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Dr. Ron's Animal Hospital / Horrible bet office!

1 1780 Erringer Road, Simi Valley, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: (805) 306-0633


I have since file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, who recommended I also file with the District Attorney and Veterinary Board.

Here is an excerpt of Dr. Ron's reply to the District Attorney:

"We can resolve this by her paying the $50 for the missed surgery and to take all her future business elsewhere where she is happier. (If possible it would be best to charge her some fee either to you or to us for our additional time dealing with this to help send a message to stop behavior of people who feel if they complain enough they will get their way)"

I guess where Dr. Ron is from, people are not allowed to complain when they have been wronged.

Don't let him do this to you - avoid this vet at all costs!!!


In September I contacted Dr. Ron’s office to obtain a price for spaying my five month old Doberman. The young lady who answered the phone found it necessary to put me on hold a few times in order to access the information. I was quoted a price and was informed I would need to show proof of vaccinations and was also told there was a $50 missed appointment fee. Never was I told which vaccines I would need, nor that they only accepted vet administered vaccines.

I arrived at my appointed time with dog in hand. When I began to fill out the paperwork I informed the clerk my dog was up to date on her shots and that their clinic had given her the Rabies vaccine a couple of weeks earlier and should have the records. The clerk copped an attitude and indicated they would be giving my dog a Parvo shot because the only proof of vaccines they would accept would be those shots given by a vet.

I told the clerk with the bad attitude I was not informed of the “vet administered” vaccine policy when I made the appointment and that I had proof of purchasing the shots. She rudely replied that was not good enough and followed up by stating that in addition to the Parvo shot, my dog would also be receiving a Distemper vaccine. I informed the clerk that it would not make sense for me to purchase the vaccines and not administer them to the dog. She was extremely condescending when she indicated she did not believe me. It was almost comical how rude and condescending she was. I was in awe at how badly I was being treated.

I attempted to explain to the clerk how none of this made any sense. If the office had stated at the time I made the appointment I needed proof of vaccinations from a veterinarian, why would I, knowing that I administer my own vaccines, have made an appointment with them?

The clerk gave me three options: pay for the additional shots, pay to put the dog into isolation, or pay the $50 missed appointment fee. Now she was attempting to use the $50 missed appointment fee as a coercion tactic to make me pay for unnecessary shots or unneeded isolation!

I questioned the clerk on how she could charge me for a missed appointment when I was there and the only reason the dog was not being seen was because they would not accept my proof of vaccination. She indicated that it was a missed “surgical” appointment fee. I explained again that I did not miss my appointment because I was there and when I made my appointment I was told at the time the appointment was made the fee would only apply if I missed my appointment.

I asked to speak to the vet and was told he was not there. I took my paperwork and left. The clerk angrily yelled after me that she would be sending my bill to collections. I received a collection notice one week later, which included interest of $.10.

I attempted three times to contact Dr. Ron to personally discuss with him this matter but was unsuccessful because he was either not available or his staff did not know when he would be in. Because of his unavailability to discuss this matter, I filed a complaint with the BBB in hopes of achieving resolution. His office has refused to remove the $50 missed appointment fee.

Thanks very much for your support.
Sandy Welcker

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  • Rh
      30th of May, 2008

    I too have had a horrible run-in with this totally unprofessional vet's office.

    I cannot believe how they can get away with their sending bills immediately to a collection agency. The staff is EXTREMELY rude! This is happening to so many clients, they are now mistaking who came in to complain. I myself was told that I came in and complained about a bill when in actuality after my initial encounter with them I never set foot back into that awful place.

    Find a better vet who runs an HONEST establishment.

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  • Sp
      25th of Jun, 2008

    WOW! I have a doberman too and after hearing what a-holes those guys are I would be afraid to take my dog there!!!

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  • Te
      25th of Jul, 2008

    This place is the absolute WORST!!! I am going through the exact same problem. I appreciate all the information you have here and I intend on following up. Thank you,

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  • Wa
      2nd of Apr, 2009

    ### dr ron and ### all of you

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  • Wa
      2nd of Apr, 2009

    ### ### ###, ### vets, and ### complainers

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  • Sc
      10th of Apr, 2009

    just tried to set up an appointment for our adopted cat to get fixed by them, , , i was put on hold for a few minutes and then told they no longer did that for the adoption agency(pawz and clawz anaimal [protected]@ theresa's) that we got the cat from. They did the forst exam and shots and all and told us to wait til the cat was old enough, , , we waited and now they don't do it, , , , i told the receptionist to go to fing hell

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  • Be
      9th of Sep, 2009

    Sad to see that those who are complaining cannot even spell properly. Did you know your own doctor more than likely has this type of fee also and they also send things to collections. Most people will usually try to calmly talk things over. Unfortunately, some people feel that if they try to call out an person or office or a type of buisness that they might get "something " from this type of action.

