore you- then they laugh at you and hate you-then they fight you-then you win."
    ~Henri Rousseau

    95 days ago by Heather Morgan
    I actually missed Erin's most recent post about how she finds addressing Coleman directly and talking about "our" ( actually only I spoke of how he took tissue out of ) vaginas as being
    "frightening and crazy".

    I would agree 100%. What he did to me and others was frightening and crazy. The act itself. Talking about it is not crazy, although I'm sure it's frightening to hear about. I was absolutely sick to my stomach when I discovered he had done this to me.

    You want to know about frightening and crazy? I often thought to myself that the almost 30, 000 $ I paid Coleman to hack me, I would've gladly paid double, triple that just to have him NOT perform surgery on me.

    And, I often thought to myself that I honestly would rather have had him physically rape me than to rape my identity, my life, my subsequent fininacial losses, my ability to ever feel safe and normal again because at least I could keep my pain private without having it advertised daily through my ugly, warped face. I was attractive before, and he made me look like an androgynous transvestite with asymmetry from the left to ride sides. Now since you don't believe anything written on this board, why don't you just leave us alone and get opinions from broader message boards? No one is haggling you about or doubting your experience. ??

    94 days ago by Nolan
    If I may interject as a neutral person who had considered Coleman at one point and decided against it for various reasons, it may well be that people complaining about him cannot share details of p.surgeons they've been treated by, nor disclose too personal information because they may be trying to sue him, as expressed by many on this board, in which case no p. surgeon will ever help them if they print public information identifying them. I went through a similar ordeal with another p.surgeon so I understand the desire to want to forewarn others yet keep critical information private.

    94 days ago by Heather Morgan
    Thank you Nolan! I see you "get" it.

    Cory, loved that quote-one of my favorites. Thanks for the encouragement too. I didn't take any of those comments by Coleman, err, I mean Chris to heart. I cannot contact anyone directly for legal reasons right now but I will be in touch with you personally.

    Hey, meanwhile, how 'bout a threesome with you, me and a male hooker resembling Sydney? We can incorporate an operating table, his Freddy Crougar cannulas, hey, and you know what would really turn me on? Have him dress up like Freddy Crougar in that hat and black and white striped shirt.

    LOL! I have to thank Coleman, err, I mean Chris for giving me one hell of a laugh today.

    94 days ago by Corey Taylor Clegg
    Sorry, never tried a threesome, never watch horror movies. Never allowed them in the house while raising my daughter. Life has enough horrors, do not need to emulate any. I understand your trying to make light of this Heather. There is nothing light of it. I will be posting pictures so that you will never be put in this position again. Waiting to hear from help me figure out how? Not too computer savvy here. Love and Hugs to you.

    94 days ago by Gary Gab
    I am also a Coleman patient with a very negative experience.
    I am posting on this board because it said it was created "by the people for the people"

    It is obvious all "complaints" posted on this board are an attempt to warn people about Dr. Coleman, to protect people from future harm...Maybe you should be thankfull someone is trying to warn you! if you listen or not is entirely up to you!

    The problem is, if you refuse to listen and Coleman ends up harming you. You will have no one to blame but yourself, the writing is on the wall read it!

    My story

    I was lied to, overcharged over injected over sedated and disfigured by a Dr. Coleman.
    His marketing and people skills made me trust him and I believed him.
    I did everything right, I checked his credentials paid his exuberant fees because I thought he was the best.

    Post surgery
    I was so disfifured I had to go into hiding for over a year, unable to work and completely traumatized. Dr. Coleman had changed me inside and out. Consequently it ended my marriage.

    To my surprised none of the associations he belongs to took any responsibility for endorsing him.
    The NYDOH said they knew about what Dr. Coleman was doing but did nothing about it.

    The bottom line is.
    There is nobody watching over you.
    If you allow him to put you to sleep he will do whatever he wants
    with you.

    By experience I am sure that by now Dr. Coleman is very aware of this site and he is doing his very best trying to shut it down, at the same time he might be also posing as a patient with a "positive experience" to create a " balance".

    By the way It is common knowledge that in order to lipo fat from a woman's inner thighs, Dr. Coleman goes thru the vagina and not from the inner thigh itself.

    That is why the women in this post are talking about their private parts, IS NOT because they are " HOT" for Coleman to the contrary they are "APPALLED" by him and his actions.

    94 days ago by Julio
    I sure didn't mean to ruffle any feathers or downplay injuries suffered by the patients on this board. It sounds like some people have been disfigured to the point of having their mental health affected as well. If you are as hideous as you claim, I can fully understand this. And it’s a shame that today's society judges people so heavily by their physical appearance. In so many face-to-face service oriented jobs, you would find it impossible to perform with an even somewhat ugly appearance.

    As a repeat patient myself, I'm trying to figure out some explanation for this and get a discussion going on treatment prospects.

    Here are two hypotheses for why some patients turn out with bad such results:

    1. This doctor, as some of you claim, is sick and intentionally harms select patients surgically and/or abuses them physically.

    2. This doctor uses his practice as a research lab and patients as guinea pigs to test new and unproven surgical techniques. Moreover, his aesthetic sense is somewhat divergent from the mainstream.

    I have no way to know whether or not No. 1 is true. As for No. 2, I have thought about a few issues which might lend it support:

    a. This doctor pioneered his signature techniques (permanent fat grafting) when the cosmetic surgery establishment claimed it was impossible for more than a tiny fraction of transplanted fat to survive. In order to figure out what worked, I doubt he got so lucky to get it right with his first few patients (think about how many filaments Thomas Edison had to try before he found one suitable for a light-bulb – well over 1, 000). He also seems extremely meticulous about taking before photos and encouraging patients to return after 6 months, 1 yr, 3 yrs., etc. for after photos under the same conditions. In the old days, this was very rare. Finding a way to make transplanted fat last long-term and having a large portfolio of before and after photos to prove his results made him very famous in the medical community. This in turn boosted his reputation and enabled him to patent some of his tools (large cannulas). His business flourished with referrals from other docs, impressive before and afters to attract more patients, and royalties from sales of his tools.

    b. Now that permanent fat grafting is widespread, he is looking for new innovation opportunities. One of these has been stem cell research. Perhaps he was hoping that injecting massive amounts of fat rich with stem cells into faces would take 20 years or more off their appearance instead of just distorting them. Another is breast augmentation. I remember an earlier poster which connected the stem cell issue to cancer risk. Now I’m no doctor, but this made a lot of sense to me. Finally, I believe this doctor is using mesotherapy, a controversial and unproven technique, for correcting over-filled areas of the face.

    Other more general comments:

    1. For whatever reason, there seems to be a general consensus on the cosmetic surgery boards I follow that this doctor over-fills.

    2. I am almost sure April Smith’s claim (“His fat grafts do not last at all…”) is wrong. From my own experience as well as that of numerous other posters on cosmetic surgery boards, his fat grafts do last. Ironically, that has turned out to be the real problem for many of his patients.

    3. Yes, this is a complaints board. But it’s not a hate board. It serves a great function to for prospective patients/customers to learn the easy way (from other people’s mistakes and misfortune). If you stick to objective facts, you will also succeed in punishing this doctor as patients will indeed be scared away. And if it makes you feel any better, I do believe his reputation has already suffered a lot. I see lots of posts on cosmetic surgery forums asking about fat grafting. A handful of docs are often recommended (including Coleman’s partner Saboeiro), but rarely Coleman. If you rant and attack others, you just end up alienating people from your cause.

    Finally, I realize that by requesting information on possible remedies to fat grafting problems, I probably over-stepped the boundaries of this board. But I figured, since it might be useful for many on this board, nobody would mind.

    94 days ago by Heather Morgan
    Julio, I fully understand your line of thinking from a Coleman patient who has had satisfactory results and is speculating on why he seems to be so highly regarded yet is the only board certified surgeon who has managed to have a mob of patients after him.

    We undeniably are sounding off because of several reasons.

    In 2006, a large group of people including myself, filed a "class" complaint with the NY Department of Health. I personally spoke to the plastic surgeon Dr. Barrick, who admitted that he was so inundated with complaints against Dr. Coleman, that he literally had to clear another desk just to store the files.

    No investigation happened. He was never disciplined. Our certified letters were never responded to.

    Also in 2006, a group of patients flew from all over the U.S. to be interviewed by CBS for a segment on how Sydney Coleman had grossly deformed people while promoting his piousness to the rest of the world. Here is a surgeon repeatedly claiming to fix iatrogenic liposuction deformities caused by other doctors and yet I saw firsthand, his "revision" on a woman present that day was shockingly reckless, abnormal, and unsightly. That segment went all the way to completion, got the okay, and suddenly never aired. CBS now claims all the film and records were thrown out. Very fishy. Sometime this year, CBS instead featured Coleman's new marketing focus on breast Lipostructure which is featured on his website.

    The website was shut down by Coleman initially but I believe the owner regained the right to put it back up, but for unknown reasons has yet to.

    As you know from being on many message boards, you are not allowed to openly accuse a surgeon of bad work unless you post pictures. Most who have had good plastic surgery are reticent in alerting the world via the good ole internet that they so much as had a procedure so you can imagine how difficult it is for those who have been deformed to want to display their embarrassing looks to the whole world. Currently, this site is the only outlet for warning people about how dangerous Dr. Sydney Coleman can be and if one day you no longer find it, rest assured Coleman succeeded in shutting this one down too.

    As for April Smith's contention that her fat graft did not last, I would deduce that either Dr. Sydney Coleman hadn't made enough "passes" to kick up scar tissue or that her body simply was not prone to prolific scar formation, or that for unknown reasons Coleman did not use enough fat, which in itself would be highly questionable since he seemed to have taken enough out of her since she claimed he harvested multiple areas without her consent.

    The latter is of concern in my case as well, why he took such unneccesarily large volumes of fat out of my thin frame, without my consent when I had requested such few areas of augmentation and in such small amounts to have that subtle "refreshed" look without others being able to pinpoint exactly why.

    He is affiliated with Cytori Stem Cell research company.

    I don't know about you, but judging from his unscrupulous conduct and his peculiar pattern of patients often complaining of him taking large amounts of fat from areas they never consented to, this doesn't sound good to me at all.

    These are the "facts". I had mentioned in a previous post, don't take my word for all of this, nor Sydney Coleman's word for it. All of what I mentioned is public record, can be confirmed, and if you want to hear from Sydney Coleman patients who had experiences that didn't destroy their lives, plastic surgery message boards would be a wiser choice. I know of one woman who was satisfied with his work, but she claims it took two years for her "swelling" to go down and the unsettling waiting period was so stressful that it wasn't worth it. She firmly tells posters to stay away from him, as there were other issues regarding his inappropriate conduct relating to nudity.

    Again, no one on this board is attempting to perpetuate hate. Of course those who were violated express bitterness. Wouldn't you if he violated you? Violating someone after knocking them out and rendering them helpless under anesthesia is the ultimate cowardly form of violation. Trust me when I say you would have to be stupid or insane to not want to retaliate when you wake up having your identity changed, warped overnight.
    Had he done what he did to me to my kids or my own mother, all bets would be off as far as what I would do to this man. I don't feel "better" that his reputation is ruined. Most of us are beyond revenge. Justice is what we're seeking. For him to stop lying, stop hurting people, stop suppressing the truth, and pay back what he owes to the ones he's hurt. Very simple.

    Julio, you say we should stick to objective facts. That's virtually impossible in relaying a personal experience with this surgeon. That would mean we would have to upload copies of our identities, medical records, pictures etc. This is the task of attorneys. As I said, do your own research, come to your own conclusions but don't expect open divulgement of "facts" specific to individual posters. If you're that interested, go to the courts and read deposition scripts of all malpractice lawsuits brought against him. They are public record.

    I will reiterate, we are expressing our opinions. No one is forcing a gun to your head to read it or believe it. Arrive at your own conclusions.

    But allow posters with "complaints" to be able to share them without being accused of being crazy, or unbelievable because our bits and pieces of experiences and emotional reactions to them are being described. Are we supposed to upload an affidavit from a psychologist to be able to do this? I mean, come on.

    94 days ago by Corey Taylor Clegg
    Julio, I do not know when you were born, but when I was a teenager, women's breast implants with silicone.. often ended up looking and feeling like hard coke cans as the fat settled in. Leaked throughout the body causing serious illness and harm to many... while surgeons knowingly continued this practice irregardless. Since when? does anyone on this planet nowadays... have so much trust in the medical establishment? Your making excuses for Coleman...causes me question your reasons for being here and I encourage others to do the same.

    I do not find you to be helpful and wonder over your lack of consideration for peoples concerns here. There is nothing to figure out? This is not about hypothesis, theories, your guessing or pondering... it is about exposing the truth. Please refrain from taking up peoples valuable time. We have lost enough of our lives already, every minute is precious. You give much detail in promoting Coleman and questioning those harmed.

    I could not find a doctor to touch me after he worked on me, they were too afraid... to even go near his mess. One surgeon told me that in California, he went to a conference where they warned..."fat from the thighs can "GROW" in the face!" HHMMM? I would imagine Coleman knows this? And to say that you do not believe adding insult to inury. There is a bit of a sadistic (unresoved ussues on your part) tone in your Coleman. HHMMM Again?

    Pointing out that people have had their mental health affected? Stating that society judges people and you understand, yet then go on to state that it must be difficult to perform with even a somewhat ughly face? What compells you to be so unkind? From the perspective of one of the injured...I feel it is for share our innermost feelings and thoughts about our own personal experiences, not for you an outsider... to feign compassion... being it under the guise of concern and wonder... question our spekaing the truth here. Your insensitivity betrays your "Faux Pa" in much of this. Speaking of an undercurrent of hate? Re-think on your own words and how they are taken.

    The first step to enlightenment is knowing that you are an "Expletive"... then you can do something about it. I am informing you that you are being such. Now you can do something about it. I am not angry, more miffed by your actions.

    94 days ago by Heather Morgan
    As far as one's mental health being affected by having a plastic surgeon grossly deform your face...

    Of course it would be affected!

    You're absolutely sane if your sanity becomes shaky after something as traumatic as waking up from surgery looking like a butt-faced ###! Worse, it's unfixable!

    Particularly mind-blowing when you've meticulously done your research, meticulously expressed the desired outcome, and felt safe in the hands of someone board certified and acknowledged by other doctors as a pioneer and specialist.

    If you're not mentally affected, you've got to be abnormal, a little off kilter to begin with (who comes to mind his nurse Donna whom I don't think realizes looks freaky and whose stoic demeanor strikes me as a classic Prozac zombie).

    Think about it folks. No, seriously think about it. How would YOU react if the worst cases we're relating here happened to you? And please do not even deny that your first thought is, "I'd kill the ###", even if you never actually would do it. If this is not your first reaction, you must be masochistic or have a low I.Q..

    I'll promise you one thing, you would never feel quite like "you" again, and you surely will not walk tall.

    It's so highly traumatic that previously well-adjusted people have had to go on medication.

    I had always been a health-conscious athlete, carrying myself with confidence and dignity. I worked out at least every other day. No drugs, alcohol in moderation.

    After Coleman mutilated me, I became so traumatized that I developed fears and phobias I never had before. Leaving the house just to retrieve my mail was impossible on some days and I began self-medicating with alcohol. I stopped working out because my body disgusted and depressed me and I was mortified at the thought of running into anyone I knew. It was like being under house arrest, a prisoner in my own body and home. For years, literally.

    So those who have been deformed severely by Coleman and are still surviving, give yourselves some credit. You may be on medication because of what he did to you, but so what?

    You're doing what you have to survive day to day. I was able to undo some of what he did to me. It took years, and there were times I was so exhausted, so angry that my life consisted of spending time and money on fixing myself when I had such a promising future ahead of me. That was rudely thwarted by having to undergo non-stop procedures...all to just be presentable again? It made me sick to watch the years go by with my life and career on hold because of what this man did to me.

    Being traumatized is NOT the same as being crazy.

    Look up the definiton of post-traumatic stress syndrome for a better understanding of what Coleman victims go through, rather than accusing us of having "sexual fantasies" or being "crazy".

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  • Co
      19th of Jun, 2008
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    94 days ago by Julio
    Wow, I must admit, I am naive about how the 'system' seems to work. If there are dozens of angry patients damaged by the same doc, I would have thought they would have some impact. Presumably, some of these patients must have money and wield influence given the cost of such surgeries. But I was recently shocked to read about the Dr. Michael Evans Sachs case. This high profile Manhattan doc had settled a whopping 33 malpractice lawsuits and had more outstanding. But it was only after he contributed to a woman's death that he was brought down (forced to surrender his medical license). So it looks like under the current system, patients have virtually no power, even when they organize together against a specific surgeon.

    A lot of lessons can be learned from Dr. Coleman's upset patients. I used to think that specialists were the best because they minimize the risk. If you want a bleph, go to a guy who only does eyes. Ditto for implants, nose jobs, and even fat grafting.

    Now I am realizing that there are different types of risks to consider. Yes, the more procedures a surgeon has done and the more focused he is, the higher the chance he had developed strong technical skills. But character and ethics come into play a lot more than I expected. A lot of these docs must have enormous egos given their money, education, and power over people. Oversized egos can distort values over time.