    I must tell you I have gone to Dr.Ron's office for the last 15 years and they are very professional, easy to talk to and I have never witnessed any rude interactions. They do make it clear on all calls and in person what charges may be right up front. I have had 6 dogs who have gone to Dr.Ron's for all types of procedures, shots, etc.

    Plus this is an extremely busy office and I have been put on hold a lot also. What is the difference? Because I do work with the public daily - interacting with over 3000 customers a week, I understand how to communicate with others.

    I hope that others really make their own judgements. I highly recommend this office and applaud and thank each and everyone who works here. They make a visit a pleasant experience.

    A very happy and understanding customer.

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  • St
      24th of Sep, 2009

    Dr. Ron and his staff is extremely professional in every way. They run their business like a business. They are not a non-profit organization, which some people have difficulty with. Yes, he does charge for his services. Is that a crime? He donates his time and energy to many organizations throughout the city. He has a great reputation.

    People really do expect too much, especially when emotions run rampant. Take your pets to Dr. Ron, determine upfront what the projected bill will be, then make a decision. But don't blame him for expecting to be paid for his services.

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  • Hw
      11th of Jan, 2010

    I must say i COMPLETELY 100 percent DISAGREE with the complaint towards Dr. Ron's office!! I have been going to Dr. Ron's office for over 6 years and love the service they provide. They are very professional and make me feel at ease each time i bring my very loved animals to them. People that tend to complain, don't follow directions or lack common sense to start with... which can lead them to problems and thus their complaints. I would highly recommend Dr. Ron's Office for all your vet needs and i myself continue to go their and even have been recommending to friends and now new Happy clients of Dr. Ron's. All i have to say is "Keep up the excellent work Dr. Ron and Staff"!!! See ya' soon :-)

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  • Yo
      25th of Mar, 2010

    I don't know if Dr. Ron allow this kind of treatment but appearently hisstaff is very rude. I had a run it with Dr. Ron assistences at Thersa Pet store and so did my elderly mother who was 75 years old at the time.

    My mother gave the assistance a $20.00 dollar bill and the assistance was rude in voice and facial expression. She insisted that my mother did not give her a $20.00. My mother insisted she did and ask the other assistance if she had a extra $20.00. Well get guess what there was the $20.00. Would you believe the first assistance did not even apologize to my mother.

    Then I had a run in at the Doctors office.

    If so many people are copmplaining, then there is something wrong here and Dr.Ron either condone this type of behavoir and treatment of his customers.

    He should listen to his customers and do accordingly.

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  • In
      2nd of Aug, 2010

    Unfortunatly, there are people in this world that think if they yell loud enough or file enough complaints, they can get something for free or get their bill waived. Since the first "complainer" apparently vacinates herself, why doesnt she take a home study course and do the nuetering herself too? That way she could get it for free and not have to deal with people, which apparently she has issues with.

    I have taken my animals to Dr. Rons for many years now. I also have had animals for over thirty years and have tried other vets from Thousand Oaks to Westlake Village. Dr. Rons is the best in both personal service and resonable priciing. A vet in Westlake Village wanted $400 just for a nuetering.

    Yes Dr. Rons is busy (and you may be put on hold occcasionally) but a busy office is a sign of repeat customers. No different than a restaurant. If I walk in to a restaurant that isn't busy, I imeadiately question what's wrong with the service or food.

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  • Jo
      3rd of Aug, 2010

    It seems this whole dispute is based on accepting Ms Welker's "word" that she self administered the vaccine. A vets office is a business with liabilities to the other animals in the facility. Anyone could say they self administer vaccines. Even boarding kennels require documentation of vaccinations before they will board your pet. Do you think the City would accept her word that she self administered rabies vaccine before issuing a dog license? Then maybe she doesn't license her dogs????hmmmmm????