    And finally, there's aesthetics. Specialists may run the risk of being too myopic and missing the bigger picture. There are some surgeons out there who do a lot of different things but seem to have a great sense of what would benefit a patient aesthetically (make her more attractive but still completely natural looking). These are the true artists and craftsman. They may not be as technically experienced or competent as a specialist for a given procedure. But often, they propose the most effective ideas and produce the best before and after results. If you want more objective opinions, show a doc's before and afters to a friend whose opinion you trust. Or even use a rate me site like Hot or Not to compare before and after scores. Be careful if you judge alone because if you have been very impressed by a doc's presentation, expertise, credentials, etc., you may view his or her before and afters with a biased mind-frame.

    94 days ago by Corey Taylor Clegg
    It is not uncommon for pictures to be doctored... no pun intended.

    94 days ago by Julio

    I knew an attack was in the post. So let me defend myself a bit.

    I shared my experience as a patient in the hopes of giving others a heads-up about what to watch out for if they go to him and, more selfishly, to connect with others who might have found ways to reduce some of the fat (w/ other docs or even Coleman).

    Look, if my mental health comment offended, I appologize. And if what I said about looks being so important in today's society hurt people, I again am sorry. I meant this as a general comment, not specifically directed at anyone.

    Please reconsider your comments. Do you really think I am Coleman or someone who is backing him? Do my theories really support him? Do you really think prospective patients want to pay top dollar and risk their faces to be guinea pigs? Did I deny any of the claims made by others except for the fat not lasting? Why is it that by not having an extreme view, I lack consideration, and take-up people's valuable time? Are the only posters allowed to comment on this thread the ones who've been mutilated? What about those who have smaller issues and complaints? What about non-complainers who have questions?

    Why do I care? Well, if nothing else, it really shocked me to learn of these experiences coming from the same surgeon who worked on me. I had no idea about any of this until recently. Those of us who visit cosmetic surgeons invest a huge amount of trust and goodwill not to mention $$$. And we take all the risk. Docs are covered by insurance. But if something goes wrong, we are the victims. And docs are not known for sympathetic nature post-op.


    94 days ago by Heather Morgan

    THANK YOU. I get that you're not here to berate anyone, just to try to figure out the seeming paradox of why such a highly regarded surgeon like Sydney Coleman is being accused of heinous conduct.

    I'm aware about Sachs losing his license and yes, it took him killing a woman on the O.R. table and 33 malpractice suits filed against him to lose a license.

    This "system" has got to change and the government department that's supposed to discipline surgeons sure won't, until someone dies. I would bet that dozens of people attempted to notify the NY Department of Health about Sach's conduct before he killed this woman. Had they listened, her death could have been prevented.

    What a shame. I think the safest bet before undergoing any procedure is to go on message boards and get firsthand accounts from patients of the surgeon you're considering, regardless of how impressive his credentials.

    If Sachs had been board certified, the public needs to be alerted that they are being misled that board certification is one of the standards of ethics and safety.

    In the interim, nothing will change until patients and/or victims make a whole lot of noise, which is what we're doing on this board against Sydney Coleman.

    94 days ago by Julio
    Sorry, but I just thought of one more question. Please don't attack me.

    I just want to understand. When I had my operations, the anethesiologist was the first person to enter the room and when I woke-up, only the nurses (and sometimes anethesiologist too) were there. I thought that the doc was the last person to enter the operating theater and first to leave (letting the nurses to the final stiching-up). So when is the doc ever alone with the patient? Or were there others who contributed to the physical abuse (or at least turned a blind eye) besides the doc?

    94 days ago by Heather Morgan
    Can't answer that because I was knocked out cold. He tells patients the procedure will be done with local and sedation, which is also known as twilight. It's commonly used for non-invasive, slightly painful procedures. Another lie.

    Julio, many patients are knocked out cold for over 7-8 hours. We're all lied to that we will have local with sedation when in fact we're all sedated to the point of having no recollection.

    What he's doing during this time, who's involved, and why are questions we can't answer because the psycho is a coward who makes sure we're rendered helpless and pumped up with enough amnesia drugs that we have absolutely no knowledge of what he does and how aggressive he is. In one DVD I saw that he had actually strapped a woman's hands to the table. Does this sound normal to you?

    94 days ago by Corey Taylor Clegg
    Julio, It is not your theories that suggest your support of Coleman, it is the detailing of his so called skills and support of other doctors that you seem to emphazie are in worship of him. I have not taken anything personally that you have stated here...feeling more of a protector for those still feeling overwhelmed by their traumatic experience.

    To say ughly, mental health issues and such, we already know this is true...but I have realized that I am a beautiful woman regardless. So the effect has been spiritual growth for me, but I still want to protect others. That is why I am here. I am certain there is emotional damage that I probably bury, but I also feel liberated that my strength is returning. You will need to go back over and re-think your posting.

    If Heather wants to tit for tat with you, that is her prerogative, but I do not fall for your supposed meakness. There is an undercurrent of attack, covered in honey on your part. Been around the block a few times Julio. Intuition tells me there is something amiss...regarding your sincerity. Enough said.

    93 days ago by Jenny
    The statute of limitations to sue for malpractice in New York is two and a half years after the time of malpractice, or the last treatment rendered by the surgeon. This is for certain. I'm less certain of the statute of limitations to sue a surgeon for assault to be one year after the incident. The statute of limitations for fraud is six years after the surgery.

    92 days ago by Jenny
    Sorry I'm not sure if the statute for fraud in New York is six years after the surgery itself, or six years after the plaintiff's discovery of fraud. I think it is the latter according to some research that discovery of fraud occurs from the time of a "cognizable event" reasonably leading the patient to conclude improper care was committed by a surgeon. It varies from state to state.

    90 days ago by Jane
    I must agree. My life is on hold right now. I am at home recovering from another reconstructive treatment (already in debt from all of this to the tune of thousands) and considering flying across the country to visit a doc who can get at the scar tissue -- if i can -- after trying to dissolve the fat, which after years, appeared to be growing a little bit.

    After this I want nothing more to do with plastic surgery. Nothing. This is been nothing but a nightmare that stole the best youthful years of my life.

    90 days ago by Heather Morgan

    Tell me about it. It's been years and my health, finances, social life, future prospects took a serious nose dive from the day of surgery with him on.

    I lamented, argued with God, had meltdown after meltdown. I don't know how seriously you were affected but after realizing that no board or government agency, even the district attorney will not protect you, I think the only recourse for justice and/or your financial loss is to file a malpractice claim.

    I understand why many patients choose not to-too busy trying to fix themselves, too overwhelmed emotionally.

    I understand why many patients attempted, but could not.

    I understand patients just wanting to wish it away and leave it behind.

    I believe that your pain and mine could have been prevented, but wasn't because people were not speaking out against him.

    Thank goodness for the internet. I hope you don't mind my 2 cents about treating scar tissue. It's embedded into your natural tissues already and cannot be "cleanly" cut out with surgery. If you're considering surgery please find a very conservative surgeon.

    I've tried and had success with mesotherapy using very conservative dilutions. It's more time consuming but better safe than sorry. I had some surgery to rid of what injections could not.

    90 days ago by Heather Morgan
    By the way you were supposed to be informed there could be a risk of the stem cells proliferationbefore your surgery.

    This has been a major, even central complication for a rare handful of his patients and Coleman undoubtedly knew because these patients returned to complain about it. He even treated some by removing the growing fat cysts.

    He often comments on the presence of stem cells in the transplanted fat as contributing to a healthier appearance of the skin above the graft and says stem cells possibly rejuvenate the tissues in an all-around beneficial way. Do you smell dung like I do?

    I'm not a scientist but I don't think that stem cells present in fat help rejuvenate a natural regeneration of tissues around it. After hearing the above complaints, it definitely sounds like the fat nuggets can proliferate independently. Sounds like a freaky sci-fi horror movie if you ask me.

    He's not lying when he says his grafts are permanent, as in something that looks like dry wall plaster mixed- with-fat cysts- permanent!

    How negligent. If a contractor destroyed your home when the agreement was to make small changes, would you not make them pay for the damages? Sad, how most of us fall into a psychology of being so overwhelmed that we focus on rebuilding the damage at our own expense while he gets away without returning back a penny. Why should this be allowed to happen if your agreement was a business agreement?

    Please keep in mind that the plastic surgery industry is a highly unregulated, booming cash business, yes business. In some states, I think all you need is an M.D. degree to perform cosmetic surgeries. For this reason even dentists, yes dentists, are jumping on the bandwagon and performing breast implant surgeries. But that's what elite board certifications were for, or so I thought, to separate fly-by-night Joe M.D.s from the upper crust artisans/ specialists.

    Since around 1980s when the American Medical Association's "Principles of Ethics" banning advertising by doctors was defeated by the FTC physicians were subsequently allowed to market medical services as a physician "entrepreneur", now freed of the ethical contraints that the AMA upheld. The Federal Trade Commission is supposed to protect consumers against unfair practices! If not unfair, at least not fraudulent advertising.

    There's nothing wrong with advertising services if you inform of the true risks! Again, what Coleman does is unlike any other plastic surgeon entrepreneur. He takes it too far, to bizarre and stealthy levels, completely cognizant of his manipulative marketing, and completely unremorseful of his actions, even denigrating other plastic surgeons by claiming that it's their clumsy technique that results in their fat grafts not lasting.

    This is total B.S. too. There are general plastic surgeons, particularly on the west coast who have achieved good fat graft results--minus the excessive scar tissue, minus the weird creepy behavior, minus the breach of contract in areas to be done, minus the exorbitant fees...and ironically their grafts cannot even compare aesthetically with Coleman, this self-proclaimed grandmaster of fat! In one well-known general plastic surgeon's office I saw a staff member and three actual patients with fat grafts in their faces done by this surgeon and the results were so smooth and natural that having been made anti-fat-anything by Coleman, I realized it's Coleman's technique that's problematic, not theirs!

    Is anyone else laughing? The irony of the level of hypocrisy and grandiosity never ceases to amaze.

    90 days ago by Corey Taylor Clegg

    "REVERSE SLAM DUNK!" I am so proud of you! You are informing well! It took all of this time, for me to be emotionally well even speak publicly about this.

    There is a longing there as well, when I find myself unable to date. I remain alone...

    "Loneliness Is the Most Wretched Of all Poverties"

    Coleman has doomed many to this.

    I had barely existed. I had been a recluse for a long time. My life did not extend much beyond getting groceries. But...I am taking baby steps. Expressing here is one of them.

    90 days ago by Heather Morgan

    "HIGH FIVE". Since I couldn't be a productive member of society while buried under the tedium of trying to fix myself, I feel it's the least of my duty to society as a Coleman victim to warn others.

    It's natural to beat yourself up but keep in mind that he had no right to handle your body and face the way he did. It took me years before I could walk with my head high. Now I make a concerted effort to do so, if only for the fact that I'm so sick and tired of focusing on my looks that I could vomit.

    There's a running joke amongst some Coleman patients to one day make T-shirts that read, "Don't [censored] with me, I'm a Coleman patient". When you've virtually lost everything what else do you have to lose?

    There's no shame in being assaulted. It's not your fault. What's shameful and pitiful is what he's doing.

    Please do whatever it takes to get your life back-do research, get fixed, start going out again. Don't let this pitiful, lost man destroy you. Transmute your tragedy into knowledge.

    Hugs to you,

    90 days ago by Corey Taylor Clegg
    Heather, Thank you for your supportive words, but I never felt like it was my fault. I have never felt any feelings of shame...having been assaulted by Coleman. I am very aware that that these are "HIS" issues. Not mine.

    But what I am aware of, is that I have suffered...due to a violation of trust. The trauma of being stared at...laughed at. To be victimized even ignorance running rampant in this world. The inablilty, to be recognized. To see a stranger looking back and a hideous one. The "Ultimate Horror Movie" right in my own mirror.

    Coleman gets away with this, because our society is sick. This is a reflection, of how we have been manipulated by huge media for the the "Ole Mighty Dollar."

    I am stronger than I had realized, because I am still here. Coleman's intent was to destroy each and every one of us..., , but..."SURPRISE SYDNEY MOLEMAN" will soon being living in a dark corner where you belong. Someone will find the right attorney, sympathetic jury and honest judge with the ability to lock you away for that you cannot harm another.

    Not to worry. I have always been very social and that part of me is returning. No date yet...but peeking out...and begining to participate in the step at a time. I will one day have my face looking human again. Smiling. Yes, enough fat has gone down...that I can actually smile and show teeth. Laughing. What else can I do...but as you...try to make light of it???

    If not, I might fall into deep depression again. That is a terrible place to be...see people laughing and find it to be...all so foreign!

    89 days ago by Heather Morgan
    Hey, teeth showing?... that's definite improvement! LOL
    That's one evolutionary step up from the Cromagnon look.

    My smile is still downward pointing like a constipated grimace but at least my mouth no longer looks like the JOKER from Batman & Robin. Ugh was I miserable back then.

    I would mistakenly get called "Sir", or "dude" while picking up food from fast food drive thrus. Took me a while before I could even laugh about it. Some things in life are so tragic you can't help see the comedy in it.

    89 days ago by Heather Morgan

    I'm not answering any personal emails from anyone for several reasons but I will comment on some of your questions.

    I'm definitely no "expert" on plastic surgery. I had no interest in the nuts and bolts of any particular procedure, nor the politics behind it until I was forced to be interested. The closer you look and the more you discover, the clearer the picture becomes.

    I can't comment on other doctors using Lipostructure but yes, I've heard that some doctors are less aggressive, more scrupulous and that good results are possible.

    Scar tissue is not good for many reasons. For one, if you have it under the eyes, it can "pull" your lower lids. It impairs movement. It has poor blood supply. Very difficult to resolve. If you've ever had a raised scar on your skin from significant trauma you can see it doesn't go away for life. Run your finger over it, and it feels very fibrous and dense. Your skin has less feeling in the area because nerves are damaged. It's like concentrated plaque or glue which your body creates in response to trauma.

    That's why I think it's particularly unsafe to have a cannula weave fat into a breast. It may definitely enhance the size and some patients can definitely be happy with the appearance of the result, I would speculate, as long as they aren't concerned with the inevitable lumps, calcifications and internal scarring it's bound to produce. This is not my opinion, it's many doctors' opinions. Not to mention as well, if they're okay with the whole cancer screening issue.

    Coleman keeps referrring to an outdated 1987 warning issued against breast fat grafting as the reason for concern. Go on his website and read the article entitled 'Fat Grafting Safety Revisisted', or something to that effect.

    Blah Blah Blah Blah...trying to impress you with statistics, data, his typical manipulative psuedo-scientific jargon, the same trap that led me and many others to consent to surgery with him.

    How come he NEVER mentions that as recent as last year this same warning was issued?

    He'll never tell you because he's a deceitful marketer who doesn't give a rat's ### about your safety even for something as serious as breast cancer! Don't believe me! Google all of this info. It's available to everyone.

    Everything I've said in all my posts are public information that can be verified, aside from my personal story of course.
    However, even the privileged conversations between myself, other patients, other plastic surgeons that I've described can all be verified to a T if that time came because I have evidence to back it all up.

    Your best bet for treatment solutions is to go on plastic surgery message boards where you can get a broad range of invaluable opinions, experiences and referrals.

    89 days ago by Heather Morgan
    Malpractice attorneys are automatically biased if you mention yours is a plastic surgery case, one of the reasons being that jurors typically are unsympathetic to plastic surgery plaintiffs since they underwent what is perceived to be a vanity procedure.

    They are interested, however, if you look extremely screwed up, enough to make jurors wince. But many patients' first instinct is to reverse the damage so by the time they get their wits together to sue the surgeon, they're perceived as looking "too good" for a jury to sympathize.

    I disagree.

    There are patients on one end of the spectrum who are attempting a frivolous lawsuit because of minor complications inherent in the risks of that procedure, or that they're just pains-in-the-### unhappy with the aesthetic outcome even though the surgeon informed properly and performed to the best of his/her care. Of course no one would sympathize! Boo hoo, not even I would probably.

    At the other end of the spectrum you have a surgeon who not only promotes a scientific fraud, but grossly violates some patients and has a history of doing so, a trial can dispel the stereotypical biases held against plastic surgery and reveal the differentiations from plastic surgery gone wrong to a plastic surgeon systematically taking advantage of patients.

    People aren't dumb. When the facts are presented, everyone can empathize that patients in the latter situation were agrieved and deserve compensation.

    So many people undergo cosmetic procedures that it's about as common as getting your teeth whitened. Each year people undergo more and more procedures so I wouldn't doubt that even within a jury there would be one or two who underwent a procedure and can fully empathize with patient.

    89 days ago by Corey Taylor Clegg
    Heather, I have not laughed so hard since I was butchered by Sydney Coleman, Drastic Surgeon. Yes, I have evolved from being Cro-Magnon, but I too have the weird droopy mouth and one side of my face is larger than the other.

    For one more laugh, because that is all we can do at this as not to cry...give your sexiest look in the mirror. That will stop any man dead in his tracks or make him run.

    What a terrible feeling, to no longer feel sensual. I miss that womanly aspect of myself. Now if a head turns, I know it is not because someone is admiring me, but instead... feeling pity.

    And why is Julio being sneaky?

    89 days ago by Heather Morgan

    be easy on Julio. He hasn't exactly helped Coleman's already-deteriorated reputation if you read his posts carefully...

    But getting back to the jokes!

    "That's one evolutionary step for mankind" ( not landing on the moon but being able to show teeth!)

    What a piece of work Coleman is, how he's managed to take us backwards in evolution... he's not kidding when he says you'll look like a monster.