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  • Mi
      14th of Nov, 2010

    It seems that original complainant was given 3 great options of which she didn't like any. I understand vaccinating at home but I also understand if I do that then I may have the validity questioned down the road when it comes to insuring the safety of OTHER'S beloved pets as in the case of housing a post surgical animal. I welcome the 3 options given as I see Dr. Ron's office as taking care to not risk the potential infection of the other animals in the clinic.
    I have been put on hold many times as they are a very busy office. At the same time I can say that when my animal became gravely ill from a urethral blockage I received a lot of their time and consideration...which means that I am sure many other people were put on hold because of me! I am grateful for the attention they gave me and I will in-turn understand when I have to sit on hold for any longer than I (at first) feel necessary. They also gave me a complete menu of services that they would like to perform to save my cat's life and asked me to initial anything I agreed with and to cross out any that I could not afford as they explained, in detail, what each meant to my cat's health.
    Also, when my 16 yr old cat 'threw a clot' and was in absolutely horrific pain they simply said to 'bring him in right away' which was not the answer I received when I called another local Vet office. When I arrived with my kitty they were the absolute picture of graciousness and made the rest of the experience of losing my beloved family member...the best it could ever be. They were compassionate and gentle and respectful and allowed us to go as slowly as was comfortable for us both. And yes, they had me pay for the visit at the same time...they are a BUSINESS and they deserve to be paid for their services. Would you go have a dinner at restaurant and for any logical (and ethical) reason think you were going to leave without paying for the service?! I don't know what more you want in a Vet's office! I have been served well now for 5 years.

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  • Go
      8th of Feb, 2011

    We decided to give Dr. Ron’s office another try. We haven’t been back to him since an incident several years ago, where the office staffed gossiped about confidential medical information to their other clients.
    We made an appointment to have 2 girls spayed. I was informed that I needed to provide current vaccination records & there was a $50 missed appointment fee.
    When I arrived I was surprised to see that the same employee that had violated medical ethics by gossiping was still working there.
    I presented the requested records, the receptionist disappeared & returned only to tell me that they would accept our shot records. As a breeder, I do all of my own shots. They require that vaccinations be given by a Vet, a requirement that they neglected to mention prior to my arrival at the office. I was informed that I could have my dogs vaccinated again (which they didn’t need) or after surgery they would go into an “isolation” area ( at an additional fee) to prevent them from getting the other animals sick. When I choose neither of those options, I was informed that they would be billing me for the “missed appointment” fee.
    From reading all the other comments on here it is obvious that out of the principal of the matter I will be seeing Dr Ron in court. I refuse to pay for an appointment that I didn’t miss or a policy that I wasn’t informed about prior to my appointment.

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  • Go
      8th of Feb, 2011

    RE: Mishl101 To use your analogy:
    If you made a reservation at a resturant & they informed you that they had a dress code of wearing a tie & if you missed your reservation they would charge you $50 per person, then when you arrived the host informs you that your tie is not acceptable. However you can purchase a tie from us or we can put you in seperate dinning room, but we will have to add additional 40% to your bill to dine away from the other patrons, so as not to affend them with your tie. Then when opt to not dine there they tell you that you owe them for the missed reservation. That sums up the attempt to exhort more money from a client that Dr. Rons office staff uses.

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  • Go
      8th of Feb, 2011

    Oh I have already filed complaints with the BBB, Consumer Affairs & Calif State Veterninary Medical Board, regarding the unethical tactics practiced at Dr. Rons Animal Hospital.

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  • Li
      15th of May, 2011

    beware of this office! They manipulate costs and do unauthorized charges on your debit card. First, I called and asked the receptionist how much it would cost to gey my lab puppy spayed. The receptionist said it would cost $110. She said that these charges also included the anastesia. So I thought in my head, "Ok this won't cost an arm and a leg; we can do this." Then I took my puppy in for an exam, and I told the vet she was getting over being in heat. The Vet recommended I get her spayed immediately. I scheduled an operation. When I arrived to have the operation, the receptionist informed me that there would be an additional charge of $60 for the "over sized uterus" because my puppy is an older dog (she's one years old). I was really upset because I was not notified of this extra charge when I agreed to the operation. They also "recommended" charges like a catheter, meds for pain after the operation etc. None of these charges were mentioned to me when I called them, and the office manager did not go over the proposed charges with me when I scheduled the operation. I agreed to the charges because I realized with the $45 cancellation fee I would have to pay that, and then I would have to pay another vet $110 to spay my dog. In the end this was a mistake. I did not agree to pay an "dog in heat fee" which they charged me $40 for (remember I just agreed to pay $60 for the big uterus problem), and so they double billed me. I ended up paying $191. Then, after I took my lab puppy home, they charged me $66 in an unauthorized charge for who knows what. I saw the charge on my bank today, and I do not know why it was charged, except it said "contractal fees." Contractual my foot. How about thievery fees! I did not agree to pay them the $66, and the office staff does not know why I was charged. Currently, I've notified the police, my bank, and on Monday I'm notifiying the county attorney's office for them being fraudulent. My $110 operation went up to $257, and I'm dizzy from all of their fun let's expand the fees games. A few years ago, a sales associate at Sears decided to do unauthorized charges on my charge card. Now I have a vet office doing the same thing. The Sears associate went to jail for fraud. I don't see much of a difference in what they did.