    Patient AA, of the patient support group website told me that she was so neanderthaled by Coleman that as her husband carried her about (she claims he crippled her legs for a considerable length of time), she passed a child that said, "Look mommy, a man's carrying a monkey!". Not particularly funny.

    You'll get your face back. I'll help you. I was once in a position where NO MAN would even look at me when prior to this, I got asked out all the time. But being the type of person who wouldn't be caught dead looking so much as frumpy in public, I spent literally years tirelessly fixing myself and eventually I started getting asked out again, of course at the expense of the rest of my life, which went to hell. So not being perceived as a particularly good catch, and now faced with the task of having to attend to years of what was unattended to, I'm far from home free as far as a normal love life.

    However, it was a milestone that anyone, male or female would even want to have sex with me! LOL Jesus, I didn't want to even have sex with myself looking the way I did LOL!

    Don't ever give up and you'll get there.

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  • Co
      19th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    88 days ago by Corey Taylor Clegg
    Heather, Did that "sadist" Coleman...actually tell you that you would look like a monster? See? Right there...he admits his intentions? HHMMM?

    I have a question to all. When I wnet of rmy consultation, there was an older couple in the waiting area. The woman had a very deformed lower jaw. Oddly small...not i proportion to the reat of her face. She told me that Duke University recommended Coleman. That he was going to fill her lower jaw with enough fat to bring this into balance.

    The thought came to mind..."I wonder if these are paid actors off of the street?" Sometimes when a thought pops in like that...out of the is intuition speaking. Anyone else encounter this?

    The reality for you feeling like a living Cro-Magnon, time warped into the future...phase two for is you, is the realization of becoming "The Missing Link." You feel lost, because a murderous ### has left you to become "The Walking Dead." Eventually, you are drawn to others who understand and give you the strength to choose life.

    I wonder if Meg Ryan had him work on her? It seems that she was disfigured (not as exteme as the rest of us, but I am sure she felt just as much suffering to be so altered) not too long after the "W Mgazine" had an article on Coleman. Hear that W are just a responsible fro promoting without doing you rresearch. Women depending on you vultures who will do anyting for a story. Media and journalism...mostly...cannot be trusted.

    I believe there is help out there. That is not my main concern at the moment. Stopping a sadistic psychopath is!

    People out there reading this. We would not make such statements...if they were not true. We could be held liabel. Coleman can' t touch this. There are too many of us that have found one another. His attorney's have probably advised him to lay low. Can you imagine if he tried to sue us for defamation of character? Laughing. You can bet, he would be confronted in the courts with at least fifty or more people...eager to testify on our behalf and theirs as well.


    Heather, I am so happy for you, that you have had the experienced the warmth, of having someone hold you in their arms. Regardless. Well, the only offer I have had, is a "Seasonal Guatamalen Gardner" who is not accustomed to seeing "Blue Eyes." He thinks they are beautiful and for rare. He just wants nookie nookie. Laughing. But, finally...someone does.

    Again, thank you for the encouraging words, but know that I am already beyond giving up. Like the Phoenix, I am rising from the ashes. And with that...comes the awareness of a chance for renewed life. I feel I am getting a second chance. Optimistic of the future. all Coleman victims.

    I too am here for all. Feel free to conect anytime.

    88 days ago by Heather Morgan
    Apparently, what he tells patients different stories about the downtime from a few days to the 2-3 week "monster stage" that seems to consistently be published in articles. He warned me I'd look like a monster but for only about a week. Put it this way, I never looked normal, ever, until I did something about it. Did he warn you?

    Apparently, he'll say ANYTHING you want to hear, just to get that cash and for you to be his Mr. Potato Head toy on the O.R..
    I know he told one patient she would be up and running in a few days back to work because she expressed concern about having a short downtime. Up and running after having multiple areas neanderthaled?? You've got to be joking. I remember from the anesthesia alone all I did was sleep for about two days straight.

    He never gave her literature about this monster stage, deliberately of course, so he can turn around and say she's the crazy one since it had already been published unbeknownst to her. He gives a lot of his patients literature though, and warns of a monster stage, which is usually not a "stage" but the final result!

    I'm convinced now he sizes you up and changes his tune according to how easy or difficult of a prey he percieves you are. Maybe that's why you hear more women claiming heinous assault than men.

    Think about it, if he were going as far with men as often as he seems to so freely do to so many women, with men being more aggressive in general I think somebody would've physically harmed him by now.

    Many Coleman patients speculate on certain celebrities doing terrible work on them. If this is true I imagine it's even more difficult and embarrassing for them but it's not like the rest of the world hasn't already noticed! They're going to let this hack destroy their career and be ridiculed for life? I would never "go out like that". If I were them I'd use my celebrity to get media attention about what he did to their face.

    I must admit your "checkmate" comment made me laugh. It's amother inside Coleman patient joke but you know what's truly fascinating?

    How are people who have never met eachother before, from all over the country, all walks of life and different ages...,

    how is it that they all can finish eachothers stories practically and think along the same lines, using the same expressions to describe their experience with this nightmare of a surgeon? (whom I fully agree needs to be locked up in a prison cell, for his own good ).

    "Walking dead" is dead on! I described it once as feeling like you're trapped in a twilight zone dimension because what you go through is so abnormal, so unnatural...just so plain... WRONG.

    "Cromagnon" was the exact term and another running joke that CBS personnel used to describe how he makes his victims look. And according to one of them, Coleman was having his Cromagnon victims leave out of another door so that prospective patients couldn't see them. They were so amused by this doctor's antics that they couldn't contain themselves from making non-stop wisecracks.

    88 days ago by Heather Morgan
    One surgeon recently sued for libel against a patient who had been keeping a blog on the botched work he did on her. He lost the case because she wasn't falsifying information. What does he expect when he was so aggressive with her brow lift that her eyes couldn't close properly and her upper eyes were so stretched open she couldn't close them fully. She appeared on a plastic surgery documentary on the E channel.

    50 patients? I beg to differ!

    Think about it: how many procedures on how many people over how many decades has he been performing his so-called lipostructure? Coleman claims over 3, 000.

    88 days ago by Julio
    Thanks Heather for addressing many of my queries. Based on what you said, I think I may have some internal scaring in a small area of one of my cheeks. Fortunately, the under eye areas seem ok.

    For some reason, the PS board I visit has very little information from or about Coleman patients.
    I understand one of the earlier boards (from 1996 I think) did but that has been taken down (apparently some new rules about commenting on docs). Likewise, the wearecolemanpatients website, which I never got to see, has not been renewed by its owner (its seems the account is not paid-up). So I've never seen any of your photos.

    Please keep something in mind. I''ve read that the fat can gradually dissipate, even in year 2 and beyond. So over time, you might look better and better. And not everyone in the US subscribes to today's anorexic hollow cheeked starved model aesthetic. In some countries, that look is even considered unattractive. I don't know if Meg Ryan had fat grafting, fillers, or something else. But she does look different. And I, for one, think she looks much sexier and more youthful now.

    88 days ago by Corey Taylor Clegg
    UH? Julio, Meg Ryan has gotten some help with her disfigurment, yet..."even still"... her lips and cheeks do not look natural "or" sexy when she smiles. There are still traces of having been disgifured, which I am certain she is aware of. To state that she looks sexy and more youthful? Again... I am questioning...your encouragement of this madness, by miseading others... if it is at all possible??? Honeying over her apparent disfigurement.

    If your motivation is to tell Meg that you admire her, show some respect and tell her "THAT"...but do do not lie to her. Look at pictures of her in her youth. That may help you to define???...what her youth resembled.

    I once had to say to a friend, "Look, I know That You Love Me And Don't Want To Hurt Me, But Stop Lying To Me! I Do Not Look Fine ! Looking Into A Mirror Tells Me This Is So. And It Is Confirmed By Peoples Reactions Upon Seeing Me. You Are My Friend. Have Enough Respect To Be Truthful. Her response Was, "Well...You Don't look As Bad as You did Before!" I Felt Relieved Hearing Her Say This. Without Honesty, Truly...Where Is The Caring?

    Julio, If you really believe what you say that you see, I would recommend your seeking proffesional help. Not to insult you, but this line of thinkng is not healthy. And not supportive of those suffering in any way!

    I was a bit miffed by this comment... after all of the discussion???

    88 days ago by Corey Taylor Clegg
    OH! And one more comment Julio, referring to your "other" comment... about not everyone subscribing to hollow anorexic model cheeks? Is that supposed to make us feel better? Where is the correlation? We do not have chubby cheeks, we have deformed, lopsided and grotesque facial features... not full plump faces as you imply! Stop your feeble attempts... at sidetracking people from the truth of what "we" have been forced to live Sydney Coleman's malicious and hate-filled actions. Again, I am not fooled by you! Anyone can come here to share, but someone harmed by Coleman and has healed enough to try to prevent this from happening again to others, is consistent in their feelings about the wrongness in this. You have not displayed these emotions.

    88 days ago by Heather Morgan

    My surgery was well over two years ago and since, I've had literally non-stop treatments. Yet if I gain so much as a few pounds the hard artificial dry wall plaster look becomes even more pronounced.

    I understand your speculative misunderstandings but,
    You are NOT understanding just how seriously Sydney Coleman mutilates people.

    Meg Ryan, whether done by him or not, at her worst was NOTHING compared to what he did to many. You saw her out in public, smiling.

    I didn't have "some" scar tissue. When did you have your surgery? If it was after he started feeling the heat from a group of patients, he could have been far more conservative with you.

    Even the areas where I had surgery still are noticibly no smooth! This is not my opinion. When I ask people if they notice, the honest ones immediately say yes.

    You can't find a lot of information on him because his lawyers threaten the oweners of the message boards. One very popular one now is trying to do away with mentioning names of surgeons, period. The admin of that popular message board emailed me several times that she's heard enough dissent about Coleman from so many people that it's not that she doesn't believe us, but that they don't want the headache of a potential lawsuit so that the most I was allowed to say was that I was an "unhappy" patient. I was not allowed to describe physically what he had done unless I posted photos revealing my identity.

    Senior posters sure did not hold back when they privately emailed me with their empathies and informed me that they've yet to hear from any happy Coleman patients. Ever since people have banded to go after him, surprise, you suddenly have posters with amazing results, ecstatically happy and recommending him.

    One of these veteran posters told me some years ago there was a fat graft message board run by Dr. Donofrio and Dr. Berman, two doctors who are known to have a lot of satisfied fat graft patients. There were so many posters so up in arms who couldn't stop talking about how Coleman had messed them up that the word is, Coleman's attorneys managed to shut that board down completely.

    88 days ago by Corey Taylor Clegg
    Heather, I was never informed of a monster (Cro-Magnon) stage and was told by Coleman...that the swelling should only last...for several weeks. No literature was provided by him or anyone in his office regarding any of this. I knew within the first week, something was terribly seeing how huge my face was. I had had a full SMAS facelift, a year prior to Coleman's intentional maiming of me...and my face at that time...was half the size the very day I came home...unlike the huge distorted image...gazing back at me in the mirror...after Coleman. The distortions were very apparent as well.

    When I contacted Coleman's office, I was told it would cost another five thousand for tweaking. RIGHT! Like I would let him attempt correcting...what he so effectively destroyed of me??? OH! Here is another example of his perverted and sick games. He placed a v shaped piece of tape between my eyes and told me to leave it there...for the first week???? I assumed it was for the purpose of keeping the fat down or in place...some important reason. He must have rolled over laughing about that one

    He was "the" supposed of fat injections! So I put my trust in his reasoning, for this oddly placed V shaped surgical tape, tightly plastered bewtween my eyes. Well, "SURPRISE! SURPRISE!" I can provide the pictures of the V impression, that had remained there for three years, deeply imbeded into my skin. Like a trademark "V" for whatever his "VENDETTA!" The impression is still there, but not as apparent. That was such a nagging question for a long time. "WHAT ELSE DID HE DO TO ME?"


    Never heard from April Smith, who began this thread. I would imagine it is too much for her. Understandable. Very much so!!! Meanwhile, have sent an e-mail to the administrator of this site, for an answer on how to post pictures... if at all possible?

    Happy Easter to those celebrating. Smiling.

    88 days ago by Julio

    I really believe what I am saying. But I've only seen her photos. I will go to see one of the movies she recently acted ("The Deal" or "My Mom's New Boyfriend") to see whether or not I can detect anything odd about her appearance on the big screen. I don't mean to doubt your judgement. But when you referred to Meg Ryan as disfigured (even if mildly), you made me wonder, for a moment, whether or not there was some exageration going on. I still think she looks pretty damn good and youthful for pushing 50 (more like a sexy 30 something). But...your subsequent posts cleared that up. Its not just fullness. Its extreme fullness, asymetry, and distortion. I remind you again, I've not seen one photo.

    88 days ago by Julio

    I know about the patient you are referring to and saw some of her video clips. She is very organized and methodical and has absolutely no fear about showing her face. She seems to have made it her mission in life to warn others about this particular doc and his institution. More importantly, her case illustrates the distorted power and responsibility balance between PSs and patients under the current system. Docs are allowed to mangle scores of patients with impunity, certification boards take no responsiblity, health departments offer no recourse, and victims face serious legal limitations and risks if they publicly inform and warn others.

    88 days ago by Heather Morgan

    How disgraceful. How cruel. How enraging.

    He didn't inform you and a few others about any "monster" stage. That must've been frightening. He informed me, so I was expecting to look like one and I sure as hell did, but he lied that it would only be for a week.

    After his surgery I was so battered looking, so swollen and greenish that I had the thought "so this is what I'd look like as a bloated corpse". Silly me, thinking that was just a necessary evil before I would look refreshed in a few weeks as promised by him.

    He describes this UNNATURAL, prolonged swelling as edema, as if it's just the tissue's inflammatory response by swelling with fluid. It's not edema alone. That sort of prolonged and often permanent swelling is from extreme trauma, your body's defense mechanism, which is to create scar tissue as well as to produce an inflammatory response.

    Aside from all the other crazy issues like battery and assault while under sedation, the fact alone that he never informed you of that "monster" stage is in itself malpractice.

    You know why I believe and absolutely agree that he, with malice of forethought was playing you like a violin for his own smug amusement by having you put that V tape on your forehead?

    Because this is a pattern of his:

    -to sadistically mutilate and with malice of forethought

    -to cause unnecessary mutilation, often symbolic and amusing to him, with malice of forethought

    -to cause deformation with his reckless technique with malice of forethought

    Keep in mind though, with each patient, varying degrees of severity, with varying differences, even some being spared completely, perhaps even having satisfactory results by him.

    No one is denying the multitude of experiences and outcomes possibly created by this doctor.


    What plastic surgeon draws a huge penis -- balls, shaft and head -- on a patient's belly area while she's standing there unable to see what he's drawn?

    Hmm, even more interesting when he took fat out of the same abdominal areas as those of dozens of others, yet why are their drawings so drastically different from hers? (They just had x marks up and down the midline, with circular patterns in the lower abdomen ).

    You unbelievers gasping at the graphic nature of what I just spelled out, save it. This is not what I'm speculating, this is what Sydney Coleman did! And yes, I, CBS and many others saw that infamous penis photo.

    Why would a surgeon leave two very symmetrical holes in the ### cheeks of a woman who had just asked to fill and overaggressive bleph? ( This is the same woman who told me she was mistakenly thought to be a monkey by a child...mistakenly took as another species! ).

    I'd argue that the ultimate power trip, the ultimate display of playing God is when you feel you're so untouchable that you can bestow your wrath on whomever displeases you, YET, yet bestow pardon upon those whom you so choose to,
    again, all because of no other reason than you CAN.

    This man is so sick in the head that he reminds me of a serial killer only he's a serial mutilator. Able to be charming and as normal as apple pie when he needs to, yet cleverly operating under the radar with his systematic Houdini tricks--after all, who's going to believe who? Hysterical victims accusing him of crazy things, or a highly published and certified plastic surgeon with the persona of a sane, intelligent medical expert. He's a living Dr. Jeckyl/Mr. Hyde.

    Myself and many, many others experience him as being personable and sane on the day of consultation. As soon as he's got you in for surgery, his personality (the real one) comes out. After surgery, he hardly knows you and refuses communication if you demand your rightful medical information. He charged me an extra 500$ for my photos alone and a dollar a page for my own medical records!

    This man needs to go to trial. He's greedy but he's also very sick. He should NOT be handling patients.

    My anger is once again roused up. As much as I want to get on with my life, the more I know about what he's done to others, not just me, the more responsible I feel to make sure the world knows about this unbelievable--stranger than fiction and straight out of a Hollywood movie, truth.

    88 days ago by Heather Morgan
    How unconscionable for a surgeon to treat human beings like disposable bodies. That disposable body he's mutilating is someone's mother, father, sibling, wife, child. How dare he.


    If anyone involved in the media is interested in what we're saying here, please contact me. This is unacceptable, what this man has done to so many people. I'm ready to talk.

    86 days ago by Corey Taylor Clegg
    What amazes me, is that today...there is a another victim of a butcher surgeon and the posts reflect how sick our society is and why we are not protected.

    There are only several compassionate remarks, the rest are about the patient taking responsibility, do your research, do not expect unrealistic results, you get what you pay for. Blah! Blah! Blah!

    What these insensitive people do not understand, is this is not just plastic surgery? It goes for every other practitioner out there, every type surgeon. There are zillions of complaints out there against many doctors. When will we stand up and say, "WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!"

    "The System"...those protecting these greedy ###, who are greedy ### themselves...must too be outed. I thnk Heather had the courage to do this already, by mentioning the doctor...who let slide all of the complaints against Coleman.