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  • Ne
      25th of Jun, 2011

    Dr. Ron and his staff are beyond terrible! I have been taking my dog there for over 3 years, but I will certainly never go back. I went in for a recheck up after being in there 2 weeks prior. And without looking at my dogs file they do the same procedure that he was there for just 2 weeks before. My dog was certainly not healed, and they end up bringing him back to me, bleeding, and telling me I need to schedule a check up! The nurses and the front desk had such a lack of communication that they failed to acknowledge why I had brought him in. What's done is done, but it astonished me how completely arrogant the staff is, and how they will do anything to escape fault. The doctor I saw pretended as if nothing happened, but I was leaving, they proceeded to charge me for it? I asked the assistant why, and she took the charge off because she knew that I had simply scheduled a check up. But as he continues to bleed for the past few days, I called back and they informed me that there is no record of what happened. I will never go back there. I am not looking for any reimbursement, I just want people to know what lengths this office goes to, to hide there mistakes.

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  • Hu
      15th of Mar, 2014

    I feel for dog started hemorrhaging on two different occasions following a surgery that Dr. Ron performed on her. He then charged us 310.00 for bringing her in when she was hemorrhaging from her surgical incision site. I paid it because my dog was bleeding out and I had no choice! He ran blood work (which was normal) and wrapped her up in a compression bandage and sent us home. Two days Later it happened again. Despite my efforts to have the doctor redo the stitches where her surgical incision was-he refused to without charging me for a 2nd surgery, anesthesia, office visit, and bandaging. They blamed it on my dog. We'll... My dog is 10 years old and was on pain medicine and a heavy-duty sedative, crated, had 24 hour care, and immobile . They knew this because i told them so repeatedly. I told them she was so sedated that she could barely stand. Once again, I told them that her stitches never looked closed to me. They look infected and blood was bubbling under the incision site and oozing out . When I asked for my medical records, they charged me 25.00 for 3 pages. Here is the best part! Dr. Ron made me sit in the waiting room while he typed them up. He stated that my dog was over-active, left unsupervised and unattended for long periods of time, and numerous other blatant lies. I never spoke to Dr.Ron. I was told I needed to make an appt to discuss my dogs incision site and would be charged for his time. I spoke to 2 different techs and they know very well that my dog is the calmest dog to begin with, and how sedated my dog was. My husband and I never left our dog unattended because we were terrified she would bleed to death. They know this! We took her in to get a 2nd opinion and the problem was her stitches! Also, with a almost 9 inch incision- she should of had a drain. Dr. Ron only did one layer of stitches. Our new vet had to clean out the incision, clean out the infection, restitch it, added staples, and put her on heavy duty antibiotics. Our poor dog now has a 8-9 inch incision, is battling a infection, and is still sedated 24 hours a day. She needs to go to the vet every 48 hours to be monitored. Luckily, our amazing new vet has provided many of our services for free. He obviously feels bad for us and our dog! Not only does Dr.Ron not stand behind his work, but he also caused bodily harm to my dog, left her in danger of bleeding to death, in pain, with a severe infection, has caused my husband and I to miss 9 days of work collectively, and falsified my dogs medical records. Then charged us 25.00 for falsified records. I think Dr. Ron is an atrocious vet, has unethical and immoral practices, a horrible person, a narcissist, and a LIAR!

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  • Pi
      1st of Jun, 2016

    Dr. Ron killed my dog and now he's gone.
    My neighbor told me today that Dr. Ron has several lawsuits against him. I've done research and I want to know if this is true.
    Does anyone know? Thank you.

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