    And I do agree with Heather, that it was way beyond the 50 complaints against Coleman that I mentioned. If there were 3, 000 over the years that he worked on...expect more victims who have either faded away, or do not know of this post to find support and caring.

    86 days ago by Corey Taylor Clegg
    Julio, There is only one picture of Meg Ryan that I have seen, after her botched surgery. The media attacked the victim as usual and she quickly and quietly retreated for a long time. You will need to go back several years at least, to find an accurate depiction of her bizarre appearance after being victimized.

    The film I have watched, just to see how we/she had come along. She looks great in comparrison, but not like herself. Compare older pictures of her lower jaw area and when she smiles. It is no longer fine cut, but very rounded and her smile looks odd in that the outer area is not fine cut either, but rounded. If that makes any sense? You will see this when making a comparrison.

    86 days ago by Corey Taylor Clegg
    "Anyone" and "Everyone"...until I post some pictures..."Google Jocelyn Wildenstein!" That is the woman's name. A socialite with lot's of money...who chose to look like a freak????? She had numerous surgeries in an attempt to look like a cat. She does not look like a cat, but she somewhat resembles how we look.

    But to be more exact, imagine her face more lopsided, more grotesque...add all of that freakiness to her giving enough make her forehead jut out about an inch forward of her eyes...ala...Cro-Magnon look! She might want to hook up with Coleman, or maybe even yet, he "WAS" her plastic surgeon? It looks like his work!!!

    Do not stop at viewing just "one" link showing pictures of her, take the time to explore several and you will see a resemblance of how we were made to look. I had fine features before he assaulted me.

    Heather, Please if you will comment, as I have not seen a picture you? I believe you, but in this instance I can only speak for myself and compare to two other people mutilated by Coleman...that I have personally witnessed. Please look at pictures of this woman and tell me what you think from your perspective.

    Has anyone neglected their bodies after this, wondering how it may have taken a toll on health and life expectancy. I have! My diet had consited of all organic vegetables, free range meats, deep ocean fish and drinking only water. That is all. No packaged foods.

    After seeing my face in the mirror, I could barely eat because I was so depressed, nor would I /could I "getting out" was a coffee/doughnut run three times a of my few forms of entertainment.

    I gained thirty pounds and maybe twice weekly did I have a real meal...while with my daughter. Prior to Coleman, I had been riding my bike daily, lifting light weights, sometimes swimming and walking. That stopped entirely.

    I now am trying to control high blood pressure, from having nearly starved myself of nutrients and being so out of balance. I even had a vitamin D deficiency from lack of sun. I had been an outdoors person my whole life, until I felt the need to hide out.

    Oh! Getting groceries every three days to pack my refrigerator only to throw everything away...without ever using the food? What a waste, but it gave me something to do in life. Living on the computer became an addiction. Love researching, gobble up information like a vacumm, so it helped me to exist. But the amount of time for that reason alone, it being good company...because I did not want any human company much...was again, the loss of another joy in my life.

    Can someone please explain why...that sadist...Dr. Frankenstein/Sydney/Hitler/Coleman...has not been retaliated against and held down and injected with fat by one of his victims or even shot for that matter? Becuase it shows the great strength and character in each and every one of us and we deserved better! I wonder if any of his former patients have committed suicide, instead of just wanting many of us have?

    OH! Heather, I got another looky! (by the way, I did not nookie nookie with the landscaper's hired help..laughing/smiling) It was at the grocery store. I am now looking human...homely...but human. It's wierd because from one side I look sort of OK, but from the other angle..."Still Cro-Magnon." That is how out of proportion I still am. To get a date, would you suggest that I saunter over...not reveal myself...face forward and try to slip away agreeing to only see him at night. HHMMM? Any strategies?

    86 days ago by Corey Taylor Clegg
    Today I am so "EXPLETIVE" angry!!! It took me all of this time since the posting about Coleman entering the vagina to extract fat, to fully digest "this is rape!" That is penetration without consent. Tell your lawyers that one! I believe you have a lifetime to prosecute if there is penetration...even with an object! If you have not consented, it is rape with an object.

    I was never informed of this and "absolutely would have found it to be far too invasive"...for sourcing out a little fat to fill in fines lines around my eyes and to plump my lips up a bit. I would have researched other options. Most likely that is why I was never told. And for whatever other...devious reasons that mutilator has in store for his victims. How convenient.

    I did notice something was not right, like an extra fold of skin internally. As if there was trauma or some kind. But it was too unexplainable. And I blocked out going any further with the the why's? Not any longer.

    I thought he would just suck fat externally, from the thighs and belly. A little bit here, a little bit there. I am so sick inside right now, about what that ### has gotten away with!!!

    Sydney Coleman, if you dare feel confident that you may be able to stop us from being a voice for those who could be harmed by you...and especially those who "already have been harmed by you."...

    "NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!" You are just a twisted as Jeffery Darmer. I too had thought of you as a serial killer, one who intentionally sets out to kill the Human Spirit. You are someone who has sold yourself to the Devil.

    I prayed to God that I would one day choose to live. That day has come. I am a strong voice and I will not stop. I will go even further than this post to expose you. You are the freak, not us.

    86 days ago by Julio
    OMG. Is that 'Cat Woman' more than 6 months out from her last procedure??? I saw her pic at the same time I was looking up Meg Ryan at this website: (you can see them both from this link by scrolling down)

    Meg Ryan might look slightly-off in these photos. But Ms. Wildenstein, who started out very normal when she was young, appears to have been truly mutilated. I sure hope at least some of that is swelling which can resolve within a few months; unless whe wants to look like that.

    Are there Coleman patients who, 1+ years post-op look so bad??? Incredible.

    The cosmetic surgery industry is growthing so dramatically in the US that before too long, the majority of the population (male and female) will be have had at least one procedure done. As it becomes a mainstream segment of the medical industry, I am guessing, maybe naively, that patients will gain more power under the law to fight doctor malpractice and perhaps be able to establish some sort of countrywide rating system for doctors based on patient results and satisfaction.

    86 days ago by Corey Taylor Clegg
    Julio, Try an even lengthier period of time...our looking like "Catwoman!" Now you can understand why?...everyone here is so disturbed over Colemans actions. I feel sorry for this woman, because she supposedly was trying to win the affections of her husband. It was a concious choice and she felt it made her look exotic. Not something any of us can relate to?????

    If it were only one or two of his victims, Sydney could lie and say it was our choice, but I do not believe that anyone would be apt to believe...that so many of us would choose mutilation? We are not alone in this any longer. He did not count on the Internet exposing him, because he has gotten a way with this for so long. Business as usual, until recently!

    I have seen the photos of Meg Ryan that you are speaking of. You will need to dig further. Not her first unveiling. Those are the ones to find...if you are that interested? Keep looking until you see her more pumped up. No, not anywhere a severe as the "Catwoman" or any of us, but still...she too was taken advantage of.

    85 days ago by Heather Morgan
    There's no evidence that he vaginally inserted anything into women. What he did was take excessive tissue out of the outer vagina leaving the labia hanging like an appendage.

    However, after hearing enough, I sure as hell wasn't going to take any chances. I got an HIV and Hepatitis panel test just for my own peace of mind. I wouldn't put anything past someone who exhibits classic traits of a narcissistic sociopath.

    Who knows what he does to you. If he can "rape" your face with malicious forethought he's capable of doing anything IMO.

    Jocelyn Wilderstein looks like a Coleman patient. Great example: a beast, but more asymmetry added. Now Julio should have an idea of just how bad it is.

    As for me I never got the worst-looking which is the Cromagnon look of the 3 Coleman specialities: Cromagnon, bell's palsy, transvestite. I got a combination of the last two, particularly the latter.

    Cory, I'm glad you're able to at least look human and get out. I would try internet dating...but being the traditional type I'd say, let the man come to you.

    85 days ago by Corey Taylor Clegg
    Heather, I have a question? Is it true as Gary Gab states, that Coleman goes throught the vaginal canal to extract fat from the thighs? If so, then this in evidence of his having inserted something into the vagina. If this is true, being his technique for removing fat from a woman's thighs...we need to know this. If never informed, this is rape.

    I was a volunteer advocate for a short period of time, at a "Sexual Assault Trauma Center" and in our was my understanding...that if Coleman is penetrating without consent..."THIS IS RAPE!" And I do not believe there is a time limit on filing suit against him for this! Something very important to consider!!!

    Julio! Twice you have posted your assumtion that "" is no longer up, because of non-payment. Do you know this as fact? If not, please do not imply they are doing something unsavoury which only appears as an attempt at discreding them? Be sensitive to this please? These people have suffered enough.

    I had seen their post before it was taken down and have spoken with several of it's members by telephone. Same horror stories of mutilation, families destroyed, loss of participating in life, financial loss, betrayal, the feelings of humiliation...of havng paid this ### to make you look as a freak. To be pointed out ughly you are and stared at, laughed at. You begin to go so deep inside yourself that you do not really notice any longer, so as not to witness the cruelty directed towards you. Oh! And the catty women who have always been jealous of you..."What A Field Day!"

    All those who have been harmed by Coleman and have posted here. You are my "Heroes." I am begining to feel again, because of you. I am coming out of my stupor! No longer the "Walking Dead." No longer having to pretend I am OK! Being creative in my thinking again. Seeing the possibilites of a future, rather than being so depressed...not even being able to envision one. How can one create a future, "if there are not even thoughts of one?"

    I can see that Sydney "still" has thoughts of one, and a very bleak one now. What are "YOU" envisioning Sydney? "BEING HELD ACCOUNTABLE? Possible jail time? Restitution? "LOSS OF YOUR EVIL EMPIRE?" Your License to Mutilate? Having to one day... start your life over from scratch...just as we have had to..."BECAUSE OF YOU?" I am finally feeling semi-compensated, just knowing that "Your Beastliness"...a danger to society, will be in some way...held accountable...finally.

    If these postings have prevented any further mutilations...we have done our job.


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  • Ju
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  • Co
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    Are you insane? Laughing. You actually followed over here..."Patient Inner Chaos?" The picture with the forced smile was taken February and with lots of juicing...has now gone down considerably more and is less pronounced. Over four years after Coleman? One side of my face looks rather normal (not huge any longer, but not tight as it was either) and the other still protrudes. The asymetry in my face is "Thank You" to Sydney Coleman. I do have some natural asymetry, but minimal. This is not minimal and is the result fat placed against my wishes by Coleman.

    Do not forget that for the first year, I would not let anyone take photographs. These do not show the first year, during which time...I looked as fat in the face as the day after surgery...but truly lop-sided as the fat seemed to morph in different areas. Do not forget the surgeon who was at a conference in California, who told me they warned of fat from the thighs...actually growing and should never be placed in the face. He felt that this was a possibility when he saw my face and found this to be a real concern. As if Sydney did not know this after all of these years????

    UH? The recent profile shows a face with hair hiding it and the sepia tone is a relaxed face, which clearly shows that my jaw and chin area...still have risidual fat placed by Coleman.

    Laughing again. You can only be Coleman or Coleman friend. You have truly exposed your intent here. Trying to distract from the mutialtions. Suggesting implants, bone reduction? For what? Fat stuffed in my face...leaving my cheeks deformed and overfilled. I am biding my time and using the juicing which helps...something which I have increased to three times daily. I will need a mini facelift and lip correction. Nothing more thank you.

    You have not addressed the fact that, my skin was tight one year prior to Coleman and within several years, it drooped. This is the result of intentional overfilling against my wishes. The face being enlarged for such an extended period of the cause of this extreme stretching. Again, I only went in for fine lines minimized around the outer corners of my eyes and for lips to be tweaked. How can a surgeon using Coleman's tecnique get it right, but not Coleman using his own technique? Maybe you could be asking these type questions? Rather than your unsolicited suggestions which are not only insulting and ludicrous, but clearly not what is required. Just another decoy to the truth. .

    On my pictures? They did not come through, but I will post the two that show the fat in globs like cottage cheese around my nose and forehead. And the one with the sun shining on my eyebrow ridge taken in probably January...where the Cro-Magnon jut out is still somewhat (on one eyebrow) you can only imagine how it looked originally. You might spend more time pointing these things out and truly help...not pretend to. Your like the kid who slaps another in the playground while the teacher watches and then denies it. We can see this so clearly..."HELLO?"

    Can you please go back to the other board? Julio/Louisa/Coleman/Joe or whoever/whatever you are?

  • Co
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    I am posting the pictures again that mysterioulsy disappeared overnight and have included the two that did not come through. Also the pictures that were from "" disappeared as they all are.

    "wearecolemanpatients" pictures.














  • Co
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    I would like to politely ask? that only "Coleman Victims, " or those who know someone who is one...attempt e-mailing me. Unless of have information that would be helpful in exposing him in any way. Suggestions or thoughts you may be wanting to share, after reading these posts...are also very much welcomed.

    But I do not have time, nor the patience required, to answer people who write asking???? if I feel they should see Coleman or not???? Telling me that they are "now" worried after having already scheduled an appointment...or had been planning on doing so...until having read these posts? But still wondering and have a few questions?

    If you are still wondering??? I cannot help you? Perhaps another person here, who has been so kind to still feeling kind enough to address something like this. Please contact them in the future. My feeling is that, more than will get the same response.

    Exception being. Some have not seen our pictures and may lack the skills to the links provided. The only way I know how to get to them, is by writing myself an e-mail and dragging them over to it, mailing it to myself. And after it arrives, clicking onto the links. Viola! They appear in living color...with "more" than enough obliterate any future thoughts of seeing Coleman

    Anyone working with Coleman is aware of the goings on...including Dr. Alesia Saboeiro. She has been there a number of years...witness to the complaints and seeing the results of his mutilations. It's like working under/beside Hitler...choosing to look the other way...for the ole mighty dollar???? Question the integrity of Dr. Saboeiro as well!!!

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    The patient physician relationship is one of the most sacred in our society. It is legally protected and it forms the basis of successful and in some cases life saving partnerships in medicine. But when it goes bad, it can be bad.

    Recently, in the world of plastic surgery attack blogs and complaint boards have come about denouncing practioners and “botched surgery”. Proponents argue that internet web blogs and sites serve as a warning or information source to patients. Detractors state that it represents an unregulated and often unsubstaniated attack. You can guess which side the doctors and which side the patients fall on.

    Take the case of Dr. Sydney Coleman, a board certified plastic surgeon in New York (, who has a seriously unhappy patient. As reported by Jim Leonardo of Plastic Surgery News, a publication from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, “The trouble began shortly after Dr. Coleman performed corrective plastic surgery on the patient, who, after leaving the recovery room, was never again seen by the physician or his staff. Several weeks later, however, the patient telephoned the practice insisting that Dr. Coleman pay his airfare from Chicago to New York for a follow-up appointment - and if Dr. Coleman refused, he threatened to use the Internet to damage his practice.”

    By report, Dr. Coleman declined to pay the airfare and the patient created a website decrying his treatment and outcome. Because the patient initially used Dr. Coleman’s name as part of the website address Dr. Coleman sued to get it back (see the National Arbitration decision in July 2006 here: ).

    But that wasn’t the end of it. The patient re-registered a second name and reposted the website. And then, cleverly paid for advertisement placement of the site.

    A little more research into this site confirms any practioner’s worst fears. There’s a lot of negativity. And there are a lot of claims, but not a lot of data.

    The site states “Recently, a website associated with Dr. Coleman has posted a direct response to our support group website and suggests that the information we are providing is not accurate. As a result, we will soon be posting detailed information about malpractice lawsuits and other complaints filed against Dr. Coleman.”

    Perhaps not suprisingly however, years later the site still remains empty about numbers of malpractice suits, complaints or unhappy patients. More troubling for those trying to find where the truth really lies is the patient him (or her) self has not even posted their _own_ pictures

  • Da
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    About these satisfied patients of Dr. Sydney Coleman--they don't mean jack to the people he mutilated. Even serial killers can be impressive every now and then. It's like saying, 'I dated Richard Ramirez for two weeks, and he was a perfect gentlemen! I'm sure those cops are exaggerating about all those women he raped and killed. You make a few measely mistakes and suddenly you're on death row being called the Night Stalker! How unfair.' Yes, I know I'm using an extreme analogy, but Dr. Coleman has ruined the lives of many people. I get mad when I hear people say things like 'well, he did a great job on me, so you all must be exaggerating!' or 'there's always going to be unsatisfied patients in plastic surgery." That's very true where most doctors are concerned, but a greedy butcher like Dr. Coleman deserves no excuse. He takes shortcuts, he's careless and wreckless, he disregards his patients' feelings, he uses methods he knows are dangerous, he sexually violates his patients by messing around with their genitals without consent, and he just plain sucks at shaping the human body!

    The fact that some of his patients weren't maimed all to heck is disturbing in itself. This means that he CAN do a good job, but chooses not to. Maybe it's because of a careless indifference to his patients, or a real sadistic urge to mutilate them, or both. Either way, this man should've had his liscense to practice medicine revoked a long, long time ago.

  • Li
      27th of May, 2010
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    Best of luck. I sure don't want to look like a blow fish or Geico Cave man. All botched comestic surgery victims ned to get together and made doctors more accountable for their botched jobs. I know many won't fix it, and want the patient to go elsewhere. Not all botched comestic surgeries can be fixed. Why doctors don't fix botched jobs is cuz they don't know how or know it is impossible to fix. Be very careful doctors who claimed s they can fix botched jobs maybe be the ones that make the situation a zillion times worst.

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